Chinavasion Bring The World To Your Hands With A New ‘Portable GPS’ Range

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Chinavasion Wholesale Portable GPS

New GPS Technology Brings You The 21st Century’s First Major Electronic Breakthrough: The Portable GPS

Getting lost is terrible. You’re annoyed, confused and running late. But now it’s possible to avoid getting lost ever again and a whole lot more. Read on to find out how.

These days we’re more mobile than ever. Be it the mobile office, phone or even netbook; we demand that our tech-gadgets are up to the task of being supremely mobile. So how would you feel if you could lighten the load by replacing your bulky and out-dated maps, MP4 player and even car DVD with one compact, handheld Portable GPS?


The World In Your Hands

Portable GPS: The World In Your Hands
It’s time to consign your dog-eared road atlas and dusty old A-to-Z to the 20th Century dustbin of obsolecense. We’ve seen the future and it’s the Portable GPS!

Why does the portable GPS spell the end for traditional maps?

  • The Portable GPS can be loaded with any map of any location, as the entire world is covered by GPS navigation satellites. Check out Chinavasion’s article: GPS Explained, where we tell you how and where to get these maps.
  • The Portable GPS can advise you of your best, or preferred route in real time.
  • The Portable GPS can direct you to places of interest such as hospitals, hotels and petrol stations at the touch of a button

So paper maps are now in the past, but there’s more…


A Whole Lot More Than Just Maps

Portable GPS systems are far beyond only being a navigation tool. Today’s Portable GPS are top-spec media players too that laugh in the face of MP4 players, iPads and even car DVD systems! These little powerhouses will effortlessly play music, movies and even act as ebook readers and all of this in your pocket!


7 Inch Touch Screen GPS Navigator (FM Transmitter, Bluetooth) [CVMF-CS34] Road Warrior 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD Player with GPS + DVB-T [CVGX-C38]

The Big Small Question: Portable GPS Or Car DVD?


The Portable GPS with larger 6 and 7″ screens are also a super alternative to Car DVD players, offering very nearly the same functionality, but at a great value price! Read our tech guru Michael Wong’s Handheld GPS VS. Car DVD blog to find out a lot more on the why’s and wherefore’s of GPS before you take the plunge.


How Do I Get GPS Software For My New Portable GPS?

A good question and one that’s been answered for you by the team here at Chinavasion! Follow this link to explore our GPS Explained article.


A Nice Little Earner

We invite you to start sourcing high quality Portable GPS from your wholesale Chinese partner – Chinavasion. With their functionality and great value you’ll be on to a winner! Many of Chinavasion’s Portable GPS usually sell at a low, low wholesale price of around only US$100!


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Author xlxmarketing 28.7.2010. | 08:00
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