What are the differences between the iPhone 15 series models?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.9.2023. | 19:01

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In this digital age, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Apple, a frontrunner in technological advancements, consistently aims to push boundaries and provide users with groundbreaking devices. With the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, Apple introduces a range of new product parameters and advantages that redefine the smartphone experience. Like the previous generation iPhone 14 series, the new generation of Apple mobile phones also has four models, and the appearance is more similar. The configuration difference is not too big, but it is not a lot. Consumers who plan to buy a new Apple phone are very confused. They don't know the specific differences between these four new Apple phones, and they don't know which one to buy. Next, I will take you to comprehensively sort out their differences.

These four new Apple models are iPhone15, iPhone15 Plus, iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro Max. First, let's take a look at their similarities. All four new models have enabled the smart island design, and all series have switched to USB- The C charging port and the rear main camera are both 48 million pixels in size. However, even these similarities are actually slightly different when broken down. Let's take a detailed look at the differences between these four phones.

1. Appearance and screen
 This time, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have adopted a smart island design, but they still only have a rear dual-camera matrix. The body is made of aluminum metal with a melted glass back. The mute button still has the previous sliding design. There are five colors in total. As for iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro Max, in addition to the smart island design, they also have a rear three-camera matrix. The body is made of thin and light titanium metal with a matte texture glass back panel, and the mute button has been changed to a push-type and supports automatic definition.

2. The screens of iPhone15 and iPhone15 Plus are 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches respectively. Their peak screen brightness reaches 2000nit, but unfortunately the screen refresh rate is only 60Hz. This is really a pity. In comparison, iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro The screen quality of the Max is much higher. Their screen sizes are also 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, but they both support 120Hz adaptive high refresh rate and constant display, so their battery life is relatively stronger.

3. Performance and imaging
 The processor of iPhone15 and iPhone15 Plus is Apple A16, which is the same as the previous generation iPhone14 Pro series. Only the higher-end iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro Max are equipped with the latest Apple A17 processor, which adopts 3nm process technology. According to Apple's introduction, its performance is twice that of the A16 and its efficiency is four times that of the A16. It has a 16-core neural engine, as well as dedicated ProRes, Pro display engine and AV1 decoder engine.

There is also a huge gap in imaging capabilities. Although the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have a 48-megapixel main camera, the dual rear cameras still limit their capabilities. As for the iPhone 15 Pro, it uses a 48-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel super wide-angle and 12-megapixel The combination of pixels and 3x telephoto, while the iPhone15 Pro Max uses a combination of 48 million main cameras + 12 million ultra-wide-angle macro + 12 million 5x periscope telephoto, which can achieve 5x optical zoom, and there are three directions of anti-shake.

4. Other
 In addition to the differences mentioned above, they also have some minor differences. Although iPhone15 and iPhone15 Plus use USB-C charging ports, they only support USB2.0, while iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro Max support USB3. 0, the transmission speed can be up to 20 times, and although these two high-end models also have smart island designs, the screen borders are narrower, which is also an upgrade.

Among these four new phones, if you like big screens and high-power zoom photography, you can directly choose iPhone15 Pro Max. If you don't take many photos and like to use the big screen to watch TV shows, then iPhone15 Plus is more suitable. If you pay more attention to cost-effectiveness , then the iPhone15 Pro will be the most worth buying among the new models. If you have a low budget and are looking for a low price, then there is no need to worry about buying the iPhone15 directly. Which new Apple model do you prefer?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.9.2023. | 19:01
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