You’re Doing It Wrong! 10 Ways To Lose Money On eBay (Part 1)

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Don’t forget to check out Part Two of this blog to see the final five eBay FAILS. You owe it to yourself!
Buying and selling has never been easier thanks to the introduction of eBay. With hundreds of millions of eBay sellers to choose from, buyers can just search for their item, look for the best price, and click “buy it now”. Within those 3 simple steps, however, are many things sellers need to do in order to satisfy both the customer and eBay. Here are 10 ways you could be doing it wrong:

1) You don’t answer questions sent by potential customers and customers

The biggest problem resellers/dropshippers have is needing to answer customer questions about products they know little about or numerous general enquiries.

This Spells Trouble!
With Chinavasion, it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do – just forward their questions to our customer support team at! It doesn’t matter if it’s about a certain feature, function, shape, color, size, etc, just send them to us and our 24/7 team will respond back to you within 24 hours so you can get back to your customers and help them make a decision about buying your item.

2) You don’t post good titles

A Good Example Of A Bad Title
So you’re selling a “CVOR-M96 Phone” – yep, love those things. Too bad for you potential customers probably have no idea what it is and, unless they’re really curious, will probably just ignore your uninspiring listing.

So how do you pick a great, eye-catching title? Thankfully, Mr. Harrison was able to provide us with a detailed, fail-proof blog to spice up your product listings. Click here to get clued up on how to write really eye-catching titles.

Of course, the description is equally important, don’t miss Chinavasion’s description masterclass. Then pretty soon you’ll have the customers hanging on your every word!

3) You don’t have your listed item ready/available in stock

Being the cool company that we are, Chinavasion usually has plently of backstock available in order to fulfill any customer needs. Under normal situations, that is.

We can’t be responsible if Obama suddenly endorses our amazingly cheap 3G Android phones and everyone in the world gets one – leaving you, the dropshipper/reseller with nothing in your hand and your eBay auction time still ticking down.

Keep Items In Stock At Busy Times!
Long story short, stuff happens. So the best way to combat a shortage of capital is:

  • A) Always have a couple on hand, even if that means preordering 2 weeks before you actually plan on auctioning the item.
  • B) Keep in contact with your supplier and see if they have a delisted RSS feed to subscribe to. Like the Chinavasion stock update.
  • C) If all else fails, talk to your customers. Don’t leave them in the dark, let them know that shipping might be delayed a bit, but everything is just dandy. That might pacify their anger. A little.

4) You don’t work out shipping costs or provide a shipping calculator

Surprises are great, unless that surprise is an extra $30 in shipping fees billed to your customer. Customers like to know (read: need to know) how much they’re paying in total; so do yourself a favor by making shipping costs, or even a shipping calculator, available beforehand.

Not sure how? Fear not, once again Chinavasion is here to help! Have a look at our blog on claculating shipping costs.

5) You don’t take clear pictures of your item

Not a problem if you’re using Chinavasion’s pictures (which are taken by professional photographers), but if you prefer to use your own, make sure the pictures accuractly represent what the product is/can do. Yes, that resonance speaker does have a detachable tail. No, it is not a major selling point and you should not dedicate 10 pictures to it. Especially not while using your phone’s 0.3MP camera to take them!

Would You Buy Based On This?
Check the product pictures on to see what you should be aiming for.


Don’t forget to check out Part Two of this blog to see the final five eBay FAILS. You owe it to yourself!

Author xlxmarketing 21.7.2010. | 10:00
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