Bluetooth Mouse, Get Your Mouse To Go Where You Want It To

Author xlxmarketing 19.5.2008. | 18:52

Are you tired of having mouse cables limit your movement when you’re working on the computer, but don’t want to have to deal with the occasional unresponsiveness of the infra red mouse? Then you need the Bluetooth mouse with multi function dongle.

Click on the image below to learn more about the product:

Highly Portable Bluetooth Mouse with Multi Function Dongle [CVSB-817]

How is the highly portable Bluetooth mouse with multi-function dongle unique?

The Bluetooth mouse with multi-function dongle combines the stability and reliability of a wired optical mouse with the freedom of movement of a Infra Red optical mouse. And when the dongle can be paired with other Bluetooth controller accessories like PS3 controllers then you have a package that is hard to beat.

Who would buy the highly portable Bluetooth mouse with multi-function dongle?

Office workers, designers, architects, graphic artists, editors, gamers, photographers and anybody who needed their mouse to be reliable yet have a lot of freedom of movement would love this package.

Why would somebody buy the highly portable Bluetooth mouse with multi-function dongle?

How often have you been working on a project only to have your concentration broken or your smooth lines ruined just because your mouse wouldn’t go to where you didn’t want it to go. This mouse will keep going allowing you to achieve the results you want to achieve in one smooth movement, not several small ones.

And with a sensitivity of 1000dpi you can guarantee that your actions are followed accurately and smoothly.

What eBay search engine keywords can I use?

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What will the highly portable Bluetooth mouse with multi-function dongle cost per unit?

Chinavasion: USD$28.99 (Item will cost less if more than one piece is ordered)

What else should I know?

China Manufacturer Specification

Mouse Bluetooth Specifications:

  • Class: 2
  • Range: 10m
  • Output: 4dBm

Dongle Bluetooth Specifications:

  • Class: 1
  • Range: 100m
  • Output: 20dBm
  • Dongle Data Rate: 3Mbps (EDR)

  • Three Button Mouse including Scroll Wheel
  • 1000dpi Optical Mouse Sensor
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA batteries (Mouse), USB (Dongle)
  • Dimension:
    • 90x48x35mm (LXWXH) Mouse
    • 5217x7mm(LxWxH)Dongle
  • Manufacturer Ref.: 5Y55W8582SXO

Other Features:

  • Multiple Use Dongle
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Saving for Longer Battery Life
  • Widcomm BTW Software(Microsoft approved)

Author xlxmarketing 19.5.2008. | 18:52
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