Friday FAQs: Lost Orders, Shipping Methods, The Letcool And Android App Of The Week.

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What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week?

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Crazy scenes in Hong Kong on Sunday last weekend where it seemed that every woman from the Philippines was in town. If you’ve never been, all of the maids have their day off on Sunday and congregate on the streets in little ‘areas’ made of cardboard boxes and seem to just chat, picnic and do each others’ nails. There are literally thousands of Philippino ladies!

Crazy scenes in Shenzhen on Monday because we are still celebrating the 30th anniversary of Shenzhen. There was a huge firework display in the central business district and a conference with Chairman Hu Jintao himself! There were thousands of people on the streets and the metro and buses were delayed and cancelled in some cases!

We had a lot of blogs this week, starting with an introduction to the Chinavasion Knowledgebase on Monday. We’re an online wholesaler in China, so it’s not always easy to ask a question (although our CS do a good job of answering your tickets and phone calls) and get an answer in real time; or is it? Actually the knowledgebase has hundreds of answers for almost any question you could have for Chinavasion! Check it out today!

On Wednesday Adrian blogged about the scary news facing our American customers. A court ruled that it’s legal for the police to bug your car with a GPS tracker even if it’s parked outside of your home; but don’t worry, you can combat them with GPS Jammers!

Finally, we are releasing a very cool new smartphone soon. In celebration we have launched a competition to guess its identity. The first 5 lucky winners will win cool gadget prizes worth up to $89! Hurry and email us your guess before the competition closes on the 17th!


You don’t want an RPatz manllow:

You do want the new Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone that has quietly crept into our catalogue, the Vision X1 Touch Screen Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.5 [CVNR-M153]! This little beauty has got to be one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, WM smartphone on the market today!

Remember, keep checking the new products page for the latest releases, especially if you’re reselling!



Here Are Some Of The Customer Questions We’ve Been Asked Recently:

I heard that a UPS plane was lost in Doha and I haven’t received my Chinavasion order. If it has been lost will I be compensated?

We regret this accident and will help any customers who have lost orders, in fact we have already resent all orders affected by this accident. If you still have concerns or questions about your delivery, please feel free to contact us referencing your order number at


“If I order electronics from Chinavasion, how do you ship them to me?”

Chinavasion currently ships small and medium sized orders by international courier.

The shipping rates can be previewed inside the Chinavasion online shop checkout system. If you need shipping quotes, you need to register, login, and follow the checkout steps to see P&P different prices for different delivery locations.

To learn a lot more about Chinavasion shipping, check the shipping and delivery knowledge base article.




Product Review



Do you yearn for old-school gaming on demand? Do you miss ‘Final Fight’ or ‘Super Metroid?’ Do you laugh at PSP’s? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then read on my friend…

One portable game station to rule them all. The LetCool N350JP multi-platform handheld gaming entertainment station is now available for the public to enjoy! This next gen portable gaming systems is actually the third generation in recent portable game emulator advancement. In 2008 there was the Gemei X760, in 2009 the Dingoo A320, and now in 2010 we have the Letcool N350JP – the pinnacle in portable gaming and entertainment systems.

The Letcool N350JP is a portable multimedia system that is optimized for the playing of old school video games as well as the enjoyment of todays most popular digital music and video formats.

Pre-loaded with a fantastic selection of its own 3D games, you can also transfer thousands of game ROM files onto it to relive joys from the past, finish games you never did complete when you were younger, or just finally enjoy those games your parents never bought you for Christmas when you were a kid. If you enjoy portable gaming and especially old school gaming systems like the Nintendo SNES (SFC), Sega Genesis (MD), or Game Boy Advance (GBA) – then you will love the Letcool Multiplatform Handheld Gaming Entertainment Station!

Default Gaming Console Modes

  • 3D Games (20 games included plus download even more from
  • GBA (Nintendo Game Boy Advance – 32bit)
  • NES (Nintendo Entertainment System – 8bit)
  • SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System – 16bit)
  • Sega Genesis (Sega Mega-Drive – 16-bit)
  • GB & GBC (Game Boy and Game Boy Color)
  • Future Downloadable Gaming Consoles

With a high resolution 3.5 inch display and full sized action buttons, the LetCool N350JP makes all your games and media look good while being easy to play while you are on-the-go. Then when you get home, just use the include AV cable set to connect it to your TV and now you have a mini gaming console and entertainment hub for your home! You can enjoy it all by yourself or use the two included game pads to enjoy gaming with a friend. Who needs a girlfriend when you have a LetCool N350JP?



Android App Of The Week

Barcode Scanner
Ok, this may not be the most glamorous app, but it’s useful for any Android phone owner, trust me!

Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, etc. Scanning QR codes will cause the app to download automatically to your phone! Sweet!



And Finally…

I’ve seen the future and it’s car DVD-shaped!


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Author xlxmarketing 10.9.2010. | 17:21
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