Android, Windows Mobile And Symbian OS Coming To Cheap Mobile Phones Soon!

Author xlxmarketing 17.8.2010. | 09:00

Cheap mobile buyers and resellers will soon be getting the upgrade of the lifetime!

Do you look enviously at your friend’s iPhone or Desire? Do you yearn to have a world of different apps at your fingertips? Are you tired of having a phone that is only good for calls and texts?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a Smartphone running a sophisticated OS is for you!

“But they are too expensive!” I hear you cry! Yes, true. By buying an iPhone, HTC or Motorola Droid you are certainly boosting some very rich people’s retirement funds. However help is at hand from Chinavasion’s Cheap Mobile Phones once again! Read on to find out how.

How Much Did You Say Again?!

Chinavasion predicts that phones under 130 USD will soon have Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems!
The Symbian Foundation announced earlier this year that it was taking its whole system open source. This would be the largest shift from the proprietary to open source licensing system in the world according to a spokesman for the foundation.
The Android is appearing on US 100 – 150 tablets and Mobile Internet Devices and Windows Mobile phones are now cheaper than ever. Let’s look at a good couple of examples from Chinavasion’s range of cheap mobile phones:

Here’s the Robot Smartphone with Android OS currently available at just US$179.98!

Introducing the Bravura Smartphone with Windows Mobile OS currently available at just US$166.92 !

BIG OS, small price!

According to Rose Li, PR manager for cheap mobile phone provider, Chinavasion, this opens up several new worlds for cheap China mobile manufacturers.
“China mobile makers have mastered the art of making a basic cheap cell phone,” according to Chinavasion’s Rose Li. “These new developments in Open Source opens up worlds of opportunities.”

Previously the only platform available to mobile phone developers, especially those working on cheap mobile phones priced at US 100 or lower, was the Nucleus RTOS.
“While the Nucleus RTOS is a very capable OS it doesn’t have nearly the same potential that Windows, or Android or Symbian has,” says Ms. Li.
“We are looking at what is potentially the most exciting development in the cheap mobile phone sector in years.”

This will be a boon for cheap mobile phone customers and cheap mobile resellers because they will now be able to get many of the functions that have previously only been available on very expensive smart phones from ‘big name’ manufacturers.

If you are reselling cheap phones, or planning to, then consider the boost that selling ‘Android’ or ‘Symbian’ phones could give to your business!? Sales should become turbo-charged!

Bang For Your Buck!

Some of the features that were likely to be on the upcoming cheap mobile phones could include PC synch, productivity tools, online browsing, email, customizable phone applications amongst other things.

One thing’s for sure though, Chinavasion will continue to offer high quality cheap mobile phones regardless of which OS they are running! Chinavasion’s 12 month warranty and its stringent QC process guaranteed that eBay resellers and ecommerce vendors were getting the best price possible while still maintaining their reputation.

Author xlxmarketing 17.8.2010. | 09:00
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