Chinavasion Announces Faster Shipping Times

Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2008. | 19:48

The best wholesale dropship company for consumer electronics in China just got a whole lot better thanks to faster shipping times and a new system to give dropshippers the same price benefits of those who buy in bulk.

Anybody offering a electronics dropshipping service needs to remember the three-word mantra: speed, quality and price.

Chinavasion has just announced two improvements designed to help dropshippers profit from China-direct ordering: faster dispatch times and a unique discount levels scheme.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method where the vendor doesn’t actually hold any stock, and instead passes customer details onto their dropshipping supplier who ships it to the vendor’s customer.

The use of wholesale dropship suppliers has become an immensely popular method of supply chain management in the e-commerce world with some operators who use dropship wholesalers reporting a 200% to 300% increase in revenue.

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Just some of the items available from drop shipping companies from China or a general wholesale dropship company will offer these days.

When it comes to what dropshippers want from a wholesale dropship company, be they a China dropship company or a wholesale dropship firm from the US it can usually be summed up in three words: speed, reliability and price.

According to Chinavasion’s PR Manger, Rose Li, dropshippers rely on their reputation on eBay and other online marketplaces. So anything that arrives at the customer’s doorstep four weeks after being ordered arrived one (or sometimes two) weeks too late.

“Dropshipper’s reputation relies on fast service,” says Rose Li. “And, as anybody in e-commerce will tell you, your reputation is everything.”

Not content at being the best Chinese wholesale dropship company online Chinavasion has tweaked its shipping system to guarantee its customers, and its customers’ customers, get the best, fastest service possible.

According to Rose Li the electronics dropshipping firm has improved its stock tracking and allocation data system, ensuring that those who need goods delivered first get priority.

“In allocating stock to the day’s orders, priority will be given to single piece dropship orders,” says Rose Li.

But speed is not dropshippers only concern and many who use wholesale dropship companies also worry about missing out on the cost benefits of ordering items in bulk through wholesale services.

Chinavasion has come up with a way of guaranteeing people using the company’s Wholesale dropship service got the same benefit as those who used the more conventional method of ordering in bulk with the company’s ‘level up’ scheme.

Chinavasion’s new ‘level up’ plan

According to Chinavasion’s Rose Li, people using Chinavasion’s electronics dropshipping service should enjoy exactly the same benefits of bulk buyers as many are purchasing the same volume of goods, just through a higher number of orders.

“We believe that it doesn’t matter if you’ve placed two large orders or 20 small ones,” says Rose Li. “If you’re ordering a certain volume of goods you should be rewarded for that volume.”

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Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2008. | 19:48
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