Friday FAQs, Tracking Your Order, Tax And DVB-T Phones.

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What’s been happening in the world of Chinavasion this week? Dive in for the best FAQ’s, new products and other nuggets of interestingness!

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This week, yesterday in fact (26/8/2010), Shenzhen celebrates its 30th anniversary since comrade Deng Xiaoping announced its special-economic-zoneness which led to a huge city springing up; impressive considering it was merely a fishing village before. Shenzhen is indeed special, as it is home to part of Chinavasion’s operations and the first McDonald’s in mainland China! The city has been bedecked in decorations and Chinese flags and many people have a long weekend to celebrate!


Aside from the festivities, we continue to benefit from lovely sun and warm temperatures and, for those of us in Shenzhen, one of the first Burger Kings outside of Hong Kong (which is near the warehouse)! Gadget-wise we’ve released quite a few new products including the scorching new Gladiator Car DVD.


Here are some of the customer questions we’ve been asked recently:

Where Is My Order?

We know you’re always itching to get your hands on your new gadgets and we don’t blame you, but how do you find out where they are? After logging in at, click “My Account” to see a list of your order. You can see the order numbers here:


Not sure what your order status means? Click here for details.
If you have made an order online and completed payment, you can check on your order status by opening a ticket using this help system, quoting your Chinavasion order number and we will check it for you.

Order delivery times:

  • Please note, the majority of orders arrive with our customers within 10 days of placing an order online.
  • Please allow five days from payment before you email us requesting an update.
  • If there is a problem such as the warehouse being out of stock, we will contact you to give you the option to change to other items.


If you have other after-sales questions you can check the after-sales knowledgebase section for further answers.


Do I Have To Pay Tax On Orders I Buy At Chinavasion?

Tax is a complex issue, because it depends what country you are receiving the goods into. Some countries are easy to import into, and have few restrictions and no taxes. Other countries are ultra restrictive and have high taxes. Before you start importing bigger quantities of China electronics to your country, you’ll need to research what the law and practices are in your country (or shipping destination countries if you are dropshipping internationally).

However we’re happy to say that there are no sales taxes or hidden charges to pay on the China side when you buy at – However, you may need to pay some taxes on your local side when you receive the goods.

When you buy from China, and the products are delivered to your country, this is by definition importing. This means the process to receive the goods will usually be different to simply buying mail-order products from shops inside your country.

For a whole lot more information on taxes and how they affect you, please read the Taxes section of the knowledgebase.

Product Review


This week our big news is the arrival of DVB-T phones! Yes, that’s right, cheap phones with crystal clear digital TV – sweet!

Barcelona Plus – Quadband Dual SIM Wifi Cellphone + DVB-T (CVFD-M129-DVBT) Inspire – Quadband Touchscreen Dual-SIM Cellphone + DVB-T (CVDQ-M150)


Have you ever wanted to watch digital TV on your mobile phone? Well the dream of watching TV on your cell phone is now a reality! That’s because the Inspire and Barcelona + cellphones play crystal clear digital TV in the DVB-T format used widely throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. So now you can enjoy full-screen sports, news, weather, and your favorite shows in high definition, all from the palm of your hand. Back of the net!

They are both also unlocked, full-spec world phones (which means that they work on any global GSM frequency) and have generous touch screens and web-browsing capability; along with their dual-sim and media players. These phones are the future, but you can grab them now!


Will these digital TV phones show TV in the USA?
No, USA digital frequencies are broadcast in the ATSC format and not DVB-T.

Can I use these DVB-T Phones in my country?
DVB-T is available in many countries. Check to make sure you can use this in your country.

Do I need a subscription to watch digital TV?
No subscription is required to enjoy digital TV on these phones.

Do I have to pay anything to use Windows Live Messenger (MSN) on this phone?
Windows Live Messenger itself is completely free to setup and use. You can even sign up for free through the phone! For the Inspire you must access Live Messenger through your data account. Contact your phone service provider for information on possible charges.
For the Barcelona + you can just use it through wifi for free or through your data account if wifi signal isn’t available.

Does these phones come with a prepaid SIM card or on contract?
No, these phones don’t come with a prepaid card. The phones are contract-free and fully unlocked so they can work on any network you choose. Cool!

Do the phones work in Spain and Portugal?
Yes, the call and receive functions of these quad Band phones work in Spain and Portugal. For the DVB-T Digital TV function, Portugal currently has an experimental Digital TV service using MPEG-4 while Spain provides a full Digital TV broadcast service.

Do these mobile phones come with wifi (wireless internet connection)?
The Barcelona + does indeed have wifi. The Inspire has WAP connectivity only.


And Finally…

Here’s a sneak peak at something which is coming soon. At great risk to my own job I snapped a photo of something we’ve just got in on the bosses desk! Watch this space!


Woah, it’s something to do with gaming! Gamers take note!


Author xlxmarketing 27.8.2010. | 17:24
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