Installing Java Apps Onto Your Phone

Author xlxmarketing 16.8.2010. | 09:00

Apps For Everyone!

These days the world has gone apps mad! Every day someone will be waving around their phone showing everything from smiling hamsters and lightsabers to fun games. In fact, if you’re into phones but haven’t jumped on the apps bandwagon then you’re missing out on an awful lot of fun and useful stuff (and are in danger of being laughed at by children in the street)!

Most phones you can get from Chinavasion can handle Java apps. But what are these mysterious beasts and where do you find them? Let’s find out.


Going App!

Java is a programming language commonly used for games and useful applications (apps) for computers and phones. If you use Facebook you’ll be familiar with the photo uploader tool where the pictures on your computer are automatically found and displayed for you. Useful? That’s Java! Since it’s pretty easy to make Java apps (not for average human beings, but for people who have some IT experience) there are millions on the internet for all kinds of purposes.

You don’t need to be a computer expert to get these apps though, usually you can just download them on to your computer or directly to your phone. Search for them online or in an ‘apps store’ and select the one you want. Some you need to pay for, but many are free.

Planet Of The Apps

Ok, so you’ve found sources of apps on the internet, but what’s next?

Well, you need to choose what you’re looking for! There are literally apps for everything. In a 5 minute poke around I found all sorts from tetris, to media players, to budget planners, to dictionaries! The sky is the limit! Each app will usually have a screen shot and a short description to help you decide whether you want it.

Once you’ve found what you want you need to select it and download it

Just Hit 'Download'

Appy As Larry

It is worth noting that not every app will work on every phone, hence you may have to try one or two sometimes before you find one that works. Some apps are written specifically for, say, Nokias and so won’t work on your shiny, new Chinavasion phone. Never fear though, as most will work!


I App, Therefore I Am

So you’re newly-downloaded app should be on your computer. Transfer it to your phone’s microSD card as you would normally transfer a file. From the FILE icon, locate your file and select it. Java will take over and ask you if you want to install it. Agree and the application will be installed for you.

You can usually find apps by searching the ‘FILE MANAGER,’ ‘JAVA’ or the microSD Card itself.

Appy Gilmore

Woo, you can now find and install Java apps on your phone! Nice! But we’re nice folks here at Chinavasion and following is a list of places you can find apps:

  • (search for .jar 320×240, there are many cool games here!)

To be fair, there’re loads more places online where you can find Java apps, just search for them in a search engine and you’ll come up with lots of sites. Remember, not every app that you see will work on your phone, so if you download a dud, don’t worry, just have a look for another one! Happy hunting!

Author xlxmarketing 16.8.2010. | 09:00
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  1. chris August 20, 20:57

    can u help us ? when they asking the model or operating system (and they dont have yours operating system or brandname) what is better to try on ours phone. (i have CVFD-M125)

  2. Adrian August 21, 14:50

    Hi Chris,
    Since your McLovin is not a brand name phone you should choose an app that is not specifically made for, say, Nokia.
    Many websites have GENERIC or OTHER as a type of app, try one of these. Basically, if the app has a brand name after it then it may not work on your phone, but more general ones should.
    Have a go and let us know how you get on.
    Any more technical problems and you can email:
    Good luck with your apps!

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