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Security cameras are now more common place than ever and the industry has been booming over the past few years. There are a host of different cameras, from home IP security systems to high end professional models for secure facilities. As the technology is becoming more user friendly and easier to set up, many people are taking the plunge and picking up great quality cameras for monitoring their home, office, family and even pets. With so many people now using easy to set up IP security cameras, and such a wide choice of cameras to pick from, finding the correct camera for your needs can be a daunting task. Here is a list of some key features you should be aware of and look for when buying a security camera.


Night vision or low light viewing

The lower a camera’s lux rating the better its ability is to see in the dark. If you want a camera that can work 24/7, that can peer into total darkness then you need to check for a zero lux rating. Most cameras will be having two lux specifications, one for color and the other for black and white. You should also check for the built in IR illuminators. If you’re using the security camera in combination with security lighting then you can go with a 0.01 lux rating or for a starlit night a 0.001 lux.

Size and Style

Do you want people to know they are being watched or for your cameras to go unnoticed? Many times just the visual presents of a camera is enough to make would be thieves thing again, in which case a larger more obvious camera could be ideal. If you’re looking for something more covert then a sleeker more compact design that can be subtly hidden from view could be what’s required.


Often the hardest part of installing a modern IP camera is the need for routing cables for power and data, especially with outdoor cameras. Even wireless cameras need to be connected to a power supply. At least laying one cable is easier than two and fortunately at Chinavasion there are a large range of indoor and outdoor IP cameraswith wireless options available in both categories. Also, in recent years solar energy technology helped developping solar-powered cameras and that makes it even easier to make the camera fully wireless.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Some IP cameras are limited to being focused on just one spot. This is fine if your intended use is to cover a cash register or doorway. However if you would like to monitor a large area such as a parking lot or warehouse then selecting a camera with Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) functions will allow it to monitor a wider area and to even zoom in so as to capture greater detail over larger distances.

Internet Access

Having internet access on a security camera will allow you to view the footage remotely. This means you can check what’s happening by simply logging into a webpage or a host network, and allows you to check security 24/7 without having to be physically on site. With internet access you can check the office, yard or front door from any location you like. Many of the cameras available from Chinavasion have Android or iOS compatible apps so you can even control and view the footage from your tablet or phone as well.


Recording abilities

Whether its pesky teenagers, toilet papering your house or people of a more nefarious nature, they are most likely going to strike when there’s no one around. For this reason, investing in a camera with recording abilities can mean the difference between catching a thief or them escaping unpunished. There are a growing number of cameras that have motion detection and alarm settings as well, that can be set up to start auto recording if they detect anything out of the ordinary.


Picture quality

IP cameras with web access that can broadcast to your phone are all well and good but if the picture quality is poor then the images will be of no use whatsoever. Make sure you check that the camera you get is good enough for the job. 720p or above should provide you with quality images and if you’re going to be viewing them on your phone, check that the camera uses suitable compression such as H.246 that allows for compression and transmission of high quality images with loss of image quality. 

For more on picture quality you can see out blog explaining security camera resolutions.


Weather resistance

If you’re going to be using the camera outside then unless you live in a desert you probably want to ensure any camera you purchase will be protected from the elements. Look for a waterproof rating of such as IP65 to ensure your camera will be up to the job and not be damaged or put out of commission by the weather.


Whatever your security camera needs are, or you might need some other security and surveillance needs, be sure to check out the Chinavasion web store for a wide range of options at the best prices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.9.2022. | 15:11
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