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Two Wheels Are just Better!

My family’s business in the UK is motorcycles (a Kawasaki dealership & garage), so I was quite interested in which gadgets we have that might be suitable for bikers. In my experience bikers are usually pretty open to new technology, especially if it can help them when they go for a ride out!

With so many cool gadgets coming out of China at the moment I took a while to delve into Chinavasion’s aladdin’s cave of China Gadgets to see what I could find and I came up with three little beauties that I’m sure bikers will love! Read on to check out which biker gadgets you’ll be taking out on your next ride!


Keeping Your Pride And Joy Safe

These days it pays to look after your bike as unfortunately they can be a target for thieves. Worry not, as the Motorcycle Security Alarm and Immobilizer System with Remote from Chinavasion gives you a great value and easy-to-install security solution, so you’ll be a lot more confident to park up and leave your bike in the future.

With a user-friendly remote control alarm setup, the bike is fully protected from tamper and theft once the audio and phonic alarm is armed. If the motorcycle is touched, the alarm siren will beep and the direction lights will flash. And, if the motorcycle is touched again within 20 seconds, the alarm siren will trigger fully and sound constantly with the direction lights flashing quickly. The motorcycle engine will be locked and rendered inoperative at this stage.

The system also has an anti-hijacking feature causing the motorcycle engine to be cut off after a short period. The sensitivity of the alarm system can be easily adjusted by remote to four different settings according to your specific needs. For additional peace of mind, an emergency security function ensures that the engine is completely immobilized should the motorcycle be started up forcibly.

Communicate On The Road

As you know it’s not easy to communicate with your pillion or answer phone calls if you’re zipping along the motorway at high speed or blasting round the bends in the countryside one weekend. Aside from a nudge or tap on the arm, how can you communicate with each other?

The Bluetooth Helmet Headset for Motorcycles is the answer, as this handy device pairs with your mobile phone, GPS and can be set up to automatically answer calls. It also acts as an intercom for speaking with your pillion or other riders in your group and even has a built-in FM radio!

It features two high quality Velcro-on speakers for crystal clear communication, a DSP noise suppression microphone with echo cancellation, a 2.5mm jack for connecting your GPS or MP3 player, built-in FM radio, and conveniently located buttons that are easy to press even with your gloves on.

Installation with any helmet is extremely simple too. It requires about 2 minutes total and with NO drilling necessary! Simply loosen the two screws and attach the clamp-on bracket to the bottom of your helmet. Then tighten down the two screws and you’re ready to ride!

The CVRF-A62 is built extremely durable as well. It uses hard molded ABS plastic and weatherproof rubber, able of withstanding harsh weather conditions as well as light rain exposure. When you are finished riding the Bluetooth headset can easily be removed by sliding the outside piece up and off.

This Bluetooth helmet adapter also comes with a built in intercom function. This allows you to communicate with another riding buddy (up to 500 meters) who is also using the CVRF-A62. This is excellent for team riding where the leader can inform the follower of an upcoming obstacle, or lost riders can find each other.

The Bluetooth Helmet Headset for Motorcycles is so cheap, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!


Road Atlases Are No Good For Bikers!


Why let car drivers have all of the fun with their fancy GPS systems? The only thing holding back bikers from benefiting is the size of GPS as you need something which isn’t going to get in the way and that you can attach to the frame easily somewhere in view.

The Streetlife – Portable GPS Navigator for Motorcycles is ideal and great value!

The easy-install, perfect fit RAM-mount of this device fits almost any motorcycle to send you on your way with accurate, real-time, turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

No more looking up directions, printing maps and then trying to follow them with your fingers while riding. Experience amazing real-time GPS guidance that will notify you of every street and crossing and lead you to your destination, turn by turn. This Portable GPS Navigator’s high-tech processor and powerful GPS chip will keep up with your speed to let you know exactly where you are, even at 100 MPH!

Remember that we mentioned that the Streetlife is good value? Popular motorcycle GPS devices all come with a high markup price due to their brand name, but we bring you the Streetlife Portable GPS Navigator for Motorcycles at an amazingly low, factory-direct price. Let’s do a little comparison between it and some of the popular ‘big-name’ GPS:

  • Garmin Zumo 550:
  • Price: ~$670
  • CPU: Information withheld by Garmin
  • RAM: Information withheld by Garmin
  • Simple MP3 Player
  • TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition:
  • Price: ~$650
  • CPU: 380 MHz
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • No media functions
  • Streetlife Portable GPS Navigator for Motorcycles:
  • Price: ~$200
  • CPU: 400 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Includes picture viewer, music player, ebook reader and video player

Biker Gadgets From Chinavasion

Chinavasion are committed to finding the best biker gadgets out there. If you have any ideas for biker gadgets that you’d like to see on the site, tell us by commenting below this blog. We’ll look into your suggestions and hopefully bring you more biker gadgets in due course! Safe riding!


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Author xlxmarketing 30.8.2010. | 09:00
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  1. Mr. Henning Sainog September 12, 22:25

    It would be very nice to be able to attach a tiny rear view colored picture camera to an input on to your motorcycle GPS that a motorcycle owner could use instead of a rear view mirror. An extra camera input jack could be used for an auxiliary color camera that would fit on the riders helmet. The rider should have the ability to record from either camera. All of this plus a good alarm with perimeter detection should be tied in to a central computer that’s located under the motorcycle seat that’s usually locked. The central computer would have Bluetooth & WiFi for wireless upgrading plus be of robust construction so as not to loose it’s memory during a crash. A wire harness leading from this central computer to the front of the motorcycle should be attached to a small council that contains a USB, an SD card slot for music & videos along with a jack to hook up a mini or bigger video projection unit. A few 12 volt power jacks. These could be used for such things as heated under garmets that are very light weight, water proof & able to attach to each other with electrical plugs with one wire that would draw power from one of the 12 volt jacks. A remote switch on the left handlebar clutch lever area could be mounted for helmet camera control on/off + ?

    It would also be very nice if someone made something like a 12 volt hair dryer that would fit inside the front of some of the more popular helmet brands to act as a face shield defogger & nose / facial warmer. Even better, include the BlueTooth headphones into the defogging unit so the whole thing slides up to attach snuggly around the bottom of a full face helmet. Have the fan speed/temp. switch on the outside left for easy access.

    Flexible LED. video screens have been manufactured by Sony. I’m sure that Chinese have manufactured the same if not better by now. Those would make great helmet visors & sportbike windshields & body work. Just think of having your bike parked at the local coffee shop meone asks you& when so

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