Upgrading Your Excalibur Android Smartphone From Android 1.6 To 2.1 OS

Author xlxmarketing 2.9.2010. | 09:00

Excalibur: Upgrading Your Android 1.6 Operating System To The New Android 2.1 OS+Google Apps!


The link to the file where you can download Android 2.1 was password protected, however this error has been solved and we have taken the person responsible in to the bathroom and water-boarded them repeatedly until they admitted to the mistake and told us where the WMD’s are.

You can now follow this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d2t4884f93hv54/firmware.nb0 and get your Android 2.1

If you’re unsure of what the ‘root’ folder is, then it IS your memory card itself (not a sub-folder within the memory card).

Weild The Mighty Excalibur And Slay Your Friends’ Overpriced Smartphones

If Chinavasion had such a thing as a ‘flagship’ phone then the Excalibur 3G Android 3.2 Inch Touch screen phone would probably be it! This 3G Android mobile phone now houses the new Android 2.1 update. With this new OS update the Excalibur gives you the best Google Android user experience with a beefy 3.2 inch touchscreen, WiFi, email, Facebook, widgets, live wall paper as well as an integrated 2 Mega Pixel camera and camcorder, and much much more!

  • 3G
  • Unlocked, can be used on any network you like
  • New Android 2.1+ Google Apps OS
  • 2MP camera
  • Loud Speaker
  • Drag-able Menu
  • True Touchscreen
  • WiFi
  • 2GB Bonus TF Card
  • Huge 3.2 Inch Touchscreen
  • Full Multimedia Suite
  • GPS Navigation Support

“So what?” You might be thinking. “I already own an Excalibur and I’m happy with it, so why should I care which OS it is running?”

Actually, this is big news because with the slightly older Android 1.6 OS your phone has certain limitations, such as being a bit slower and less able to do ‘stuff.’ For a full list of the differences, take a look here: differencebetween.net/object/gadgets-object/difference-between-android-1-6-and-android-2-1/

So what kind of ‘stuff’ is available for ‘Android 2.1+ Google Apps’ users that’s so good? Let’s take a look.

Here Comes The Money Shot!

If you have already bought an Excalibur before the manufacturer upgraded it to Android 2.1+ Google Apps, don’t worry, all is not lost! Soon I’m going to show you how to upgrade, but if you’re still unsure whether it’s worth doing then read on for why!

The reason why you should upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1+ is that it takes a great phone and makes it superb. It’s worth making a note of the fact that all of these applications will be FREE because the Excalibur has WiFi. So find a WiFi hotspot like Starbucks and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to benefit from the following applications that frankly open up a whole world of possibilities that aren’t available unless you’re running 2.1+. I’ll list a few…

Android Market

Android Market is the closest thing Google has to a dedicated, ‘Apple-style,’ source of apps for phones (although it is far more limited than the mighty iTunes at this time – you can see other sources for Android apps in our Android apps blog). If you want to download apps to your phone, and let’s face it who wouldn’t want to turn their phone into a lightsabre or while away those boring hours at work with Tetris or fly-swatting games, then you’ll be needing Android Market!


Erm, well it kind of speaks for itself. The now seemingly omnipresent book of face has probably touched most people’s lives at some point and with Android 2.1 you’ll be able to get your friends’ updates and all of the other FB functions no matter where you are. Out having a picnic but want to hear that the guy you used to bully at school is going to the supermarket? No problem. Don’t forget the Chinavasion page too!


Gmail wherever you are? Yes please!


Live access to Youtube, splendid! Bus journeys will never be the same again. I thoroughly recommend Chinavasion’s Youtube channel for the latest gadget news! If that doesn’t appeal then a world of exploding airbags, autotuned news and speaking parrots can be in the palm of your hand on demand, and with the Excalibur’s WiFi, for free!

Google Maps and Streetview

Yet another suprememly useful app from internet colossus Google. Your phone can tell you where to go and you can stalk people find friends’ homes with ease thanks to streetview!

