Chewing Gum Spy Camera — Spy Gadgets Go To The Next Level

Author xlxmarketing 25.5.2008. | 09:51

If you’re hell-bent on seeing the new Apple 3G iPhone then you’ll need something that can record the mission without revealing itself. Thankfully we’ve got the tool for the job. The superior chewing gum camera with built in flash memory and microphone. Just the spy gadget for people who can’t get caught with a camera.

Click on the image below to learn more about the product:

Superior Chewing Gum Camera with Built In Flash + Mic [CVSD-805-1GB]

How is the superior chewing gum camera with built-in flash and microphone unique?

With most high tech spy gadgets on the market today you need two pieces, the recording device and the receiver, or the spy gadget will come with a space to include an SD card.

While these cool spy gadgets are good for finding out exactly what you have recorded they can be a problem when hiding… especially when someone wonders exactly why you seem to spend all of your time staring into an MP4 player. This camera has no such problem. With a cavernous flash memory you will never have to worry about being caught with embarrassing pictures again.

Who would buy the superior chewing gum camera with built-in flash and microphone?

Private investigators, spy gadget enthusiasts?investigative reporters and anybody who wants to gather information or evidence without being caught would love this cool spy gadget.

Why would somebody buy the superior chewing gum camera with built-in flash and microphone?

Do you worry that your two-piece spy gadget might give you away? Are you looking for a camera that is discrete, yet can hold all the footage you can throw at it? Then this is the spy camera for you.

At about the size of a stick of chewing gum this camcorder will record audio and pictures into 3GP format with just the touch of a button. It will record any image in a 66 degree range and any sound within 3 meters. What is better as it is disguised as a stick of gum it is almost impossible for the subject to work out that they are being recorded. What more can you ask for in a cool spy gadget.

What eBay search engine keywords can I use?

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What will the superior chewing gum camera with built-in flash and microphone cost per unit?

Chinavasion: $93.13 (Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

What else should I know?

China Manufacturer Specification

  • Camera Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Camera Capture Angle: 66 Degrees
  • Typical Microphone Range: 3m
  • Capture Format: 3GP
  • Power Source: Internal Rechargable Li Ion Battery
  • Dimension: (LxWxD) 75x20x11.5
  • Manufacturer Ref.: 2SCULI9A7XM9

Other Features:

  • Made to Fit Chewing Gum Rapper
  • Simple Operation

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Author xlxmarketing 25.5.2008. | 09:51
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  1. binu April 28, 01:18

    Im from India,at the moment in shenzhen,i would like to know if i can visit your store as im in china for a month

  2. Sean October 2, 18:41

    I use similar mini cameras like the gum camera, but its a hassle to have to carry a computer around with you to view and convert avi files so they can be played back on a cellphone or so called multi media player.
    The other problem is time/date stamp, I still have an earlier type that allowed you to choose to have it on or off, the big problem with the latest type is when you decide not to store the video take to the sd card and switch off you’ve lost the time/date, so back to the computer again!

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