Finding A Wholesale Dropship Company, 10 Sites You Can’t Miss Part Two

Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2008. | 02:36

Phishing, Bad service, customer theft, delayed shipments, non-delivery of goods, credit card fraud PayPal scams, change of color, change of function cancellation of orders. With activities like these it’s no wonder that sourcing new wholesale dropship suppliers is fraught with danger. Thankfully there’s a few tools at your disposal to sort the star performers from the snake-oil salesmen and best of all they’re largely free. Check out part two of this two-part blog.

  • 6) is an excellent place to check if the company has been involved in any fraudulent activity


Sites like fraudwatchers, Rip off report and are an excellent way of learning from other people’s mistakes

  • 7) and

These are two sites in a similar vein to

  • 8 )

This is always a fantastic place to go to make sure that those fantastic bargains you’re getting aren’t desperately overpriced. No sales or no-profit sales will be the result.

  • 9) Google Earth is another excellent resource. Checking out the satellite image of their address will let you know if your dropshipper is based in a factory, office building or residential apartment. If they’re based in a residential building then tread with caution.

  • 10) Finally, their own website.

If their website looks shoddy, bare or if it looks like too much of their photography has been ripped off another site then it’s best to avoid. After all, if they’re too cheap to take their own photos how are they going to treat your customers?

Anyway, there you have it the 10 sites that will help you get a wholesale dropship supplier that will generate a good level of profit, treat you right and treat your customers well. Happy hunting.


Read Part One of this blog to discover more not to be missed websites



Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2008. | 02:36
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    i am new but wiling to try your site hope all goes well

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