Google Calendar

If you haven’t been using Google Calendar you might just be surprised at how useful it is. You can create a calendar, reminders and all the rest of the usual functions, but it is possible to share them across a group. So you and your family or colleagues can all stay up to date with each others’ schedules in real time and on the move.

How To Upgrade Your Excalibur From Android 1.6 To 2.1+ Google Apps

Ok, so let’s get busy with this. It’s pretty easy, so just follow the steps and with a bit of patience you’ll get it done in no time!

  1. You can find Android 2.1+ here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d2t4884f93hv54/firmware.nb0. Download it onto your PC and then extract it onto a micro SD card where it will be in the root folder.
  2. THIS IS IMPORTANT Back up your data from the phone through your Gmail account and store phone numbers on SIM card, take the SIM card out of the phone.
  3. Put the micro SD card containing the .nbo of Android 2.1+ into your Android phone.
  4. Restart the phone by pressing the volume up button, the camera button together and then press the power button
  5. You’ll see the operations screen, now select download .nB0 from SD card
  6. The phone will automatically run through the reset process for you.
  7. Once it has finished it will show a white screen
  8. Switch the phone off and then switch the phone on again
  9. The phone might start up in Chinese with a blank Chinese screen and a cross in the middle of the phone, don’t panic! It is asking you to calibrate the touch screen, put the stylus (or finger) to the cross and you will then go to the menu screen.
  10. To change the phone back into English, find the application that looks a little like a shiny cog.
  11. This is the settings menu you need. Click on it and go to the second option down then scroll through until you get to the English menu.

How To Upgrade Your Excalibur From Android 2.1 To 2.1+ Google Apps

If your phone already has Android 2.1 but without the Google Apps (you’ll see that there’s no Market, Youtube etc on the home screen), then it’s still definitely worth upgrading and a little easier too. Firstly it will make getting new apps much easier through Android Market and secindly you can use Youtube, Gmail and all of the other cool apps I mentioned earlier!

  • Back up your data from the phone through your Gmail account and store phone numbers on SIM card, take the SIM card out of the phone.
  • Put the micro SD card containing the .nbo of Android 2.1+ into your Android phone.
  • Restart the phone by pressing the volume up button, the camera button together and then press the power button
  • You’ll see the operations screen, now select download .nB0 from SD card
  • The phone will automatically run through the reset process for you.
  • Your phone will restart itself and then will be automatically upgraded to 2.1+

Congratulations! You now have a bombproof Android phone running version 2.1+ of Android with Android Marketplace, maps (with street view) and GMail, youtube and facebook.

Life doesn’t come much better than this. You’re welcome!

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Author xlxmarketing 2.9.2010. | 09:00
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  1. Bryce September 3, 16:44

    Thanks for going to the trouble of posting the detail of how to upgrade Michael.
    I cannot download the firmware.nb0 from mediafire, it says the file is password protected.

    What is the password please?


  2. Neil September 5, 06:31

    this is great, i hoped that an upgrade would be made available to excalibur owners of the 1.6ver … but the link @ http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d2t4884f93hv54/firmware.nb0.
    is password protected……..???
    whats the password ? i cant upgrade till i am able to get the file

  3. Neil September 5, 11:35

    great post but the fireware upgrade file is password protected so you cant download it.
    which pretty much makes it a waste of time.
    why password protect the file and not post a password.
    totally defeats the whole upgrade your phone blog.
    email me the password or post it.
    if you have other reasons for not doing this please inform me and the others who are keen to upgrade their phones.
    we/i am aware this voids the warranty…..Dont care if we/i did we/i wouldnt be looking to upgrade

  4. Vadim September 6, 01:43

    Good day!
    Please tell, what the password on http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d2t4884f93hv54/firmware.nb0

  5. Adrian September 6, 11:39

    @Everyone who has messaged us – sorry, the file is now NOT password protected, please go ahead and download the file! Thanks!

