eBay Resellers: Avoiding The Nightmare Before Christmas 2010 (Part 2)

Author xlxmarketing 11.8.2010. | 09:00

Calling all dropship resellers! Don’t get caught in the nightmare before Christmas with part 2 of Chinavasion’s (admittedly early) guide to achieving maximum yuletide profits and having yourself a very merry Christmas.


In part 1 we spoke about the importance of Christmas to any retailers, and dropshippers and ebay retailers are no different. This is the time of year that you need to be well-prepared for in order to make the maximum profits and Chinavasion are here to help!

Early Preparation!
In terms of seasonal snags we’ve already covered researching probable hot sellers for next Christmas and getting enough of them into stock in time not to leave your customers disappointed come the big day. However, there are more.

  • Get to grips with shipping

Shipping - Santa Style
We don’t all have the convenience of a magical airborne sleigh, team of reindeer and the ability to zoom down people’s chimneys, but there are some ways in which we can guarantee that our products end up under lots of Christmas trees on the 25th. Read on to see how.


Having enough stock of your own products is the first key to avoiding delays that we’ve discussed, but you’ll want to start encouraging your customers to buy early to avoid the rush.

You know how you’re told the last posting day before Christmas on the news? Well, sending packages is no different, but may frankly need longer than letters! You can check very easily on the net to find your country’s Christmas schedule, but as a rule (for posting packages) it’s often around 10 days before Christmas.

Don’t wait for your customers to place orders on time! Actively tell them in advance when, roughly, they should place an order by so as to get their package before Christmas! Your eBay/online store should also feature a disclaimer against late delivery.

You might send them a mail merge, put a comment up on your eBay store or even send text messages or a letter; but warn them! In this way you will be perceived as more professional and avoid any complaints or bad feedback from customers who placed an order a little too late and didn’t receive their package until after Christmas.

Warn Customers In Good Time To Avoid Disappointment

  • Keep A Stock Of Accessories

This is one for boxing day and beyond. Once all of the presents are unwrapped, in the chaos of the festive period your customers may well lose/break/mislay various accessories and they’ll be immediately in touch with you asking for more.

You can always contact Chinavasion Support who will help you to order new or replacement accessories, but you and your customers will have to wait for them to be delivered from China.

However, with a little foresight, you can avoid this delay and offer better customer service by keeping a stock of common accessories such as batteries, styluses and USB cables. So if you’re selling cameras, for instance, you could keep a few extra SD cards and USB cables in stock so you can send them out quickly and keep the Christmas cheer going that little bit longer.

Keep A Stock Of Accessories And You Can Relax

Ok, so you’ve researched hot tech gadgets, brought in stock and accessories, reminded your customers to order early and are now ready to sit back with a well-deserved mince pie and glass of egg-nog. Well Christmas is coming early for you! Read on to get an exclusive sneak peak at 2010’s hot tech gadgets!

Chinavasion’s 5 hot Christmas 2010 tech gadgets

I’ve had a word with Santa and he told me to look out for:

    • RC TOYS – always a favourite with kids and adults alike and 2010 promises to be no different. Choose from racing cars, to helicopters and even wall-climbing bugs! We’re all young at heart, so make your customers’ inner child’s (or actual children’s) Christmas wishes come true with Chinavasion’s RC Toys!




  • PORTABLE DVD SYSTEMS – In today’s digital age everyone likes their movies on demand, whether you’re in the park, coffee shop or bus. But do you feel tired carrying around your bulky laptop, or a little worried that such a high-value piece of equipment might get lost or broken whilst you’re out and about? Chinavasion’s Portable DVD Systems are a good-value, lightweight solution that you won’t be afraid to slip into your backpack and handbag – movies on the go just became convenient!



  • USB GADGETS – These USB Gadgets are the ultimate stocking fillers for tech-heads! Be it a digital microscope, GPS dongle or flash drive; Chinavasion have got so many cool USB tech-gadgets that even Santa’s sack would struggle to hold them all! They’re available at amazing Chinavasion value too, so remember to slip a few under your tree this Christmas!



  • Digital Photo Frames – People love memories, but gone are the days of printed photographs in albums. Bring your joyful Christmas memories into the 21st Century with Chinavasion’s range of Digital Photo Frames. Ranging from pocket-sized to a mighty 12″ and with music and even video functionality, anyone who loves photos would be delighted to unwrap one of these this Christmas! They sold strongly last year and will again be popular.


2010's Hot Tech-Gadget Picks

The final word

Take care this Christmas!

We all hope that we will avoid crimes such as burglary, but statistically it’s far more common in December and January; as thieves hope to cash in on our Christmas goodies bought with our own hard-earned. It may therefore seem odd to talk about Security Equipment in relation to Christmas, but how would you feel if your home was unfortunately broken into after Christmas and all of the gifts were stolen?

Worry not, as Chinavasion have a full range of Security Cameras, biometric locks and even security boxes, to deter bad-guys from ruining your Christmas.

Catch Burglars Red-Handed With A Security Camera, Or Maybe Even A Glimpse Of Santa Himself!

Author xlxmarketing 11.8.2010. | 09:00
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