Friday FAQs, GPS Tracker Review, Android App Of The Week And Friday Teaser!

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What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week? Dive in for the best FAQ’s, new products and our new Android App of the week section!

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This week we’ve been threatened by a typhoon coming in so it’s been really hot and humid. It hasn’t hit yet though, so the umbrella hasn’t had to come out!

We’ve had plenty of blogs though, and Adrian kicked off the week with a blog introducing Biker Gadgets. If you’re a biker there are three wonderful gadgets here that will revolutionise your ride outs!

On wednesday the calendar turned a page to September (where has the year gone?) and it was therefore time to reveal August’s hottest gadgets for resellers.

If you have an online store then these items are good bets for your own catalogue as they’ve been selling well!

Finally on thursday we showed everyone how to upgrade their Android 1.6 smart phone to 2.1, specifically the Excalibur smart phone in this ‘How To Guide’. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, check it out!

In terms of gadgets it’s been a pretty rich week, as we’ve seen a couple of huge new touch screen LCD monitors released amongst other devices.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the new products page for the latest releases, especially if you’re reselling!



Here Are Some Of The Customer Questions We’ve Been Asked Recently:

Where Is Your Catalogue?

We are a 100% online wholesaler, therefore we don’t supply a catalogue in hard copy, rather our website is our catalogue! So to find what’s in stock simply go to, where you can check by category for any devices that you need. Remember, you can also check our new releases on the new products page.


What’s Your Wholesale Price?

We are a wholesaler, therefore ALL of our prices are wholesale. Wholesale prices are visible after you log into

However, unlike most wholesalers we offer staggered levels of discounts to reward repeat customers, so our original wholesale price will become lower and lower the more you buy from us!

You can learn more in this blog explaining the level up program.


Does Chinavasion Do Quality Control?

Factories who produce our devices do their own QC, but all products you order go through our own stringent QC procedures before we send them out. These procedures include: function testing to ensure products perform well; checking appearance and packaging, selecting the correct socket type. takes all necessary steps to keep our fault rate at lowest possible. However, sometimes faults develop which couldn’t be detected before. For example, occasionally rough handling by shipping companies and customs inspection can cause damage of a product.

If you have any difficulties whatsoever with the products, you can contact us and we will discuss the issue in an open, honest way. We will help you solve these problems to a level far beyond what you will receive from any other China-based seller.

In fact, if you want to get a look at what happens on the warehouse floor you can check out our blog




Product Review


We have a ton of new GPS products and today we’re taking a closer look at the Worldwide GPS Tracker with Two Way Calling, SMS Alerts, and More

GPS tracker with text messaging, two way talking function, virtual perimeter and much more. If you’re looking for one of the most reliable, powerful, and easy to use GPS trackers on the market, then your search ends here.

Most Convenient GPS Tracker Yet

This miniature GPS tracker is very compact and easy to carry. It’s smaller than a set of car keys so it’s convenient to just toss in any jean pocket and forget it’s even there. And since this device is compatible with worldwide GSM phone signals, you can use this device anywhere in the world and remain completely confident that it will always work. You can also input the GPS data in Google maps to get a real-time display of the trackers exact location!

So Why Do You Need This GPS Tracker?

This tracker would be useful for anyone with an expensive car, elderly relatives who could have a fall, naughty children or untrustworthy partners. If you had high-value pets, such as purebred dogs, this would also be a useful security tool when attached to their collar if they’re outside and out of sight. It allows you to keep track of it’s location just by using your mobile phone; here’s how:

  • Send a TXT message to the tracker and get a reply TXT with its exact coordinates (location). Handy for checking that your car is where you left it.
  • Have the tracker automatically send a series of TXT messages so you always know the current location in real time. Good for checking where your husband is!
  • Set up a pre-defined “virtual perimeter” zone and you’ll be alerted when the tracker is moving outside of this area. This would be great for pets or grounded teenagers.
  • Call the tracker and communicate as you would on a normal cellphone. Useful for elderly relatives or younger children who may not have a phone.
  • The tracker can also send out SOS message containing its coordinates or call one of the 3 stored numbers when its holder needs help. Suitable for elderly relatives who may not be able to get to a phone if they’ve had an accident.

The best part is that you can get the Worldwide GPS Tracker with Two Way Calling, SMS Alerts, and More which is James Bond technology at the supermarket price of less than US$100!



Android App Of The Week

WE’ve seen an explosion in awesome Android phones coming out of China and here at Chinavasion we’re all converts! So we’re bringing you a useful app, as tested by Chinavasion staff, each week. This week:

Advanced Task Killer Free
This one is great for power-hungry smartphones as it can help to conserve precious charge by shutting down any apps that are running in the back ground without your knowledge. Some apps don’t have a ‘close’ button, so if you close the window or do something else, don’t assume that they’ve actually closed – they may still be running!

Your calendar, note pad, and programs in which you turn on event notifications might periodically run in the background, running down your battery. Download and run Advanced Task Killer Free. You’ll be amazed at the apps that run on start-up without your knowledge. While you can kill the task killer along with other apps, we recommend letting it run so you can easily use it a couple times throughout the day.

Just search for Advanced Task Killer Free in a search engine or scan the QR code below into your phone:



And Finally…

A touch screen smart phone with dual OS?! Ha ha, I laugh at your single OS smartphone you snivelling underling!

You heard it here first phone lovers!


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Author xlxmarketing 2.9.2010. | 17:03
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