Friday FAQ’s, How Do You Guarantee A Smooth Return Procedure, Do Chinavasion Have A Minimum Order Quantity And The ‘Mycube’

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As summer presses on here we continue to sweat with high average temperatures. Last weekend saw the beginning of the domestic football season in Europe which will lead to more late nights here in China (7hrs ahead) and we had a day of National Mourning (for the mud slides in Sichuan and Gansu Provinces in China) on Sunday where the internet, TV and other media were shut down for the day.

Gadget-wise we’ve done a load of informative blogs this week starting with Chinavasion’s guide to installing Java apps on your phone. Java apps are fun, free and easily available on the internet if you know where to look…

Next we explored Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile OS coming to cheap phones. What’s good about this news? Well, you’ve probably seen friends who’ve spent a fortune on smart phones flashing their apps around, but soon you’ll be able to cock a snook at them with the self-same OS, but in phones from Chinavasion that cost a fraction of the price! Take that, iPhone!

Finally we trawled through 2010’s changes to eBay rules and came up with a summary of all the changes that could affect our resellers. Why not let us know what you make of the new changes?


Here are some of the customer questions we’ve been asked recently:

How do you guarantee a smooth repair procedure for your RMA (product return)?

If you have an issue with a product that you’ve brought from Chinavasion and after trying to solve it you’ve been instructed that it needs to be returned for checking and repair (RMA) we will provide you with an RMA number and the return instructions. Please follow the instructions to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Please make sure that you return the product in its original box with all its accessories. Transport from your country to China may be long and rough, so please be sure to pack the product and spare parts safely and securely. We will repair the product and resend it and the same amount of accessories back to you. If you need any support from us please contact us with all your order details and item code at .


Do Chinavasion Have A Minimum Order Quantity?

One of the great things about Chinavasion is that although we’re a wholesaler we allow customers to buy any quantity, from 1 to 100 or more, on the vast majority of our products! This means that you can benefit from low, wholesale prices even on one product.

That’s not all though, because your price will get lower and lower the more you buy in true, wholesale style.


Product Review




MyCube – Desktop Multimedia MP4 Player w/ DVB-T and TV Recording [CVEF-E134]
This cheeky cube has recently come in and really packs a punch despite its small size. Now no desk will be complete without one as it’s a high-quality digital television. This amazing media box can be used anywhere and is sure to keep you entertained with its crystal-clear DVB-T digital TV, music player, and FM radio. Best of all, it also includes instant DVB-T digital television recording for when you want to watch something again and again!

With today’s busy lifestyle, who actually has time to sit down and actually watch some good old television? Your favorite show or sports team may be on, but you’re either out and about or stuck at work and unable to watch TV… but thanks to the MyCube, television is brought to you!

Bringing you free and easy DVB-T digital television, the MyCube Desktop Multimedia MP4 Player is the best way to stay up to date on your favorite news, sports, or entertainment programs. With its light and portable design, you can actually carry it around with you and use it anywhere!

It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting in the car, reading at the library, or bored at work, the MyCube Desktop Multimedia MP4 Player will constantly bring you the highest quality DVB-T digital TV. It even offers an amazing TV recording function so you can record whatever is on: the NBA finals, the Superbowl, Wimbledon or even the next episode of House. Everything is recorded onto a micro SD card, so you can view it again and again on the MyCube, or transfer it to your computer for later watching. If nothing good is on, just load up and listen to up your favorite songs with the music player, or listen to the MyCube’s FM radio!

Need something to spice up your room? Bored at work and need an easy way to watch TV? No television at the dorm? The MyCube Desktop Multimedia MP4 Player w/ DVB-T and TV Recording is here and ready to ship directly to your or your customer’s door. Buy one today for yourself and start enjoying TV everywhere you go. Even better, take advantage of our factory-direct price to outsell your competitors on eBay and Amazon. From your best source of the latest high-tech gadgets, Chinavasion.

What’s in the cube…

  • MyCube 3.5 Inch Large Screen DVB-T Digital TV player
  • TV recording function – instantly record whatever is on!
  • Remote control
  • Includes music player and FM radio
  • High quality stereo speakers
  • Includes line in for use as external speakers

Author xlxmarketing 20.8.2010. | 16:06
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