Wholesale Mobile Phones, How Chinavasion Tops The 3G IPhone

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The speech has been made, the new 3G iPhone has been released and the fanboys and fangirls are queueing for their brand new upgraded model, which may yet be upgraded further in the next 12 months. We think our wholesale mobile phones are better, especially if you’re reselling them online. Read on to find out why.

wholesale mobile phones

Are you looking for something unique? Have you had a look at Chinavasion’s range of phones?

In what was potentially the worst kept secrets of the IT world Stephen Jobs released the new-model, 3G iPhone today at the keynote speech at the 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference (zdnet.com.au/video/soa/iPhone-3G-makes-its-debut).

As expected, the phone came with GPS and 3G connectivity as well as a raft of functions but still there was a large group of people disappointed by what it didn’t have. A list which included a cut and paste function, no ability to record video and no ability to send pictures through SMS.

Here’s our list of the five reasons why we think our wholesale mobiles from China are better than anything Apple has to offer:

1)Chinavasion phones are already unlocked If you get the new and the latest 3G phone in the US you’re still tied to the AT&T network, in Canada you’ll have to use Rogers Wireless Inc and in Germany and the UK the O2 Networks. And should you decide to unlock (or crack) the phone yourself, or buy an already-unlocked cellphone you’d better hope that you don’t have any problems with the phone because the warranty becomes null and void once the system has been cracked.

But if you’re buying, or reselling our phones you, or your customers, can select which carrier they choose to use for their service.

funky dual sim touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lightsmobile phone watch with back lit keypad strap

Whether you buy this wholesale mobile phone or this cell phone wrist watch you’ll be able to choose which phone company you sign on with

2)Longer shelf life The iPhone was released to the public in June 2007 and has now been almost rendered obsolete by the different hardware within the 3G iPhone. Chinavasion’s wholesale mobile phones 3G network connections and non-proprietary software base means they will work with any system at any time for some years to come.

This is a point you’ll especially appreciate if you’re an eBay trader or you have a large stock of first generation iPhones that you’ve been trying to sell online.

3)Less competition This is a point we would like to make especially for e-commerce traders. While it’s tempting to hunt with the largest pack it’s often better to find a prey that is less sought after.

4)You can choose your own music You, or your customer, could visit the iTunes store and buy songs you’ve (or they’ve) already got on CD by getting an iPhone or just get a phone that allows them to choose where they get their music from.

5)You can record video For those interested in sharing their lives on YouTube it won’t be possible with your iPhone.

One reason not to buy fake iPhones

If you’ve been sourcing mobile phones from China for any length of time you’ll know there is almost an endless number of people offering you cheap iPhones in China, an iPhone alternative
or an iPhone copy, the most well known of these being the HiPhone.

A iPhone copy can be easy to spot online if it is much cheaper than the official iPhone. when looking at cheap iPhones in China treat anything which only costs half of the price of a regular iPhone with extreme skepticism.

But why should you care if you stock an iPhone alternative and just let people know that it is an iPhone copy?

The main reason against putting these kinds of items online, besides the obvious degeneration of your brand name, is that Apple has been extremely protective of their brand name and their products and anything looking like an iPhone can potentially be confiscated at customs or cause the person selling them to face a lawsuit from the company itself.

Author xlxmarketing 10.6.2008. | 15:13
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