Chinavasion On The World Wide Web, Mobile Phone And Firewall Frenzy

Author xlxmarketing 15.5.2008. | 12:38

What happened between Microsoft and Yahoo? What else has Google started offering? What’s this about a new wholesale cell phone category at Chinavasion and is China really letting some ladders over the great firewall? Find out all this and more inside Chinavasion’s round up of news on the World Wide Web.

Chinavasion made waves again in China’s wholesale dropship community by offering a range of wholesale mobile phones.

The Microhoo “will they won’t they” saga finally ended recently when the Yahoo board turned down a $US45 billion bid ( for the company from Microsoft. It’s now cozying up to Google for an ad revenue sharing deal but there are doubts that regulators will let that deal pass. Yahoo has definitely gone back to the drawing board coming up with a couple of new concepts including the glue ( search function, which is still in beta stage at the moment and a new social-media friendly structure.

After reading this internal memo (,130061733,339288660,00.htm) from Jerry Yang to all staff, you’ve got to wonder if he didn’t give the caps lock and shift key from his keyboard to Microsoft negotiators as compensation.

Jerry would have had some consolation in the success of the company’s free photo sharing site Flickr though with the website walking away with Webby awards ( for best practices and best community in both the peoples choice and Webby award winner categories, while Yahoo sports took away the Webby award for best sports website.

Perhaps the most ‘interesting’ selection of award winner at the 2007 Webbys was Icanhascheezburger? ( which shows a distressing disregard for the English language.


I canhaz a cheeseburger can’t have a spell checker

Google continued to develop areas outside of search, releasing its Google Web Security ( anti-malware and URL filtering solution for enterprises this week.

Commentators on the web have also started speculating whether or not China is finally loosening some of its stranglehold on the internet and taking out a few bricks from the great firewall after it allowed the English version of user-driven online encyclopedia Wikipedia ( to load on Chinese IP addresses. However, the changes to what can and can’t be seen on computers in China is probably more cosmetic than anything as certain ‘sensitive’ pages are still blocked and the Chinese-language section of the website is yet to get recognition in the middle kingdom.

Wholesale dropshippers ebay retailers and e-commerce online electronic shop owners also got a wider selection of products to dropship when Chinavasion launched its range of wholesale mobile phones.

Chinavasion on the World Wide Web

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Author xlxmarketing 15.5.2008. | 12:38
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