Wholesale Mobiles In China, An Untapped Goldmine Part 1

Author xlxmarketing 31.5.2008. | 01:57

When it comes to smart phones everyone wants an iPhone, right? And if they're not interested in that then they'd like to own a ROKR, Blackberry or Ocean. But do you know about the touchscreen multimedia-capable wholesale mobiles from China, an undiscovered goldmine of GSM and 3G phones that already has a large international market and is just waiting for the eBay traders and online store owners to start selling them.

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If you're an eBay trader or online shop owner, or if you're simply using a wholesale dropship service to sell consumer electronics like touchscreen MP4 players, spy cameras or some other cool gadgets then I've got good news and bad news.

the good news

The number of people buying items like smart phones, and other gadgets and gizmos in online stores and from listing sites like eBay, Trading Post and Overstock is increasing all the time, so much so that the Financial Times reported that British Ebay traders made a combined 2 billion pounds in 2007, topping the annual turnover of major UK retail chain WH Smiths.

the bad news

With more customers comes more competition and the same article reported that there were as many as 178,000 eBay sellers in the UK alone in 2007, 160% more than were there in 2005.

While that doesn't mean that there isn't any money to be made selling consumer electronics online it does that regardless of whether you're a new trader or vendor or have had a great deal of experience selling gadgets online you're going to have to compete a little harder for a larger slice of the market share.

If only there were markets out there where e-commerce vendors didn't have so much competition for sales…

Thankfully such a category does exist with the so-called 'smart phone' (phones with touchscreen and Multimedia capabilities and a web browser).

Much of the high public demand for smart phones has been created by Apple's highly-successful iPhone.

The brand's combination of strong marketing, plus a good solid product has meant that most people are now aware of, and want phones that have interfaces in the screen, can browse the internet and can play music.

In fact, interest is so high in these phones that the uber gadget blogs, Gizmodo (gizmodo.com/393117/apple-receives-188-mysterious-cargo-containers-3g-iphones-new-macbooks-or-the-finest–colombian-snow) and Engadget, have been watching the container terminals to try and get a sneak peek at the new 3G iPhones before they hit the market.

But before you rush away to get an iPhone, or other supplier of smart phones, on the line you might want to take at eBay first.

iPhone searching

A brief search on eBay for iPod and iPod related products reveals that there were 30,496 people listing products under this category on May 30,2008.

The potentially more profitable, less risky market somebody could consider breaking into would be the wholesale mobile phone market and mobile phone wrist watch categories. Two markets where, not only are end customers desperately looking for touchscreen mobile phones that have multimedia capabilities or the cutting-edge stylings, but also at a reasonable price.

Read Part Two of this blog to learn more about this fantastic market and some of the obstacles you may face when getting into the wholesale mobile phone market..

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Author xlxmarketing 31.5.2008. | 01:57
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