Spy Surveillance Cameras, A Revealing Insight Into Things Your Customer Really Wants To Know, Pt. 2

Author xlxmarketing 16.4.2008. | 15:27

Find out which details people want to find out about when purchasing spy surveillance equipment, Learn how to add details to your security product description to maximize sales or read here for a look at part one of this blog which looks at the reasons people go online to buy a surveillance camera and how you can benefit from it.

selecting a security set up

One of the biggest concerns customers have with shopping online is trust… they are subconsciously afraid they will be ripped off, or the products will be faulty. The more a customer trusts a site the more probable it is he or she will buy from it.

This is especially the case for people on the market for surveillance equipment as they are purchasing spy surveillance cameras and surveillance equipment because of trust concerns

So what does this mean if your selling spy surveillance cameras?

Essentially what it means is that when you write your product descriptions instead of just writing a long list of numbers you’ll be able to get more sales by giving the customer the camera’s capabilities and limitations.

So instead of just putting “0.001 lux – 400 lux” into the product specifications put “will capture images in any light conditions” into the description.

How do you turn a bunch of numbers into a description? Here’s some detail explanations which may help.

Information about the surveillance camera your customer wants to know

As the major component of a system which surveillance camera a person buys is one of the major decisions they are likely to make. As a result the more you tell them about the camera and its installation the more likely the sale will be.

Weatherproof Night Vision CCTV Super HAD Sony CCD Camera

Cameras with infra red lamps are often a popular item with people who want a camera that will give them colors while working in low light conditions.

  • The level of light it can work in
    • The light meters in security cameras is measured in the lux scale (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lux), which is a measure of light in a squared meter.
    • The lowest level on the scale is a 0.0001 lux for the light on an overcast moonless light while the maximum would be 100000 lux for light on a bright, clear day. Translating lux figures into what the camera is capable of will show the customer exactly where they can use the camera and turn them into a repeat customer.
  • Color vs black and white
    • Color cameras are becoming more common now as they become cheaper to make however (good news for people with stores who need to identify people like “the guy in the red t-shirt”), they are still not the best option for dark areas, with black and white cameras being able to operate in lower light situations.

    • However, a number of color cameras with infra red lamps are emerging on the market which allow the camera to operate in low levels of light while still showing things in color.
  • What speed will the camera be able to operate at, how jerky will the picture be?
    • The speed the camera records material in is called Frames Per Second. This is how many frames, or pictures, will be recorded in a single second. Television and YouTube shows images at 25 fps or more however, doing this all the time on a camera can take up a lot of space. Cameras with a slower fps rating will produce less storage-consuming footage but will produce a more jerky feed that could potentially mean you miss out on important details.
    • When writing your description, mentioning the frames per second in conjunction with the memory capacity it uses for cameras with low low fps rates, and the quality of images, for cameras with high fps rates, will help persuade customers that you know what you’re talking about and are worth buying from.
  • Can you sell cameras with sound?
    • Due to the increased interest in hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras, more commonly known as nanny cams (perhaps for the main reason they’re purchased), more and more people want cameras that also record sound.
    • While this is a major reason for purchasing a camera it’s wise to add a disclaimer to your description, or somewhere else in the site warning people that in many states, sound recordings taken off video cameras are inadmissible in a court of law

  • PAL or NTSC?
    • While an increasing number of receivers will handle both PAL and NTSC feeds it is important you tell your customers what type of camera it is and putting a disclaimer on products stating your customer should check which type of television they work with in their country and make sure it is compatible with that particular camera. By doing so you will reduce the number of requests for refunds and improve overall customer satisfaction

    Information about the other components your customer wants to know

    Your customers don’t only have to capture the footage they have to store it or monitor it as well and this is often an area not looked at too carefully by customers.

    Four Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder

    While more expensive than VCR cassettes a DVCR system like this one will generate more customer satisfaction in the long run

    • Tape vs digital
      • While there is still a strong demand for surveillance equipment which records onto VCR cassettes this is a declining market as, beside the space issues that come up when considering where to store all that tape there are equipment maintenance and tape longevity issues to address as well.
      • Cassette tape deteriorates as soon as it has been used and will be able to relied upon less and less the more it is stored, it also leaves residue chemicals in hardware, resulting in regular maintenance to be done on surveillance equipment in order to keep it in tip top shape.
      • DVR, or digital video goes onto a hard disk and will remain at a high quality almost indefinitely. When marketing DVR recorders it might be wise, instead of talking about the Gigabytes of memory it can store, talk about how many hours of footage it can hold.

    • Is a TV monitor OK to use?
      • A line of specialist monitors are always worth listing as television monitors are not designed to take the long term use and are likely to break down before too long.

    What about outdoor surveillance cameras?

    If you customers want to catch up on what’s happening in their driveway (and, like Chinavasion see if the UPS pickup truck has arrived) then they’ll need a surveillance camera that’s more like this

    When you are marketing outdoor equipment be sure to mention that the camera is waterproof and that it has an automatic aperture as it is likely to have to deal with a wide range of situations and will need to accordingly vary its aperture to guarantee it transfers the clearest images.

    Hidden spy cameras

    Motion Detection Wall Surveillance DVR - 1/4 Inch CCD + IR LightWired Pinhole Videocamera with DVR - Mini Spy Extension CameraCovert Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock + Receiver w/LCD

    The spy camera can be hidden in almost everything these days making hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras a powerful tool when checking up on caregivers

    Information on hidden spy camera items is pretty much the same as normal cameras, although placement of the camera and securing the camera take more of importance.

    By giving your customer a greater degree of information you will get more sales and build a larger, and more reliable customer base. So what are you waiting for, Check out Chinavasion’s wide range of excellent spy surveillance cameras and surveillance equipment today and see how you can make serious money utilizing Chinavasion’s tried and tested dropshipping service.

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Author xlxmarketing 16.4.2008. | 15:27
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