Wholesale Mobiles In China, An Untapped Goldmine Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 1.6.2008. | 08:11

There are more wholesale mobile phone makers in China than ever before. China Mobile phone manufacturers are pumping out an increasing volume of touchscreen multimedia wholesale mobiles in China which are packed with more and more features. But what does it mean for you as a dropshipper or eBay trader and how can you make the connection between the cellphone maker or mobile shop in China and the ever-increasing market?

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What exactly is the process of making the connection between China smart phone manufacturers and markets? Read on to find out more.

Read Part One of this blog to find out why you will face more competition selling brand-name mobile phones and other gadgets than you would if you stocked wholesale mobile phones.

With branded consumer electronics markets and markets for gadgets and gizmo’s like touchscreen MP4s getting more crowded every day the possibilities of branching out into new markets should be considered.

One market which has largely been ignored by on line retailers and eBay traders is one for non-branded smart phones. The incredible amount of attention gadget blogs have been giving big-name products like the iPhone, ROKR, Blackberry and Ocean has drifted over to some smaller Chinese brands creating an interest in them with consumers.

However, eBay traders and powersellers have yet to pick up on this trend and right now demand on the Internet is much higher than supply.

That’s not to say factories aren’t manufacturing the phones and there aren’t any wholesale mobile phones in China. The production line of the cellphone in China is as strong as ever with the country accounting for a third of the world’s cellphones in 2007.

super cool mobile phone wrist watch

Just some of the camera phone watches and wholesale mobiles in China today.

With 90 registered mobile phone makers in China, and many more unregistered, the level of competition between factories is immense. As makers of wholesale mobile phones cannot compete too much more on price without going out of business makers of cellphones in China are looking at the quality and functions of their smart phones and cell phone wrist watches instead.

Here are some of the functions and capabilities you are likely to find on a phone these days.

  • Bluetooth/wireless capabilities
  • Camera/video camera
  • Internet browsing
  • MP3/MP4 functions
  • Touchscreen capabilites

Another market which has been incredibly untouched by online vendors and eBay traders is that of the mobile phone wrist watch.

camera phone watches have huge potential online. Not only is the mobile phone wrist watch on your wrist, making it extremely convenient it also has a whole futuristic mystique about it, which would appeal to anybody who has a fascination for all things futuristic or anything James Bond has done.


As with anything on the Internet the two biggest problems any e-commerce vendors are going to face are those of gaining customers trust and ensuring the phones you get are of the best quality.

The unscrupulous business ethics of some eBay traders and a few companies in source countries have brought these issue to the forefront of people’s minds when they consider buying brand name smart phones from a mobile shop in China or online. It is only natural then that these concerns will filter down to the wholesale mobile phones market.

However, these are common problems for eBay traders and if you’re sourcing wholesale mobiles from China you should already have a number of weapons in your arsenal to combat these problems.

Some things you might want to consider doing is to get a sample of the mobile phone or mobile phone wrist watch so you can put it through its paces before you decide to source it, or keep in touch with customers after a sale so that customer is getting a good level of service after they have purchased the item.

Another step may be to offer customers a guarantee or warranty so that they will feel more comfortable buying mobile phones and cell phone watches from you.

The non-branded touchscreen mobile phone wrist watch and wholesale mobile phone market is too good to ignore so what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

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Author xlxmarketing 1.6.2008. | 08:11
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    What makes the process even harder is finding genuine wholesale sources, and then selecting the wholesale source that can do the best job of supplying your wholesale business.

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