Mothers Day Great Gadget Gift Ideas Part One

Author xlxmarketing 3.5.2008. | 13:32

US children, fathers, husbands and partners be warned. Mother’s Day is only a couple of days away so we’ve put together a list of cool gadgets sure to make your mom smile.

Mothers Day in the US is generally a time when families and husbands thank and honor the women in their lives for the contribution they have made all year.

Another year has passed again and it’s not too far till Mothers Day again, a time when the cash registers are rung, phone calls are made and people all over the US take the times out of their busy lives to recognize the contribution their wives and their mothers have made to the world.

While some disgruntled males may view Mother’s Day in the US as yet another Hallmark holiday, something created only for retailers; Mothers Day was actually first celebrated in the UK before being suggested as an occasion in the US by peace activist Anna Jarvis, as another way to put an end to the American Civil War.

Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, was largely responsible for the inception of Mothers Day but was less than thrilled at the commercialism factor that had been tied into Mothers Day in later years.

US retailer trade body, The National Retailers Federation (, said that last year US citizens spent an average of $139 per person on Mothers Day. Three billion dollars of the total $15.8 billion went on a special meal at a restaurant while a significant amount went on consumer electronics with shoppers spending $1.2 billion on something special for mom.

Click here for Part Two of Chinavasion’s special Mother’s Day blog where we’ll show you exactly what people are spending their money on for Mothers Day and give you some great gift ideas for your mom.

Author xlxmarketing 3.5.2008. | 13:32
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