Finding A Wholesale Dropship Company, 10 Questions That Must Be Asked (Part Two)

Author xlxmarketing 4.7.2008. | 16:10

How Well do you know your wholesale dropship partner? Have you talked to them at all? If your answer is no drop what you’re doing right now and ask them these 10 essential questions (Part two of a two-part series).

Wholesale Dropship Questions

Asking potential wholesale dropship partners questions is an essential step of the sourcing process.

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6) Will you give me product photos and product descriptions that I can use on my own site?

Most wholesale dropship companies should give you some form of information that can be used to market the item.

7) Will you send items in a blank box?

If they’re good blind dropshippers then they shouldn’t have any problem sending items in a blank box. Your customers may grow suspicious if they’ve ordered a product from you and got the item from someone else.


If they’re a good wholesale dropship company they shouldn’t have any problems putting your customers’ merchandise in a blank box

8 ) Will you make sure there’s no advertising material in the box?

It’s no good giving money to a blind dropshipper to deliver products to customers if they’re going to turn around and take those customers from you when they get the item and find a brochure inside the box.

9) What will you put on the shipping label/invoice?

While the company shouldn’t put the price on the label or invoice of the item they’re shipping a good wholesale dropship company will also leave the price off as well. Why? Simply because it’s not good for a customer to give you $200 for a mobile phone and then have them wonder why the mobile phone they paid for has $150 on the box label.

10) Will you give me any hints or resources on how to manage my e-commerce business?

Dropshipping is a service-based operation. So it goes without saying then that the dropshipper should offer you more services then just the products, pictures and descriptions. Many of the better dropship services will provide material like technical advice, dropship management tips and videos which you can use in your own marketing campaigns.

If you’ve asked all these questions and they have answered them in a manner that you’re happy with then congratulations, you’ve got a business partnership that will grow and prosper.

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Author xlxmarketing 4.7.2008. | 16:10
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