Chinavasion And The Search For The Android Smartphone Apps

Author xlxmarketing 23.8.2010. | 09:00

Got an android Smartphone? Wondering how to find the latest cool apps on the ‘net for it? Read on for Chinavasion’s guide to the best online Android app stores.

It seems like ages now since Android Smartphones were released onto the market in late 2008, but in comparison to Apple with its all-encompassing ‘iTunes’ offering a plethora of apps and other media, Google’s service is somewhat lacking with an absence of a dedicated app store.

If you’ve just laid out on a shiny new Android smartphone or are considering one (good choice by the way!) and were expecting to wow your iPhone-owning mates with a bunch of cool apps, don’t despair as we can assure you that the apps are out there!

Of course before you start hunting for Android apps you need an Android Smartphone! Well, Chinavasion have an awesome, new smartphone just for you. Read on:


Weild true power in your hands: the Excalibur!

Behold the Excalibur 3G Android Smartphone from Chinavasion! This phone is a beast, well worthy of the name of King Arthur’s mythical sword. The Excalibur gives you the perfect Google Android user experience with a huge 3.2 inch touchscreen, Wifi, Email, Facebook, Widgets and comes with an integrated 2MP camera and camcorder.

The Excalibur Android Smartphone comes with the open source Android OS which means you can get loads of free apps from the Android app sites we’re going to look at later. Among the software and related features you can run on the Excalibur are such favourites as; WiFi, Facebook, GPS, Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN connection along with SMS, Email and MMS notifications.

With the Excalibur 3G Android Smartphone you can enjoy mobile phone media like never before. You can view anything you want in both landscape and portrait viewing thanks to the built in g-sensor, which is extremely handy for watching videos, browsing the net, or reading PDF documents or eBooks.


You’ve got your Android Smartphone, now where are the Apps?

For now Android Smartphone owners will have to make do with the different app stores that have sprung up all over the internet, but the ‘net’s a big place, right? Where can you find them? Well, at Chinavasion we’ve never been ones to be accused of not keeping our finger on the gadget pulse and, seeing as our own range of Android Smartphones is increasing all of the time, we’ve done the leg-work for you and scoured the ‘net for the best Android app sites currently available. Read on to see our favourite 6:

Android Market

Android Market

Android Market is probably the most popular online source for Android apps right now. It’s very simple, allowing you to search for ‘featured,’ ‘top free’ and ‘top paid’ apps. Each app has lovely, big screenshots and a short blurb. Downloading is slightly less convenient than other sites, click on the app maker’s website link (which is above the app’s screenshots) and follow their instructions. Find them at:




Andappstore is a simple, clear site. Across the top bar you can select the usual categories, such as new apps, popular apps and category by category. Each app features a screen shot and a short description. On the downside choice seems fairly limited, but positively downloading is convenient with the option to download directly or use QR codes. Find them at:




Androlib certainly deserves a mention. It’s totally searchable and has a wealth of apps for every different purpose you can think of! It also has user reviews, some video demos, good screenshots and convenient QR codes for download. The site itself is not as well organised as some others though, and therefore it seems a bit slow. The app blurbs aren’t always the best either, so making your decision is a little more difficult here than on other sites. Find them at:


101 Best Android Apps

101 Best Android Apps

This site is a good choice as it’s very thorough, giving you heaps of different categories that you can sort apps into, a choice of best rated over time (such as ‘this month’) and even a ratings system so you can give apps the thumbs up or down! It also features a blog and search bar. The information and screen shots on each app are also more in-depth than other sites and really help you to make a decision. Downloading is convenient as it happens directly through the site. Find them at:


Android Zoom

Android Zoom
Android Zoom is our favourite app-hunting source. It’s pretty similar to 101 Best Android Apps in that there are many convenient options for you to sort your apps by, such as newest, most popular, free and paid. However it benefits from a very clear page layout and probably the most convenient downloading options (as it has QR codes, direct download from site AND download links which can be sent directly to your mobile phone). We also liked the video reviews of some of the apps. Find them at:




Appbrain is a beautifully designed site and also quite a thorough source of apps, with the same kind of ways to categorise the apps you’re looking for as already seen. It differentiates itself from the likes of ‘Android Market’ by featuring ratings and reviews for each app. If you join as a member you can even share the apps you’ve gathered here with your friends. Downloading requires a sign in through Google which isn’t as convenient as some. Find them at:

In case you were wondering, there are different ways to download new apps for your Android phone.

  • You can download them from the internet by just clicking the link given and following the instructions
  • You can get a direct download link sent to your phone’s email
  • You can use a QR code scanner (with your phone’s camera) to take a picture of each app’s QR code and then follow the on-screen prompts to download the app


Here is an example QR code, try it and see what happens!


Of course, other Android app sites are available. A search on Google is all it takes to bring up plenty, so if there are any that I haven’t included here which you believe are particularly good, then feel free to suggest them to the readers in the comments for this blog!

Author xlxmarketing 23.8.2010. | 09:00
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  1. Kevin August 24, 20:02

    Yeah. The android market(the 1st one on your list) is the ‘official’ android app store. A shortcut to it always gets preloaded onto the big name manufacturers phones.

  2. rona August 25, 17:18

    Wow, chinavasion is so up-to-date! You have android products now, i love it so much.

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