  6. Neil September 6, 14:32

    ok downloaded and copied to sdcard and rebooted cell and got to recovery screen…but then..
    the option to download nb0 file from sd was not in list.
    at the bottom of the screen in yellow
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    Device name:hynix_H8BCS0UN0MCR(4G/2G) ID:0x5510BCAD
    what am i doing wrong ?
    any one else have this prob?

  7. Merijn de Boer September 6, 18:34

    My phone came with 2.1 but without the Google Apps (Youtube, Maps, Android Market, etc.). Will this update fix it?

    Merijn de Boer

  8. Adrian September 8, 09:01

    HI Neil,

    I suggest formatting your SD to FAT (not 32) if you haven’t already, then try uploading the file onto it and installing as advised.
    Good luck, please let us know how it goes.

  9. Adrian September 8, 09:02

    Hi Merijn,

    This will fix this issue for you, yes.

  10. Neil September 8, 12:46

    Epic Failure…….i tried fat and fat32, even tried 3 diff sd cards, downloaded .nb0 again just incase, switched battery’s (both fully charged) and also tried with power in, i even reset to factory and tried all again…all ended in the same result as the first time i tried.
    has anyone managed to upgrade their phone ?

  11. Adrian September 8, 17:37

    Hi Neil, did you press the camera button, volume up button and power button (at the same time) when the phone was turned off to restart it in recovery mode?

    Did you put the .nb0 file into the ‘root folder?’

  12. Neil September 9, 13:10

    yes all buttons pressed same time ( i hold in camera and vol/up then press power and it boots into the same screen as in the above guide.
    the option to download nb0 file from sd is not in list.
    at the bottom of the screen in yellow
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    Device name:hynix_H8BCS0UN0MCR(4G/2G) ID:0×5510BCAD
    as for root ?, i formatted sd and transfered .nb0 over to sd so its only the file on the sd no folders, the only folder made on sd is by phone called LOST.DIR when i boot it up normal, i tried putting it in there as well.
    whats also funny..did this as a test while typing this up..formatted sd (so its blank) and booted cell and got the same E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command thing, also took sd out….same thing ??????
    so im quessin i ain’t gonna be able to update this thing

  13. Adrian September 14, 09:30

    Hi everyone,
    I’m working on confirming the upgrade process with our QC department.
    We have upgraded phones in the office using my steps, so I’m not sure what isn’t working for some of you guys.
    Conversely some customers are saying that it worked fine, so please stand by and I will come back to you with further news soon when I have it.

  14. Adrian September 20, 13:40

    Hi everyone,
    Some of our customers have been able to use the method given in this blog without any trouble, however some of you have had some issues.
    One of our readers, Rahul Haridasan from India, has kindly sent us his method to upgrade your phone to Android 2.1 using Windows XP3. Thanks Rahul!


    First of all, download these files .

    Apanda A60 Rom 1.6.2





    First thing is to crack the phone to 1.6 OS and then install 2.1 Android OS

    Ok then…..lets get it started.

    PART 1: Installing Apanda 1.6.2

    1. Unpack the file Apanda 1.6.2 and CMLMod1.5.1 on your desktop, or another place, but remember where.
    2. install [B]RUT_V1_2_2[B]. the setup will be in the CMLMod1.5.1 folder. At the end you will have to reboot your pc. Reboot it
    3. Unpack the firmware 1.6.2 from the archive Hipi1_6_2.rar and you get a file ending with .nb0

    Execute RUT (the shortcut should be on your desktop). The program reminds us to prepare the USB cable and to have all the drivers installed. (For Vista or Seven 32 bit: right click on the RUT shortcut. on the menu select Properties–>Compatibility check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3) then press OK, then right click on the Rut shortcut and select Run as administrator)

