Wholesale Dropship Companies, China Dropship Companies Take The Lead

Author xlxmarketing 26.6.2008. | 14:56

Are You an E-commerce operator? Are you using a dropshipper to buy products direct from the source? You won’t want to miss what we’ve got to say about the growing number of China dropship companies and the number of so-called wholesale dropship firms that claim to get their products directly from the source.

Warning, if you’re using a firm other than Chinavasion your electronics dropshipping company may be closer than it may appear on the internet.

Did you know that many so-called wholesale dropshippers are based thousands and thousands of kilometers away from the factories that make their product and may not even deal first hand with manufacturers?

Heck, some of them aren’t even in the same continent.

But that’s all about to change with the number of wholesale dropship companies emerging from China.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that most of the products sold in the US, EU and much of the world, not to mention on the world wide web by visionaries and entrepreneurs, like yourselves, are manufactured in China.

However, what may come as a surprise is that many of the ‘wholesalers’ and electronics dropshipping suppliers, an important, if not vital, link in the logistics supply chain for e-commerce (or e-tail) don’t have a point of contact in China (or sometimes even Asia).

In fact many dropship companies are based in places like the US and EU and do most of their quality control and supplier management via phone or email.

This is all changing as the Chinese manufacturing moves out of low-end production and into value added good production and customer orientated services.

There has been at least a dozen such Wholesale dropship companies start up in China in the last four months and reports of even more emerging every month.

While China dropship companies are on the rise few can measure up to Chinavasion’s new level up scheme, which gives dropshippers the same discount benefits as bulk buyers.

So what does it mean for you as a retail company looking for a drop shipping source?

What it means is that instead of placing an order with a company from San Francisco that will be shipped from Shenzhen or Shanghai to San Diego, Sussex or Sydney you can place that order directly in Shanghai or Shenzhen.

You’ll be able to order the same items you always did, they’ll arrive in the same amount of time (if not faster) and, depending on which Chinese Wholesale dropship company you’re using, you’ll get the same level of service that you’ve come to expect from your previous electronics dropshipping company.

In fact, when you go to a Chinesewholesale dropship company you’ll easily be able to get some really cool products like:

wholesale mobile phonesWholesale Mobile Phones

spy surveillance camerasSpy Surveillance Cameras

cool electronic gadgetsCool Electronic Gadgets

car dvd playersCar DVD Players

“So how exactly, besides cost, does a drop shipper from China differ from one in a different part of the world?” You might ask. “What kinds of management techniques or questions and procedures will I have to adopt when finding and dealing with a electronics dropshipping company from China?”

Do your research into the company

This company/companies are about to be your partner/partners in business. Wouldn’t it be good to be sure that you had selected a ethical, professional, successful company to source materials from?

Some good places to check up are:

  • Whois.net (It will tell you how long their site, if they’ve got one, has been live and who owns it?)
  • Fraudwatchers.org (Has anybody called shenanigans on the company?)
  • Rateitall.com (How many people have called shenanigans on the company?)
  • Google Earth (earth.google.com) (If you look up their address on Google Earth what does it show? A factory? A office building or a residential house? If it’s the last of the three give it a wide berth.)
  • Their own website (How much support/information do they offer you? Does the site design/photographs look like they’ve been taken off another site? How do they treat you when you call up as a customer?

Set good strong rules and stick to them

Most companies suffer most when there is some form of miscommunication between themselves and the dropship company they’re getting stock from. By setting some solid rules (e.g. contact me when a product is no longer available) you’ll be able to keep customers smiling and be able to laugh all the way to the bank

Invest time and money in a solid cart and inventory system

Part of the joys of dropshipping is the automated process. But this cancels out if your ordering/accountancy program isn’t compatible with the dropshippers that you’re using. Get in touch with them and spend enough time to ensure your ordering system is robust as it is what you will be relying on.

China dropship companies are going to be the firms to watch this year. Just make sure you don’t watch them from too much of a distance otherwise you might miss out on a golden opportunity.

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Author xlxmarketing 26.6.2008. | 14:56
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  1. Stephanie Wisely July 7, 17:14

    Thank you for these really useful tips on how to find out about potential wholesale suppliers. It is so difficult knowing whether you are handing over your money to a real supplier.

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