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Stairway To Heaven

Every year we see the ‘experts’ predicting that mobile phone sales have hit their peak and will at best remain static, but probably start to fall. Given the ongoing economic crisis which perhaps seems to be abaiting a little, one could be forgiven for thinking that growth areas such as mobile phones would be hit hard as people tighten their belts and stick with their old handset.

This may be true in Europe and North America, the two hardest hit areas in the global financial crisis, but incredibly we’ve still seen strong sales of cheap phones during 2010. Media analysts have stated that last quarter’s global mobile phone sales posted a growth of 13% and a 12% figure is predicted for this quarter, so it isn’t only Chinavasion who has seen mobile phones continue selling! (

Financial Crisis? What Financial Crisis?

While it is true that 6 out of 10 people gobally now have a mobile phone subscription (, most of the people who are only just jumping on the bandwagon are in developing countries. Westerners take owning a mobile phone for granted, and probably have done for the last 10 years or so.

However, if you consider that two thirds of the world’s new mobile phone subscriptions are now coming in the developing world (Africa posting the highest growth figures) and that this happens to be where the majority of the world’s population is, then the figures of continuing growth start to add up (

Up The Apples And Pears

These millions of people in Africa, Asia and South America aren’t buying the same phones as people in the West though, as iPhones and other similar smartphones are simply too expensive and remain out of the reach for the vast majority unlike in the USA or UK, for example, where every other person seems to have Apple’s device prominently displayed on their coffee table. Rather the developing countries are fuelling growth in the market for cheap phones. Cheap phones? Sounds deceptive, but writing them off would be a mistake. The reason why these are the fastest selling mobile phone segment is that they have improved a lot!

Here at Chinavasion, your number one source of cheap phones, we’ve continually seen our sub US$100 phones flying out of the door to every corner of the globe.

So are these cheap phones a viable alternative to expensive ‘name brand’ phones?
Put the thoughts of Apples, Blackberrys and Nokias out of your mind for a moment and follow me as we explore WHY cheap phones are so popular and what they could mean for your bank balance…


Saving money doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cool mobile phone

Chinavasion has a whole range of cheap phones around the US$100 or less mark. In fact, ALL of Chinavasion’s phones are cheap when you look closer. Let’s see why.

Chinavasion’s phones are unbranded, let’s get that straight from the start. You pay through the nose for big name brands, but for what? A phone that sits in your pocket and is seldom seen anyway? So for a far lower price tag you can get a phone from Chinavasion which does all of the same (and often more) than its big-name branded brother!

How does Wifi mobile internet, 3+ inch touchscreen, accelerometer (the ‘shake’ function), media player, TV, dual-sim, bluetooth camera and customisable apps sound? Cool huh? All for around just US$100!

Lets compare a few phones:

Blackberry: US$400+ (depending on model)-LOCKED INTO A CONTRACT

Chinavasion Promethium Slider: US$79.82

Both have QWERTY keyboard, media player, mobile internet, bluetooth, camera and worldwide GSM connectivity

iPhone: US$500+ (depending on model)-LOCKED INTO A CONTRACT

Chinavasion Barcelona: US$100.24

Both have large touchscreen, wifi mobile internet, worldwide GSM connectivity, bluetooth, accelerometer, customisable apps, media player and camera


As you can see, these sub US$100 phones have many of the same key capabilities as far more expensive ‘name brand’ phones, so if you are truly serious about snagging a cool phone for yourself that won’t leave your accountant weeping, then check out Chinavasion’s cheap phones today!


Beware Free ‘Gifts’ At The Phone Shop

Many phones now are offered for free when you have a contract with a mobile phone provider. This sounds like a good deal, but when you consider that these days contracts are usually a minimum of 18 months and could be US$50 or more per month, then over the course of the contract you will pay much, much more than the phone is worth.

To be fair you will get a lot of minutes etc bundled in with this cost which would work out slightly cheaper than if you are on a pay as you go, or month-by-month plan; but an 18+ month contract is one heck of a commitment to undertake, especially if you’re trying to save money.


The Chinavasion Solution

Don’t forget though, that Chinavasion phones are all unlocked, unlike these contract phones which you are ‘locked’ into for a minimium period of monthly payments and with the same network. Talk about taking away your freedom!

With a cheap phone from Chinavasion you can simply pop in your existing SIM and start calling straight away (make sure that it’s compatible by checking the product page before you buy)!

If you don’t currently have a phone, or are looking to start afresh (bearing in mind that we are focussing on saving money); I’d say that it’s best to avoid an expensive and lengthy contract. Rather, you should consider the freedom of a pay-as-you go scheme. In this way you can only use the minutes that you’ve paid for and won’t be obliged to pay a large sum every month regardless of whether you’ve been using the phone a lot or not.

Some mobile phone companies even offer special deals to people who ‘top up’ their phone with a set amount each month, for example, if you top up your phone with $40 the company will actually give you $60 of credit for that month (ask for more details in your local phone shop, but make sure you only buy a SIM from them!).


So Let’s Start Saving!

Chinavasion’s cheap phones are ideal for anyone looking to save money these days as they’ll work with any SIM card and are actually as good as ‘big named’ brands. This also makes them great for resale, as anyone can buy and use the phones that you decide to sell.

Not sure? Chinavasion have no MOQ, so you can buy just one and test it thoroughly. After you’ve seen how cheap, yet cool they are then you can take the plunge and buy more for friends and family, or just to resell! Don’t forget, cheap doesn’t mean risky. Our in-house Quality Control department checks every single phone before they are shipped AND all of Chinavasion’s phones are fully covered by a 12 month warranty, as we want you to be as happy as possible with your purchase! Check out this video to see our QC team in action:

Author xlxmarketing 10.8.2010. | 09:00
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