Sourcing Wholesale Mobile Phones And Cell Phone Watches, How Not To Get Stung Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 10.6.2008. | 19:13

If you’ve seen cell phone watches online you know how cool the concept is. But in reality they’re lightweight junk that’s using components ripped from a brand name phone or have so few features and are so unworkable that they’re not worth having, right?

Put mobile phone watches under the microscope before ordering them, or adding them to your product lists

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If you agreed with the previous statement then you’re in for a shock.

Not only do mobile phone wrist watches have completely unique hardware and software but they also come packed with just as many features as you’re likely to find in a wholesale mobile phone from China or brand name phone from anywhere else.

Why have mobile phone wrist watches got such a promising future?

super cool mobile phone wrist watchmind blowing cell phone watch in stainless steel

Initial sales of these mobile phone wrist watches are strong, even before being picked up by the general public or mainstream media

The idea of a mobile phone wrist watch has been in the collective consciousness for some time. Ever since Dick Tracy burst onto the scene with his watch two-way radio, science fiction has been filled with communicators that people put on their wrist.

However, the actual technology for multimedia cell phone watches has been around since the beginning of 2007 with commercial models only really hitting the market late last year, adding to the novelty value of cell phone wrist watches

Besides this mobile phone wrist watches are extremely convenient and, as they are on your wrist almost impossible to lose.

However, that doesn’t mean all cell phone wrist watches are created equal and before you make a commitment to sell one type of watch through a dropshipping arrangement or buy stock to put in your eBay business or online store it pays to do some research and thoroughly test out the watches before you make a commitment you may potentially regret later.

Here are the steps you can take to help you to cut the wheat from the chaff when sourcing a cellphone watch from China:

Once you’ve found an website which stocks mobile phone wrist watches, it’s much like wholesale mobile phones and you’ve still got to do the groundwork to make sure their site is valid and that they treat their customers well.

It may even be worth sending an email to the the company’s support desk as an interested customer to see how they handle your query.

Once you’ve verified that the company is an ethical and professional operation then it’s time to do some research on pricing and features that will suit your market best.

Off-brand mobile phone wrist watches go for anything from US$120 to $250 depending on the model and the features.

There is a myriad of phones in a wide variety of styles and with a wide variety of features to cater to almost every taste. So it pays to feel out your potential customers before committing to any specific model

If your customers tell you they want ease of use then you would probably be better looking for a cell phone wrist watch that has buttons on the strap. If they do a lot of physical exercise, or outdoor pursuits then they will probably be more interested in a more rugged model with GPS.

The next step would be to get a sample to make sure it will handle the wear and tear of daily life. While cell phone watches won’t be dropped like a wholesale mobile phone or an unlocked cellphone will they will still have to stand up to daily use.

As a result you’ll possibly need to answer the following questions to make sure the cell phone wrist watch performs to your expectations:

  • Does it feel solid, and not overly light or toy-like?
  • Do the buttons operate well, does the touchscreen controls synchronise quickly with the stylus movements?
  • How long does the battery last for, will the watch keep going after the battery runs down?
  • How well does the phone perform with calls, are they clear?
  • How well does the charger, headset and other accessories work?
  • Is the SIM card/battery easily accessible?
  • Are there any scratches or flaws on the phone? Is the screen in the right place?
  • Is it put together well, are all the screws present that should be, does it rattle if you shake it?

If you’ve done all this and the mobile phone watch still looks ok then you can put it on your stock lists.

However, when you do list items online it’s usually wise to put as much details into the listings as possible to avoid customer questions and complaints.

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Author xlxmarketing 10.6.2008. | 19:13
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