Chinavasion’s Cheap China Android Smart Phones Are Battling To Win Your Hearts And Minds

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Aargh! Communist Androids Are Invading!






I feel compelled to warn you that I have recently discovered a new threat to mankind. Did you know that there has been a plot afoot in the Orient for the last 2 years to take over your hearts and minds with outstanding mobile phone technology?

At this very moment many of your homes have been or are about to be invaded by Chinese Androids which are busy learning about your lives, serving you and killing your old phones. Like it or not, the droids have already got a strong foothold in many of your countries.

But why us? Why now? Read on for a full briefing, but don’t let the Androids know that you know their secret!

Why Android Phones?

Launched in 2008, Android is now on everyone’s lips to such an extent that it is fast becoming the world’s most popular mobile phone OS. The little green droid has soon found its place in many people’s hearts due to its simple interface and ease of use. Simply speaking, it has revolutionised how easily we can use our phones and allows us to set up our own phone to be just how we like it!

Have you ever felt that your old phone is working against you as you wade through a load of menus and struggle to find what you’re looking for quickly? Well take a look at this example of a typical Android interface:


As you can see the layout of your ‘home screen’ is very clear and contains windows-style icons of certain applications or functions of the phone that you just need to touch to open.

You can download apps from many different places on the internet for free. Once you have them it’s up to you where you want to ‘put them’ on your phone. Is it an important feature that you use everyday such as skype? Put it on your home page. Is it just a game that you play occasionally? Then leave it ‘inside’ in the main app directory, where you can get to it sometimes.

Anyone who is used to using Windows will be delighted by Android’s easy to use and easy to organise layout, which is a far cry from clunky old menu buttons and several button pushes before you can even do what you need!

An Appressive Regime

I mentioned apps earlier, but what are they? Apps are applications, or programs that allow you to do something. Google Android is open-source which means that it’s free for anyone to ‘make’ apps of their own. It’s not so simple to actually make them (you probably need some computer programming experience), but luckily for you and I it is simple to download them and put them on your phone!

It’s difficult to catalogue how many apps there as new ones are made everyday, but estimates suggest that there are more than 100,000 apps available to each and every Android user! What this means to us is that we can choose anything that is useful for us and put it on our phone; immediately turning our phone from just a phone into a useful tool for us!

Here are three examples of common apps:


Advanced Task Killer



Adavanced Task Killer helps save your battery and credit by ‘killing’ (turning off) other apps that might be running without your knowledge. Since Android phones make heavy use of the internet to keep you up-to-date with news, email, weather etc, the apps handling these functions will often run all of the time eating your battery and costing money to be connected to the net wirelessly.



MSN Messenger



The MSN Messenger app allows you to chat with your mates on MSN, same as you would on your pc. Simple! Don’t worry, Android has apps for all of the major messenging services!



Out Of Milk: Shopping List



Android has changed the way that we think about our phones. Gone are the days when we only pulled them out for calling or texting. Make no mistake, some people use them to organise their entire lives now as the clever Out Of Milk shopping list app shows. Mums will never forget to pick up the milk and bread again with this useful helper on their side!


No matter who you are, I guarantee that you will find an app to suit you or your lifestyle! There are an awful lot to wade through out there, so a good starting point is Chinavasion’s ‘Finding Android Apps’ blog and you should also check out Friday FAQs every Friday for my Android app of the week!

Chinavasion loves Android and our ranks of uber-cool Android phones are swelling all of the time as they prepare to invade your home! Read on to find out about them…



We have been truly converted by the Droid smart phones here at Chinavasion. Android’s just so versatile and easy to use that they’re popping up everywhere in the office in different guises! It’s usually the case that you need to pay a premium for new technology, but let me dispell a couple of myths:

  1. ANDROID SMART PHONES ARE EXPENSIVE: Despite Android being cutting-edge technology, it’s now easy to find cheap smart phones that are easily as ‘good’ as the very expensive ‘big-name brands’ that you see everyday in the media, such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Ability is all relative. If a non-named smart phone is as capable as a big-name brand one, but is much, much cheaper; then I know which one I’d choose!
  • BIG-NAME BRAND ANDROID IS ‘BETTER’: Android is an open-source OS, which means that anyone can use it. If you spend $500 on an Android smart phone, I assure you that your user experience will be almost exactly the same as if you are using a $200 Android smart phone. Why? Because Android is ‘the same’ (as long as it is the same version you are comparing).In fact, many of the big-name brands manipulate their Android smart phones to have their own ‘flavour,’ adding a lot of apps linking back to their company, their company logo everywhere and other stuff they want you to have, but that you may not want or need!In my opinion, one of the beauties of cheap China Android smart phones is that they have just pure Android, which is basically a blank slate where you are in total control of the content of your phone.

