Wham! The GPS Tracker Category Added To Chinavasion.com! Bad Guys Beware!

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Who said GPS Trackers Were Only For Secret Agents?

We’ve all seen the movies where Bond, Bourne or Bauer (why do their names always begin with a B?) attach a tracker to a car, bad guy or shipment of deadly chemical weapons. But have you ever wished you could be like your favourite hero? Well this year your fantasy becomes reality! Chinavasion’s new GPS Tracker category has just hit the website!


Hang On. Why Would I Need A GPS Tracker?

GPS Trackers Have A Multitude Of Uses!
Ok, so not all of us are secret agents, but actually GPS Trackers have so many everyday uses that once you start using them you’ll wonder how you managed without them! They’re small enough to slip into a bag, case or even a car’s glovebox. Furthermore they can also be attached to keychains, car valuables and even cheating husbands’ jackets! GPS Trackers have many different functions to cater for a variety of different situations. Let me explain.

The Chinavasion GPS Trackers have one or more of the following functions:

  • Tracker
  • Photo Tagger / Data Logger
  • Location Finder
  • Virtual Perimeter
  • Emergency Calling

Let’s look at these functions in more detail. Read on.


GPS Trackers Are No Joker!

Who Needs Batman When You've Got A GPS Tracker?
Who wouldn’t want the peace of mind that knowing where your elderly loved ones, kids, valuables or expensive new ride are at all times? The tracking function lets you track the movement of your GPS Tracker (and whatever or whoever it is attached to).

GPS Trackers work a little like a mobile phone. After you insert a SIM card into the device, you can send a text message to it at any time, and it will respond with its GPS coordinates and other data. Some GPS trackers can even be configured to send you their coordinates automatically.



Photographers, joggers, holidaymakers, suspicious spouses. It’s often really handy to be able to keep a record of your movements over a period of time, especially if you want to retrace your steps another time or want to see a full record of your partner’s movements.

“How was your business trip honey?” “Yeah, fine pretty boring; I hate going to Milwaukee.” “Oh, and there was me thinking you’d been in Vegas!” *GULP* Attach your GPS Tracker to your computer and you can display a full, visual history of the tracker’s whereabouts over whichever period of time you request. Sneaky!

Frequent travellers and photographers will also love the ability to put their photos literally on the map.
Cool! A GPS Tracker Can Tag Your Photos Too!
If you’re like most people your pictures are barely organised. At best, they might be stuck in a folder on the computer somewhere. Well, with the GPS Tracker’s photo tagger feature (software that accompanies the devices), the way that we organise our photos will change forever.

After you have loaded your logged GPS paths onto your computer, use the photo tagger software to paste your photos and captions onto any point along your path. You can then embed GPS info into your photos and upload them to Flickr Maps so that family and friends all over the world can see your pictures and the exact location where you took them!


Dude, Where’s My Car?

Despair No Longer With A GPS Tracker!
Ever been in a huge carpark and lost your car? Ever been camping and lost your way back to your tent in the dark? Before now finding your way might have been difficult and stressful. Now, with simply the push of a button, your GPS Tracker can guide you to your location.

First you have to save the target destination into the device, usually just by pressing a button when you’re at the place you wish to remember. Later when you want to return to that location, just press another button, and arrows on the device will light up to indicate the correct direction. It’s easy!


Prison Break

Keep Track Of Errant Teenagers Without The Tantrums!
I was a bit crazy when I was younger. My parents were often worried about where I’d gone, but they had no way of knowing! When my parents used to ask me, “Where are you off to tonight?” I’d inevitably reply, “Out, with my friends.” Now concerned parents need to worry no longer, as with many GPS Trackers you’re able to set a virtual perimeter. If the GPS ventures outside of a boundary that you define, then an alert will be sent immediately to your phone. A great way to be sure that your kids are safe without causing an argument! Now I know what to buy my parents for Christmas…


Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Never be out of touch with your loved ones. If you have elderly relatives or children then you’ll be familiar with that feeling of worry if you’ve not heard from them. Today’s GPS Trackers can not only keep tabs on their position, but also have an emergency calling function where you can actually call or text them (they work in the same way as phones remember), or the holder can call or text you (or whichever number is set as the emergency contact).


So you don’t need to be 007 to benefit from 21st Century technology after all! In fact, GPS Trackers can benefit everyone from housewives, adult children with elderly parents to photographers! We’ve all got valuables and people that we care about in our lives, so now the time for sleepless nights has passed with Chinavasion’s ingenious GPS Trackers!

Personal GPS Tracker with OLED Screen and Two Way Calling [CVQJ-G224]

How Do I Get GPS Software For My New GPS Tracker?

A good question and one that’s been answered for you by the team here at Chinavasion! Follow this link to explore our GPS Explained article.

If you’re worried about how to use your new GPS Tracker when you’ve bought it, don’t! Here is my 5 second guide to using them:

  • First you need to connect it to your computer and use the included software to add a phone number to send the GPS alerts to.
  • Secondly, set up Google Earth (requires installation) or Google Maps (no installation!) on your computer (other map software is available) and request an update from your GPS Tracker when ready.
  • Finally, type the coordinates you’re given by your GPS Tracker into the above software and they will show you te whereabouts of the tracker, loved one, cheating partner or bad guy clutching the stolen case of your wives jewellery.


What Are You Waiting For?

High quality, ultra-modern GPS Trackers from your wholesale Chinese partner – Chinavasion. You and your customers will benefit from one of James Bond’s most beloved of gadgets and the peace of mind that it can bring in so many situations.




Author xlxmarketing 4.8.2010. | 09:00
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    Hello, because you have a wide variety of this gadget kind, it’s very urgent you make a GPS tracker Comparison Chart, in order to give facility to your customers (like me) to select the appropriate device, this chart should has some columns indicating the main features on top, and each row should has the “x” indicating that determined GPS has or not that feature. Please, understand is very tedious and annoying has to read each of one of all GPS you have, and it’s very difficult to remember in mind the main features of each one, regarding one feature a GPS has, is not in another one, and so on, so please, consider this suggestion as a “must have” I’m indeed of this chart help customers to make the right choice and buy more than one unit per purchase. I hope you get fine this comment, and make this chart asap for your customers comfort. God bless you, your business, and all your relatives. bye.

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    Thanks for the idea, it would be useful, so keep your eyes on Chinavasion in the future. We will try and come up with something similar perhaps.

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