Sichuan Earthquake Victims Get Help From Chinavasion Staff

Author xlxmarketing 15.5.2008. | 20:22

Occasionally, there is a natural disaster that is so tragic that everybody forgets their differences and pitches in to help, The earthquake in Sichuan on Monday was one of those occasions. Read on to learn more about the earthquake and how Chinavasion’s staff have tried to help a little.

Chinavasion staff member, Xu Gang(Jordan Xu), gives fund raisers collecting money for Sichuan earthquake victims money donated by Chinavasion staff

There has been an outpouring of sympathy and offers of help from outside and inside China for the people of Wenchuan County who have been rocked by China’s deadliest earthquake since 1976.

The Sichuan Earthquake ( rocked the central Chinese province with a force of 7.9 on the Richter scale late Monday morning, demolishing buildings and railways, blocking rivers and trapping people by their hundreds of thousands under tonnes and tonnes of rubble.

While tremors were felt as far away as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Russia; no area was affected more than that of Wenchuan County, a section of the Sichuan province just 90 kilometres north-west of Chengdu, the provincial capital.

Over 13,000 people were confirmed dead with more still trapped four days after the quake. Officials said this wasn’t the only concern as two dams ( in the region had developed cracks and heavy rains were hampering rescue efforts and putting pressure on the already-damaged hydro electric dams.

Rescuers and police working at disaster sites had started to dig through rubble with their hands on Thursday and the defense ministry had sent 110,000 troops to disaster zones to help rescuers search through rubble.

To assist rescuers 101 more helicopters have been used by the Chinese ministry of defense to help ferry people from disaster sites and search for survivors from remote villages who may require food, water and shelter.

map of sichuan earthquake extent

The Chinese Government has been quickly supported by foreign governments including France, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Norway with aid organizations and major corporations also making big contributions.

The people of China have also made large contributions with the Red Cross Society of China collecting $125.4 million by Thursday, with the staff of Chinavasion also adding to that total.

The thoughts and hopes of the entire Chinavasion staff goes out to the people of Sichuan and the many rescuers putting hundreds of man hours in trying to get people out from the rubble safely.

Author xlxmarketing 15.5.2008. | 20:22
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