Finding A Wholesale Dropship Company, 10 Sites You Can’t Miss Part One

Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2008. | 02:18

Phishing, Bad service, customer theft, delayed shipments, non-delivery of goods, credit card fraud PayPal scams, change of color, change of function cancellation of orders. With activities like these it’s no wonder that sourcing new wholesale dropship suppliers is fraught with danger. Thankfully there’s a few tools at your disposal to sort the star performers from the snake-oil salesmen and best of all they’re largely free.


Using the virtual world to check the validity of wholesale dropship services saves you money and customers in real life

If you’re on the Internet looking at the benefits of wholesale dropship services as a method of supply chain management and you turn one way you see nothing but glowing reviews of how it can increase inventory, boost returns and make you look years younger.(well, maybe not years younger)

But if you turn the other way you hear horror stories about how a particular eBay trader’s seller reputation went down the toilet simply because they had chosen to chance their arm with a particular dropship company.

So what’s the real story? Is dropshipping a blessing or a curse and who should you believe?

Much like cooking the secret of dropshipping successfully, whether it’s electronics you’re dropshipping or clothes, is in where and how you get the source and how much work you put into the preparation.

In fact doing background research into potential wholesale dropship firms is often the difference between a successful partnership and a sunk business.

Here are 10 websites and Internet services that will not only save you money when tracking down a wholesale dropship supplier but cost absolutely nothing to use:

  • 1)

There are several whois services out there on the Internet today with perhaps the best known site being If the dropshipper and you’re thinking of using has a website you’ll be able to see who owns the site, how long they’ve owned the site and what other sites they own simply by entering the URL into the search bar. You will have to pay for a more detailed search but you’ll get most of what you need to know from the free search

spy surveillance camerasSpy Surveillance Cameras
cool electronic gadgetsCool Electronic Gadgets
car dvd playersCar DVD Players
wholesale mobile phonesWholesale Mobile Phones

Items like these are likely to be up for review on sites like reseller rating and rate it all

  • 2) is a website where you can check out user reviews of sites and see what vendors like you think of products and how well they sell.

  • 3)

A UK based e-commerce forum,, has a fantastic section, dropship watch where you can check out to see if anybody else has had any unpleasant experience with a particular China dropshipping company or wholesale dropship company…. Another forum which casts it’s net a little wider is:

  • 4) will help you out with more than peer reviews on wholesale dropship sources, there’s a whole raft of useful information on the site.

  • 5) is yet another rating site where you could get a snapshot of what people think about just about anything, from wholesale dropship companies, to cameras, to phone companies.


Read Part Two of this blog to discover more not to be missed websites

Author xlxmarketing 3.7.2008. | 02:18
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  1. anand July 14, 00:29

    hi i am new webseller on line person and i like ur product but it has so much shipping handling . do u have any thing cheep shipping handling plz tell me

  2. Punitha August 13, 12:46

    I think these sites are good start for initial exercise to venture into dropshipping. But, still there are spammies out there like some dropship services creating their own review sites and ratings to mislead people.

  3. Yvonne @ Gopher Promo August 26, 13:21

    A little bit of background research will save you tons of headaches in the future. Vetting your suppliers is akin to running background checks on new potential new employment recruits. If you phone the references and get feedback from others you can have a fair idea of the integrity of the candidate, and you are unlikely to get any unpleasant surprises a couple of months down the line, just when you need it the least!

  4. Electronics June 28, 16:45

    The given list of website and Internet services are save us money when tracking a wholesale dropship. The wholesale dropship is a blessed one.


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