July 2010’s Hottest Gadgets For Resellers

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July 2010 Hottest Products
We’re in the height of summer and in homage to the summer holidays we’re bringing a special July’s Hottest Gadgets to you from our beach hut in the Maldives! It’s always a busy time here at Chinavasion in the summer and we’ve seen these gadgets flying off the shelves, so if you’re looking for a cool, new gadget to show off to your friends along with your tan then read on! Lets top up the pina colada and count down July’s hottest 6 gadgets!

Two Kelvin – Japanese Inspired LED Watch Pack [CVIZ-G71-PAIR]



You mean these two uber-cool watches really tell the time? Yes. Even though The Two Kelvin Japanese LED Watch Pack embodies Flock of Seagulls style and Duran Duran design with its Miles Davis Kind Of Blue LED’s dancing against the Void like Kelvin Bacon dancing in Footloose or Kelvin Costner dancing in Dances With Wolves, the watches in this Japanese LED watch pack do in fact tell the time and does so really efficiently too!

The One Kelvin is slightly smaller than the Zero Kelvin which makes it perfect for your shorty*. Yeah pick up a pack, one watch for you and one watch for your girlfriend. She’ll love it and she’ll LOVE you for it. By LOVE we mean you’ll be getting SOME…brown chicken brown cow!

Both watches operate the same way. Tap the display button on the right side of watches and the screen will light up like Geeks at Comic Con. There are 72 blue LED lights on the watch face. The first 12 LED lights display the hour. The other 60 LED lights display minutes. Cool huh? Yeah these watches are so cool they were Kelvin Klein jeans and read Kelvin and Hobbes comics!

Not sure what to buy your bf or gf for their birthday? If they appreciate cool gadgets then you can’t get cooler than the Two-Kelvin pack and the best thing is that it includes a watch for you too! A hot summer deal? At this ridiculously low price it’s so cool that it’s Two Kelvin!

    • What is it: Two Kelvin – Japanese Inspired LED Watch Pack [CVIZ-G71-PAIR]
    • How much does it cost:US$31.60



Sun Visor with 9 Inch LCD Monitor (Black, Right)[CVTM-A59-BLACK]


Unless you’re unlucky (or from the UK), you should be getting plenty of sun this summer and will need to use your car’s sun visor frequently. This ingenious sun visor will revolutionise your in-car AV with its huge 9″ screen. Reversing cameras and GPS are pretty commonplace now, and you’ll be able to view their feed, for example, through this monitor which will help you to keep your eyes where they’re needed – straight ahead, rather than glancing around your interior looking for your other devices’ puny screens.

How many GPS devices have a 9″ screen too? Didn’t think so.

If you drive and have a GPS or reversing camera then you’ll be crazy to pass up this sub US$60 sun visor monitor (and we have them in left or right configuration and different colours).

    • What is it: Sun Visor with 9 Inch LCD Monitor (Black, Right)[CVTM-A59-BLACK]
    • How much does it cost:US$58.87



Downloaders Dream HDD Media Player and Portable Enclosure [CVJI-E51]


There’s a ton of great TV out in summertime, so you’ll be needing this exclusive SATA (2.5 or 3.5 inch) audio visual media player and portable storage enclosure for all your entertainment and storage needs. Priced right to perform right!

This outstanding media player and hard drive enclosure is perfect for digital media portability! Stores all your favorite TV shows and movies in MPEG 1/2/4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, or VOB format which you’ve ripped from DVDs or downloaded from the Internet. All your cherished dramas, animes, and music videos in one place for days and days of non-stop viewing amazingness!

This model HHD Media player will not only store up to 500GB of your files and digital media with a 2.5 inch SATA HDD or 1000GB with a 3.5 inch SATA hard drive, but will effortlessly connect to your TV to play videos, music, and digital photos with unbelievable quality. With the four video output options of AV (Composite), YPrPb (Component), HDMI, and S-Video, you’ve got the plug and play to play your favorite media whenever, wherever!

    • What is it: Downloaders Dream HDD Media Player and Portable Enclosure [CVJI-E51]
    • How much does it cost:US$45.17



Aspire – Quad Band Dual-SIM Cellphone with QWERTY Keyboard [CVEM-M143]


Don’t be fooled by the insanely cheap price tag. This stylish cellphone easily outperforms name brand phones costing more than three times the money. That’s because the Aspire cellphone provides top of the line features such as dual SIM card slots for using two active phone numbers in one phone, Quadband GSM connectivity for using this phone anywhere in the world, and a full QWERTY keyboard for quickly sending messages to your online friends with Skype, MSN or Yahoo messenger. But that’s only the beginning.

With the QWERTY keyboard you can type long emails or text messages much faster than you could with a normal keypad. The buttons are backlit too, allowing you to use the Aspire cellphone in total darkness. And finally, located in the center of the phone is the touch sensitive control pad- or “touchpad” for short.

Additional features include full Bluetooth support for hands free calling and file sharing, MP3/MP3 player to listen to your favorite music and movie files, front and back picture/video camera with flash, FM receiver with record function, 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your favorite set of high quality headphones, voice recorder, and WAP internet access.

    • What is it: Aspire – Quad Band Dual-SIM Cellphone with QWERTY Keyboard [CVEM-M143]
    • How much does it cost:US$55.87



Wireless Baby Monitor with Night Vision (Video) [CVAAE-601LD]


It’s the summer so you’re bound to get invited to lots of barbecues. If you’ve got a baby you’ll either have to turn down the invitations or hire a babysitter, but these days how can you be sure they’re doing a good job? Give them a hand with this remarkable wireless baby monitor!

Perhaps you’re hosting a barbecue at home? But while everyone’s downstairs in the garden who’s watching the baby? Rest easy with the wireless baby monitor!

Designed specifically with you and your baby’s needs in mind, this Wireless Baby Monitor includes 9 infra-red lights for night vision that will automatically go to work and provide a nice bright view of your baby. A large, 2.5 inch LCD screen lets you to keep an eye on the little ones without having to wake them, while the built-in mic allows you to hear their every cry and yell.

If your friends or family have a little one at home, buy them a Wireless Baby Monitor to show that you care. In stock now and available at a parent-friendly price.

    • What is it: Wireless Baby Monitor with Night Vision (Video) [CVAAE-601LD]
    • How much does it cost:US$147.80



Bravura Smartphone (WiFi, Windows Mobile, TouchScreen, GPS) [CVNR-M89]


A Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone for less than US$170? Unbelievable!

Believe it, because the Bravura is here!

For starters, the Bravura smartphone comes with a powerful IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi internet adapter, a highly responsive 3 inch touchscreen, a Micro SD slot for storing up to 8GB (2GB included) of media files, and a dynamic Hisilicom K3 processor that makes loading applications, browsing the internet, or navigating the operating system, quick, easy and efficient. All of this and much more in one of our coolest smartphones to date, the Bravura.

With the Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS you can access a variety of applications like Google Maps, Skype (user downloadable) Outlook Express, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer and much more, all with the simple touch of a finger. If you’re after apps, the Windows Marketplace application (user downloadable from mp.windowsphone.com) will allow you to download from hundreds of new games, applications, media files, or even office tools, directly to the phones memory card! Pretty awesome for the price, and plenty of people agree this month!

    • What is it: Bravura Smartphone (WiFi, Windows Mobile, TouchScreen, GPS) [CVNR-M89]
    • How much does it cost:US$167.45



What are you waiting for? Check out the huge range of new gadgets available at Chinavasion today and see if you can pick out the hot sellers for August.

Author xlxmarketing 9.8.2010. | 09:00
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