Knowledge Is Power: The Chinavasion Knowledgebase

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What Have You Been Missing Out On?

Chinavasion Wholesale give you a great portal to Chinese gadgets and the associated savings that come with them, but unless you’re in Asia it can be tricky to get immediate help from us by email or phone because of the time difference.

So what to do? Get up at 6AM to give us a call? Skip that small matter of ‘sleep’ to discuss things by email? Unnecessary!

The Chinavasion Knowledgebase is a regular treasure trove of information dealing with everything from tax, to shipping, to technical questions. It’s available on the internet 24/7 and is probably the fastest way to get answers from us!

The knowledgebase is especially useful for eBay or dropship resellers, because they can use the information to give their own customers fast support.

Knowledge Is Power

The Chinavasion Knowledgebase has all of the answers. Here’s a run down of the categories:

So next time you’re stuck or wondering about something, check out the Chinavasion Knowledgebase! You’ll be surprised at what you find!


What Else Can I Do?

If you have to speak to someone and the knowledgebase can’t help, Chinavasion also offer the following options:

Call Us

You can call us during our office hours on +86 (0)755 26451869 and our fax is +86-755-26451879.

Live Chat

You can chat, MSN style, with our customer support live during our office hours by clicking on the live chat link in the top right hand corner of the Chinavasion support site:

Email Us

Email us and submit a ‘ticket.’ We’ll reply within 24 hours.


Don’t get stuck, take action and make the most of the knowledgebase. You never know, it might just help you today!

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Author xlxmarketing 6.9.2010. | 09:00
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