Dropshipping? Level Up To Better Profits

Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2008. | 14:54

If you’re a dropshipper you’re probably like us, or any other e-commerce operator, and want to maximize your profits while making sure your customers get the best possible quality goods at the best possible price in the best possible time. Here’s how you can achieve that goal.

Chinavasion Wholesale Discount Levels

Dropshipping is a fantastic method of supply chain management. You don’t have to carry stock, you don’t have to pay up front for items that potentially don’t sell and you can still potentially make strong profits.

Unfortunately you don’t order in bulk, so the chances of getting the same discount levels for buying products in bulk as the people who use tradional supply chain methods, right?

That’s true if you’re buying stock through a traditional dropship company. But we like to do things a little differently here at Chinavasion.

Our level up scheme lets you get the bulk order discounts available to those who buy multiple items even though you will probably place orders of no more than one or two pieces each time.

We’ve put together a video explaining it as well as a knowledge base article for anybody interested in finding out more about the program.

It’s an absolutely risk free system which comes with no hidden sign-up or maintenance costs and no chances of downgrade once you have reached certain stages in the program.

So if you’ve got a dropship service and you’re looking at how to minimize your costs while maximizing your level of service you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice by not checking out Chinavasion’s fantastic level system.

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Author xlxmarketing 25.6.2008. | 14:54
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  1. Mark August 2, 15:21

    The Level Up Scheme looks like it’s a winner, I love the Idea and it rewards customer loyalty, its going to be especially helpful when looking at the tight margins you would get selling at SRP on Ebay, I know there are other auction sites around but i’ll be honest and say none seem to have anywhere near the traffic that Ebay does, and although they have a lot of listings elsewhere they never seem to sell.
    selling from your own site is a great idea for greater profits, however the trick is getting people to the site in the first place, If anyone has ideas on how that can be achieved on a shoestring budget please let me know!

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