    1. In the next window, look for the firmware just to unpacked (the .nb0 file) and select it.
    2. The instructions tell you what to do: disconnect the phone from your PC (if connected), remove and reinsert the battery to your phone
    3. Hold the camera button and the volume up button pressed and then press the power button to enter recovery menu.
    4. Once the recovery menu, connect your phone to your computer. If we never connected in recovery, it requires new drivers. They are in the inside the Folder we unpacked in step 1 inside the sub folder AndroidX32 for 32 bit operating systems (if it later asks for drivers again, select the same folder again).
    5. The installer will detect your phone. If not, enter the Device Manager and check that all devices are correctly installed.
    6. From now on, follow the on-screen instructions and wait, it takes a while.
    7. Once complete, we have the new firmware installed. Our phone will restart and (after a while) show us something in Chinese. Touch the right on-screen button to select the English language.

    Now your phone is unlocked but you have the Chinese version of Android 1.6

    PART 2: Installing CMLMod 1.5.1 (Android 2.1 OS)

    1. Unpack the file CMLMod1.5.rar
    2. Run the program RUT once again, and select the newCMLMod1.5.nb0 file you got
    3. Repeat the same steps described in PART 1: 6.-7.


    Now on your phone open the main menu and then CMLMod1.5 to configure App2SD select Configurar Apps2sd, then partitionar SD the phone will restart into recovery mode.
    Now select Partition sdcard, Partition SD and confirm with the Home key. set swap=0, Ext2=512 (is more then enough! you can also set less) and Confirm twice again.
    Then press the back button and select APP2SD if you want your apps being installed on your SD card in the Ext2 partition.
    Attention!!! if after you want your apps being installed on your phone memory you have to make a Wipe, that means, your data will be lost.
    Always in CMLMod1.5 you can select a launcher, install flash lite and install set cpu to set the speed of the phone’s processor with the possibility of variable speed.

  15. Dan September 21, 21:53

    Hi Everyone, Dan from the Red Ferret here.

    Just wanted to say that I’ve upgraded the review unit that Chinavasion sent me to Android 2.1 using the second method, the one provided by Rahul. When I tried the original method, I had exactly the same issue as Neil.

    Thanks Chinavasion, and especially Rahul, I’ve got Android 2.1, Flash Video, the Android Marketplace and a much faster phone.

  16. Adrian September 23, 09:15

    Hi Dan, thanks for your input here! I’ll put Rahul’s method into the body of the blog to make things even clearer.

  17. Neil September 23, 17:16

    Thank You all, for all the work you have put into sorting out the upgrade issues that some of us have been having.
    good news from me to 🙂 Rahuls instructions worked like a dream and im now running 2.1.
    it looked a little complicated at first (more than 1 mouse click lol) but once i started it, it was very simple.
    Great work, cant wait to see what i can do with this phone now ^^

  18. Neil September 23, 18:10

    …. dont like the modded CMLMod1.5.1 version of 2.1, had instant issue with usb access to phone (maybe just me) so i just flashed the phone again with the orginal chinavasion 2.1 firmware.nb0 file…Works perfectly…much prefer it as well, so i thought if any others dont like the CMLMod version…they now know they have a 2nd option…..just re-run RUT and re-do part 2, choose the firmware.nb0 file and do what you did last time.

  19. Bayo January 13, 00:04

    Will this phone support the Android 2.2 ?

  20. Adrian January 13, 09:09

    Hi, if you root the phone it should be possible to install Android 2.2 on to it, however we don’t endorse doing this as it involves flashing the firmware. Thanks!

  21. ian January 18, 03:17

    Does anyone know when android 2.2 or 2.3 will be available for this phone?

  22. Adrian January 18, 09:00

    Ian, it’s possible to find a ROM on the internet and install it yourself, but we are obliged to advise against flashing the phone’s firmware in this way.

  23. robert June 11, 20:51

    Has anybody found a 2.2 or 2.3 rom that works properly with this phone?

  24. Yeremy July 8, 22:38

    Cant download CMLMod 1.5.1 anymore can some on i saw a CMLMod 1.5.2 but dont know if its only spanish.

    Can some one give me the file or upload it and share a link.


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