Wholesale Mobiles From China, Ecommerce Industry’s Next Golden Goose

Author xlxmarketing 4.6.2008. | 20:11

If you’re an eBay trader or online shop owner you’ll know how crowded the name brand mobile phone market and general consumer electronics market is getting these days. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some new markets where you could start afresh and have some chance of getting a strong foothold? Thankfully, as of late last year two such markets have appeared, and you wouldn’t believe how enticing they are…

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Wholesale mobile phones look set to be the next big market to emerge online since the secondhand and wholesale iPod market

It is common knowledge that the name brand mobile phone market and general consumer electronics markets are getting increasingly crowded. This is so much the case that it is getting harder and harder for eBay traders and e-commerce e-tailers to carve out a foothold in markets filled with legitimate, and fraudulent competitors.

If only there were new markets where a trader or shop owner could set up a brand without facing too much competition. Thankfully these markets do exist: The recently-established wholesale mobile phone and mobile phone wrist watch markets.

The cell phone has gone from being a luxury for the rich, or a business tool for executives to being an essential device that has replaced landlines as many people’s preferred methods of communication in some parts of the world.

And with the success of smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Palm more people are looking for handpieces that can do more than just send text messages and make phone calls.

According to Chinavasion PR manager, Rose Li, an increasing number of people around the world had realized that you don’t need an iPhone or a Blackberry if you wanted a phone that would play MP4s, take photos, receive emails and surf the net.

“Consumers definitely want more out of their mobile phones,” said Rose Li. “And with the recent quality problems major brands have faced there are more people looking for lesser-known brands that are more competitively priced.”

While mobile shops in China have been largely filling this void limited supply was limited as makers of cellphones in China needed to have a government license before they could make and sell mobile phones under their own brand name.

The Chinese government relaxed registration rules late last year, resulting in an explosion of the number of wholesale mobiles from China on the market.

Big Screen TV Phone wih Dual SIM

According to Rose Li, this is fantastic news for eBay traders and online vendors as it means they don’t only have a market to sell to they can expect a fantastic variation of products to sell.

“It goes without saying that the more products there are to sell the more income opportunities so Chinese government’s move to increase the number of cell phones made in China can only be good news for eBay traders.”

According to Rose Li concerns about the phone quality and functionality of mobiles from China are largely unfounded too due to the high level of competition between wholesale mobile phone manufacturers in China.

She says vendors can expect phones from mobile shops in China to come with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, touchscreen technology and a range of multimedia functions.

unsurpassable touchscreen mobile phone with tvfunky dual sim touchscreen multimedia mobile phone with lights

“The cliche of cellphones in China being cheap tacky hand pieces couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Rose Li. “Anybody buying a mobile phone from a mobile shop in China can expect to get a unit that will be an asset to even the most discerning business executive.”

China mobile phone manufacturers have also lead the way with mobile phone wrist watches, releasing several many new models onto the market a long time before any of the major mobile phone manufacturers have made any move.

Rose Li said China manufacturers were on the cutting edge of the market with cell phone wrist watch technology, releasing multiple camera phone watch, multimedia cellphone watch and touchscreen mobile phone wrist watch models onto the market that are packed with features.

“The mobile phone wrist watches on the market are lightweight but makers of cellphones in China haven’t cut any corners when it comes to functions and are fully-featured smart phones in their own right,” said Rose Li.

However, no market is without its flaws and Rose Li said anyone entering these markets would be likely to come up against the same product quality and trust issues they experienced when selling gadgets, car DVD players or name brand mobile phones.

“By dealing with Chinavasion eBay traders and online vendors can ensure that all the wholesale mobile phones they buy are of the highest quality and their online reputation soars,”said Rose Li.

“With three years’ experience dropshipping in China, and direct connection to the manufacturers we can guarantee customers get a fantastic experience every time they deal with us.”

Author xlxmarketing 4.6.2008. | 20:11
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