Mothers Day Great Gadget Gift Ideas Part Two

Author xlxmarketing 3.5.2008. | 14:37

US children, fathers, husbands and partners be warned. Mother’s Day is only a couple of days away so we’ve put together a list of cool gadgets sure to make your mom smile.

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predicted US spending for mothers day 2008

With so much on offer it’s sometimes hard to find that ideal Mothers Day gift.

So what can I give to my mom?

There are as many different gift ideas as there are mothers, something that would be suitable for an expectant mother wouldn’t be right for one who gets involved in her children’s extra-curricular activities. And what is the ideal gift for those who take their sporting lives and exercise seriously?

We here at Chinavasion have come up with some perfect gifts for the different types of moms which make the world wonderful for us to live in.

Expectant Mothers

Baby Fetal Heart Rate Monitor and Reader Doppler

Items like Fetal heart monitors can make excellent presents for expectant mothers.

One of the most amazing times for an expectant mothers is when the baby shows signs of life for the first time. The first kick, the first heartbeat can be an incredible experience as it is is a signal that there will soon be a new member to the family.

Why not give her the gift of being able to hear her child’s heartbeat with a fetal heart rate monitor which have been becoming increasingly available and affordable.

Soccer Moms

HD-DV Pocket Camcorder (Digital Video Camera - 1080P)Avatar Digital Binocular Sports and Spy Camera - Great 40x Zoom

Digital Cameras and Digital Camcorders make great gifts for moms keen on remembering their children’s achievements in sport and the arts.

If your mom seems to spend her time involved in the family’s extra-curricular activities, why not give her something to remember the time by.

After all, there’s nothing quite like having a record of the day your child scored their first touchdown or goal, or played right through a difficult piece without a mistake.

Business Moms

writers mp3 pen with rubber griphandsfree bluetooth headset left and right ear

What could be better for the woman on the go than a mp3 recording pen or hands free Bluetooth headset?

Is your mom climbing the corporate ladder? Is your mom trying to balance her work life with her family life? What would be a better gift then some tools to help her achieve her dual goals in life.

What could be a better gift than something that let her carry the necessary information around as well as keeping an audio record of what happens at meetings like this mp3 recording pen? Or something that keeps her connected to both worlds, like this hands free Bluetooth headset?

What else can the business-minded mom ask for?

Sporty Moms

Vibrating Shape Slimming BeltLED Bicycle Light Set

Is your mom always looking for the next great adventure? Get her an slimming belt or Bike light set to help her get there.

If your mom is always on the go, looking for the adventure she might be looking for gadgets are a little more sporty.

Thankfully there is any number of Mothers Day gadgets and gifts suitable for moms always looking to see what is in the great outdoors, or even those moms who like to spend their time at the gym.

Everyday Moms

digital photo frame MP4 playerwholesale digital photo frame 10.4 inch lcd screendesktop 3.5 inch digital picture frame sd card slot

Digital photo frames make great gifts for every mom.

Still baffled about what to get your mom for Mothers Day? Why don’t you give her the gift of memories and buy her a digital photo frame?

The photo frame is no longer simply a place for just one photo, digital photo frames come in large and keychain size and can show and store any number of images as well as play movie clips from camcorders, making them the ideal for any mother anywhere.

While mothers usually appreciate gestures like phone calls, or breakfast in bed on Mothers Day why don’t you do something special and get something for her that she’ll be able to use and remember you by for the entire year.

After all with Chinavasion’s wholesale prices you’re sure to find something that will make her smile at a price that you can afford.

Author xlxmarketing 3.5.2008. | 14:37
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