Chinavasion Changes The GPS Game!

Author xlxmarketing 20.9.2010. | 09:00

Buying or selling portable GPS devices online? Find out how China made portable GPS units made the entire market affordable.

It’s A GPS Bonanza! Get On Board!

The use of GPS navigation systems is now widely popular, especially with the emergence of really affordable portable GPS devices. You can get a fully-featured GPS device at very low prices that were unheard of when the first GPS units were introduced into the market. This radical change is accredited mostly to the proliferation of Chinese portable GPS units made available at wholesale prices – changing the face of the navigational device market.

What’s In The Box?

With affordable GPS systems that can go below 100 dollars, consumers can benefit from a wide range of features from their portable GPS units. These include detailed maps of states, counties and cities down to street level, coloured touch screens, voice guidance and voice recognition capabilities. On top of that, you can also enjoy other features that you don’t usually find in navigational devices such as trip calculators, video players, MP3 players, SMS functions and even mobile phone function.

Before the Wholesale Portable GPS Bonanza Came

Users of portable GPS navigation systems have enjoyed the many uses their units can give them. You can get to where you want to go easily in your car, off road or on foot in a hiking or mountain climbing trip. A few years ago however, not everyone had the privilege of enjoying such devices. You could only buy products from OEM manufacturers such as Magellan, Garmin and Tomtom. Such portable GPS units can easily cost $400 or $500 dollars!

They are so expensive because you pay a huge premium for their ‘name’ and in many cases have a device that can only use the one (its manufacturer’s) type of navigation software and is not upgradeable.

The Gamechanger

Enter the Chinese Dragon – and the navigational device market game has changed dramatically. Wholesale portable GPS units that are software-ready are now available from Chinavasion Wholesale, making these units available for you at very affordable prices. You can now buy a portable GPS unit at prices at less than $70! Aside from that, you can choose from a wide variety of products and models furnished with a whole array of features that go beyond the core functions of navigational units.

Most Chinese portable GPS now take te place of several gadgets, as it is standard for them to be not only a navigator, but also media player, eBook reader and even WiFi web browser in many cases!

With the options available for consumers, you now have a greater flexibility in the selection process of choosing the best portable GPS navigational systems for your use. You can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of choosing low-cost Chinese GPS devices or go for the more established OEM brands in the market. The choice is yours, but with Chinese GPS it’s certainly a case of less = more!

You can find all of Chinavasion’s great value GPS devices and so much more at

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Author xlxmarketing 20.9.2010. | 09:00
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