Chinavasion Launches New Wholesale Mobile Phone Category, Breaking News

Author xlxmarketing 14.5.2008. | 19:47

Are you tired of lugging around an MP4 and a mobile phone? Do you like iPhone’s and BlackBerry’s touchscreen technologies but think the price is on the high side? Well then you’ll be excited by Chinavasion’s new range of wholesale mobile phones and mobile phone wrist watches which all come with the quality and features you would expect from a smart phone but for a lower cost.

Chinavasion Wholesale, Wholesale Mobile Phones

Chinavasion strengthened its position as China electronics wholesale market leader today by launching a brand-new range of wholesale mobile phones and mobile phone wrist watches.

Consumers have been extremely interested in smart phones recently, which has largely fuelled the success of smart multimedia phones like the Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry.

But while this market used to be dominated by big name brands like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorolla recent developments have seen China mobile phone manufacturers now producing well-constructed smart GSM and 3G mobile phones.

This has had two effects. It has made smart phones more accessable to consumers and created a fantastic opportunity for eBay traders and electronics importers.

super cool mobile phone wrist watch

Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen

Just some of the fantastic, high quality wholesale mobile phones and watch phones you can expect to find at Chinavasion.

Chinavasion’s PR manager Rose Li said many of the company’s customers had already expressed an interest in purchasing Made In China mobile phones from Chinavasion and the company was very proud to be able to launch the eagerly-awaited wholesale mobile phone category.

“Hundreds of customers have been asking us when we were going to start stocking mobile phones,” said Rose Li.

“We wanted to make sure that the phones we entered the market with were the best made, best featured and best-priced phones available.”

According to Rose Li, online mobile phone shop owners who used Chinavasion’s wholesale cell phone range would be able to stay ahead of competitors. As they would be selecting from mobile phone watches and wholesale mobile phones] with cutting edge features like touchscreen technology and multimedia capabilities.

Chinavasion’s catalog manager Hamish Cartwright was especially excited about the number of wholesale mobile phones with touchscreen technology on lists as it added to resale values for eBay traders and online electronic store owners.

According to Hamish Cartwright, end users would also be very interested in the multimedia capabilities of Chinavasion’s wholesale mobile phones; capabilities that have been made popular by Apple’s iPhone and RIMs Blackberry.

“Customers want mobile phones that serve multiple purposes so we will ensure that all of the wholesale mobile phones on Chinavasion give customers the best multimedia experience available,” said Hamish Cartwright.

According to Chinavasion’s Rose Li, the company’s no minimum order quantity policy, stringent quality control program and industry-leading drop shipping program meant eBay powersellers and online electronics shop owners could take advantage of the fantastic new opportunities this new category offered without damaging their seller reputation.

“At Chinavasion, we don’t just want our customers to be happy we want their customers to be happy too. That is why we offer wholesale mobile phones at western quality for China prices.”

Author xlxmarketing 14.5.2008. | 19:47
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    Good but how much is the phone and how do we get it.

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