Gadget Shop Owners Get New Chinavasion RSS Uber Feed

Author xlxmarketing 16.5.2008. | 19:12

EBay Powerseller and online gadget shop owners sometimes struggle to stay up to date with what is happening in the electronics gadgets and mobile phone market, even if they use RSS feeds. Chinavasion has come to the rescue with a feed which combines everything in one useful package.

EBay traders and e-commerce online electronic store owners have often struggled to keep up to date with new electronic gadgets releases, wholesale mobile phone releases and news on e-commerce and electronics.

Chinavasion, China’s top wholesale gadget dropshipping company, launched the Chinavasion RSS Uber Feed today to help keep customers, and any eBay trader and electronics shop owner in the e-commerce business up to date with everything happening in their industry.

According to Chinavasion’s PR Manager, Rose Li, RSS feeds are an excellent way of being kept up to date with what is happening at their favorite sites but these can even be overwhelming when monitoring news on cool new gadgets, spy gadgets for sale or mobile phones.

“Some websites can have upwards of 10, 15 or even 20 RSS feeds to choose from,” said Rose Li. “This can be very overwhelming for people who just want to save time.”

Not sure exactly what a RSS feed is. Here is an instructive video on RSS feeds and how to operate them.

According to Rose Li Chinavasion had combined feeds into an uber-feed to help people stay informed on what was happening on their site without checking several feeds at once.

“People will still be able to get a specific RSS feed for their favorite topics, like mobile phones, gadgets or spy gadgets but with the new RSS feed they’ll be able to find out what has changed with products or events almost instantly.”

Subscribers to the new Chinavasion Uber Feed wouldn’t just get company updates and information about new products. They would also get links to useful articles with helpful hints on running a successful eBay trading and online retail business.

The online gadget shop market is getting more crowded every day with an increasing number of people offering new electronic gadgets and spy gadgets for sale and as a result online electronics retailers have to differentiate themselves more to guarantee a place in the market.

An RSS feed will let you know when cool new gadgets and spy gadgets for sale turn up on Chinavasion’s site, giving you the jump on competitors.

Chinavasion’s Rose Li said offering the latest cool new gadgets and gadget gifts was one way to stay ahead of competitors and the best way to find them was to subscribe to wholesalers’ RSS feeds, like Chinavasion’s Uber Feed, so they were informed when new products were available.

She said feeds were ideal to keep up to date with new money-making opportunities like Chinavasions new line of wholesale mobile phones.

“For too long the smart phone market has been dominated by products like the iPhone and Blackberry,” said Rose Li. “The multimedia touchscreen phones in Chinavasion’s new category make these pieces affordable for consumers and open up this market to eBay traders.”

Author xlxmarketing 16.5.2008. | 19:12
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  1. Neson Baker April 29, 19:47

    The need for Electronic hi-tech gadgets will never stop. So, obviously new inventions will get introduced.

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