Wholesale Dropship Supplier Chinavasion Provides Hundreds of In-Stock Electronics

Author xlxmarketing 12.7.2008. | 15:02

How do you survive a global credit crunch and increased competition in e-commerce? By making your site stickier than the competitions. Wholesale Dropship Supplier Chinavasion understands that and is helping out by offering the widest range of cutting-edge high-quality products on the market today.

Anybody looking for the widest range of China made consumer electronics on the market would be wise to check out Chinavasion’s extensive inventory

The current global credit crunch and increase in competition in the ecommerce marketplace is making it more difficult for eBay traders and online shop owners to make ends meet.

Thankfully, wholesale dropship supplier Chinavasion has come to the rescue by offering the widest range of cutting-edge guaranteed top-quality, consumer electronics on the internet today.

The use of suppliers requires more of a partnership between the wholesale dropship supplier and the vendor than traditional shipping methods, as the drop shipping company is effectively taking over the logistical side of the vendor’s business.

This means eBay traders and online vendors need to choose a wholesale dropship supplier that understands both the marketplace and their customer’s business model according to Chinavasion’s PR manager, Rose Li.

“If you want to draw people to your site and turn them from visitors to customers you need to make your site sticky,” said Rose Li.

“The only way to do that is to give your customers a wide range of products to choose from.”

Spy surveillance camera

Spy Surveillance Cameras

cool electronic gadgets

Cool Electronic Gadgets”

car DVD players

Car DVD Players

Wholesale Mobile Phones

Wholesale Mobile Phones

A wide range of items from wholesale mobile phones to spy security cameras are two of the things which make Chinavasion such a popular Chinese wholesale dropship company

In view of this, Chinavasion’s sourcing team are always on the look out for the hottest, best quality electronics from China to offer their dropship customers at incomparable prices.

According to Chinavasion’s Rose Li it is this dedication which has lead to Chinavasion being able to offer such items as the watch phone, MP4 player watch, portable Wii monitor, and now wireless media servers before any other dropshipper from China or electronics dropshipping company could do so.

“We do our best to stay ahead of electronic trends and the people who dropship our products are the ones who benefit.”

According to Rose Li it is not enough to just have the widest selection you have to make sure goods are sent in a timely manner and in perfect working order.

“At Chinavasion we make sure we check goods thoroughly and get them to their destination in the fastest time possible,” said Rose Li. “It’s not just our customer’s satisfaction we’re interested in we want their customers to be satisfied too.”

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Author xlxmarketing 12.7.2008. | 15:02
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