Calling European Customers! Drop Shipping With Chinavasion Is A Great Way To Make Some Extra Money

Author xlxmarketing 13.9.2010. | 09:00

Europeans Unite! Drop Shipping With Chinavasion Provides A Welcome Low-Risk Cash Earner In These Difficult Times.

Europe has been hit hard by the economic problems of 2009/2010. Reliable sources seem to be suggesting that the worst has passed in terms of European economies, although they remain sluggish on the whole, but to the everyday person this seems to be becoming a tighter time than ever where money is concerned.

I could talk about banks, bonuses, governments and countries, but these aren’t important for normal people who are finding it increasingly difficult to get by these days; normal people like you. Energy, fuel, food and purchase costs are rising. Mortgages and rent are becoming harder to meet. Belts are having to be tightened. So in these uncertain times where we are trying to save, not spend, what can we do to make a bit of extra cash? The answer follows…


Drop Shipping? What’s That?

Drop shipping is a really easy way for anyone to resell gadgets from Chinavasion; you simply advertise our products on your site / e-store, get orders, order the item from us and have us send it directly to your customer. The best thing is that you need very little to start dropshipping:

  • No cash investment to start the business
  • No physical shop
  • No need for stock or a storage facility
  • No need for you to post orders

Let’s take a look at each of these points in more detail…


No Cash Investment To Start The Business

Most businesses usually need an amount of cash invested to start them up. A shop, storage, equipment, staff…the list could go on. This represents a real risk to you and your money, as everyone has heard the horror stories about new businesses going out of business very quickly.

Drop shipping requires none of this financial risk in the beginning. In fact you could start your business by just buying and then selling one item! All you need is a computer and a bit of business acumen!

No Physical Shop

Because Chinavasion are sending your customers’ orders directly to them, there’s no need for you to rent your own expensive shop. All you need is an eBay store or other kind of online shop in order to advertise the selected Chinavasion products and get orders for them.

If you’re not sure about how to set up an online store then you can check out our eBay alternatives articles to see where to set up your store if you’re not keen on eBay, or also have a look at eBay’s very own material explaining how to open a store with them: (

There is a lot of material and many things to consider when opening an online store, so it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. My advice? Don’t worry and be brave! Just think through things one step at a time and do your research. If you’re after even more information about online stores you can check Chinavasion’s drop shipping knowledgebase articles on how to start drop shipping.

No Storage Facility

You don’t need to keep stock of the products that you’re selling, as Chinavasion do it for you! All of your orders are sent directly to your customer from our warehouse in China, so you don’t need to hire storage either.

However we do suggest that you keep some of the accessories for your items in stock in order to offer fast customer service to your customers. If they ask you for a new one then you’ll be able to just pop one into the post in your country and get it to them quickly. You can order individual accessories from the Chinavasion site now, for example power chargers for each mobile phone. Just type the product’s code into the search bar and you should be able to see the accessories.

No Need For You To Post Orders

When you’re drop shipping there’ll be no need for you to take lots of orders to the post office. Chinavasion post all orders directly to your customers and we never include our own name in the paperwork which protects your business. You will know the postage cost at checkout, so you can inform your customers in advance.

Here’s an example of the checkout where you can see the item cost, shipping cost and total cost:

If you’re a drop ship reseller then you need to work with the total cost price that you see above as your base price before you add your margin.


So, in review, to drop ship you need to select Chinavasion items to sell, put them in your online store (you control the pricing, not us), order the items from us as soon as you get an order for them and then we will send them directly to your customer for you (and they’ll never know it was from Chinavasion).


I Know How To Drop Ship, But What Should I Sell?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the challenges facing Europeans is the rising cost of fuel and energy, therefore as a drop shipper you will do well to focus on devices that can save your customers money.

People usually spend a lot on brand-name mobile phones, camcorders and car DVD systems; so focussing on these high-value items can be a good strategy as they are much cheaper when imported from China which allows you some room to make profit and still offer customers a cost saving over ‘big names’.

You can also focus on energy saving gadgets, such as solar chargers and LED light bulbs are increasingly popular.

No matter what you decide to sell, however, you need to consider the cost of similar items at home. If your customers can pick up the item that you’re selling today for only 5 euros more in the local supermarket, then they’re unlikely to order from you and have to wait for several days for it to be delivered from China!

Do your homework. What is quite expensive to buy at home, but seems quite a lot cheaper from Chinavasion?

Show Me The Money!

Let’s imagine that you’re selling cheap GSM Phones in your online shop.

These cost, including postage by courier, around 45 euros each, so you can sell them online to your customers at perhaps 60 euros each including postage. This price for an unlocked phone is still quite reasonable and makes you 15 euros profit on each and every one you sell!


  • Cost to you including postage = 45 euros
  • Cost to your customer including postage = 60 euros
  • Profit to you = 15 euros




Chinavasion Rewards Resellers!

How would you feel if Chinavasion’s already low wholesale price could be even lower? Well we really believe in rewarding our resellers who are valued customers, so we have a very special loyalty program called a level up program which lowers their price depending on how much they spend with us.

With our unique level up program you will always get the same price breaks once you reach the appropriate level, regardless of whether you’re buying one item or five and regardless of whether or not you’ve purchased the item before.

To learn more about this cool program check out Chinavasion’s How To Get Extra Wholesale Discounts knowledgebase article.


Get Started, Start Drop Shipping Now!

As I mentioned earlier you’ll need to do some homework before you start drop shipping, but once everything is set up it’s a really quick, convenient and low-risk way to earn some extra money! Soon you’ll be able to afford the lease on that new car, treat your kids or take that expensive holiday. Good luck!

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Author xlxmarketing 13.9.2010. | 09:00
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  1. Adrian October 6, 09:43

    Hi Olga,
    Thanks for contacting us regarding drop shipping!
    First of all I’d say that it will be very helpful for you to have a quick read through our drop shipping information here:

    You can use Chinavasion’s professionally produced product pictures and descriptions on your e-store, here is the information regarding fair use of our material:

    How you set up your e-shop is up to you I suppose. I guess you’d need a listing/catalogue, shopping cart etc. We can’t help you directly to set up your store, but if you have any questions about it send them over to me ad I’ll try and help you as much as I can!

    Good luck!

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