I have managed to find the identity of the invaders…know your foe!


The Robot – 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Cellphone with Android OS [CVNC-M80]


The Robot Android OS cell phone is here. With plenty of great apps, Wifi, and being fully unlocked, this is THE mobile phone for people who enjoy taking control of their communication experience.

This is one mean Robot that you shouldn’t leave home without! Its touch screen, WiFi and very low wholeasale price make it a great introduction to Android smart phones or good choice to resell!

Excalibur – 3G Android 3.2 Inch Touchscreen Cellphone [CVQC-M107]


What can be said about this beast of a 3G smart phone phone that hasn’t been said before? The Excalibur gives you the best Google Android user experience with a large 3.2 inch touchscreen, Wifi, Email, Facebook, Widgets, Live wall paper as well as an integrated 2 Mega Pixel camera and camcorder, and much much more!

It gets even better, as it also comes available with all of Google’s own apps, such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps and Google Calendar! If you need to upgrade your Excalibur’s Android OS to Android 2.1+ then you can see how in this easy-to-follow Upgrade blog.

Windroid – Windows 6.5 Pro + Android Smartphone with GPS [CVNR-M140]


The new WinDroid Smartphone is hands-down the most versatile smartphone on the planet. With the Android OS (developed by Google) you have the ability to customize and enhance this phone exactly how you like it. Simply download and install the Android Marketplace application, then select from thousands of new games, ringtones, wallpapers, applications and more- all from the convenience of your mobile phone. The Android OS also provides you with full integration of your Gmail accounts, Google calendar, Google maps and much more.

This phone is special though, as it goes one step further than other smart phones also coming with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 OS as well! Unbelievable!


Cyborg – 3G Android Super Cellphone [CVTB-M122]


If you’re looking for a moderately priced, super high quality Android 3G cell phone with plenty of cutting edge productivity and multimedia features and the ability to download unlimited Android widgets, The Cyborg super phone is the one to get. It supports 3G and GSM calling along with true Smartphone features like first class 802.11 b/g WIFI connectivity!

As well as its great features, it also has a large touch screen which is ideal for watching movies and surfing the internet on the go!


Prodigy – Quadband Android Smartphone w/ Capacitive Touchscreen [CVRO-M114]


What is a prodigy? It is something extraordinary or unbelievable and that definition fits this special Android phone perfectly. The Prodigy uses the latest mobile technology to bring the most sought after mobile phone features like high speed Wi-Fi internet access, GPS positioning, world wide GSM connectivity, an excellent true 2MP camera, full Bluetooth support, Micro SD slot, and a whole lot more.

The popular Android operating system means that everyday tasks like sending and receiving emails, finding directions with Google maps, or simply playing your favorite music and movie files are now faster and easier than ever before. However its crowning glory is the high quality capacitive 3.2 inch touchscreen that responds immediately and elegantly to the slightest touch of a fingertip– absolutely no pressure at all is required. This allows you to effortlessly glide your finger across the screen to scroll through web pages, eBooks, photos, and more, all with perfect precision.

What Can We Do To Be Prepared For The Invasion?



In case of invasion the standard procedure is to board up the windows, keep the radio on and stock up on canned goods, but this is one invasion that you’ll want to embrace!

Cheap Chinese Android smart phones from Chinavasion will change the way you use your phone, opening up a whole world of connectivity, useful applications and convenience; but at a great wholeasale price. Chinavasion Wholesale has finally made Android really accessible with it’s range of Cheap Chinese Android smart phones, which just goes to show that not all invasions have to be a bad thing!

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Author xlxmarketing 15.9.2010. | 13:57
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    what is the screen resolution of the android phone Prodigy?

  2. Adrian October 6, 09:17

    Hi Erhard,
    The resolution of the screen is 480×320.

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