Spy Surveillance Cameras, A Revealing Insight Into Things Your Customer Really Wants To Know, Pt. 1

Author xlxmarketing 15.4.2008. | 19:27

Are you selling survellance equipment, outdoor surveillance cameras, wireless spy cameras and the everyday general surveillance camere online, either through an online auction site like eBay or at an online store? Then you can’t miss these insider secrets on things customers are likely to ask about Spy surveillance cameras and equipment and how you can answer them.

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Attention, attention! The apocalypse has almost arrived!

Well… not really, but looking at the market for spy surveillance cameras and surveillance equipment you wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what many of the world’s population thought

World interest in personal security and property has rocketed, European research firm, Frost and Sullivan released a report on the surveillance equipment market in a report on the European surveillance equipment market (security.tekrati.com/research/8756/) which showed that European CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment market earned revenues of US$1.42 billion in 2005 and this was estimates to rise to US$1.94 billion in 2012

With a shortage of security installation specialists, bricks and mortar stores, or the high cost of wireless surveillance cameras and surveillance equipment it’s not surprising that most small to medium-sized business, and many home owners have turned to online store owners and to eBay traders for supplies.

wireless home surveillance night vision cameraWireless control home and office security systemIP Camera with Sony super HAD CCD

Terrorist attacks, rising crime levels, and government campaigns have put items like this wireless surveillance camera set, this wireless home and office alarm system and this IP Camera high on the shopping list for many people.

While people are going online to purchase security devices it doesn’t mean that all of them are knowledgeable in the world of the surveillance camera and the outdoor surveillance camera and you may have to work a little harder to make sure they get the results they want to guarantee they become repeat customers.

To begin with you’re going to have to determine what customers want an outdoor surveillance camera, or surveillance camera, for and make some changes to category information accordingly:

  • Deter people from stealing, harming you and your family and/or damaging property
    • Normal cameras, bullet cams, dome cams and PTZ cams
  • Monitor staff or others with the view of gathering evidence against them
    • Pin-hole cameras, hidden cameras, recording devices, wireless spy cameras, wired surveillance equipment
  • Monitor a large outdoor area
    • Outdoor surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance equipment

wired or wireless surveillance cameras?

Wired surveillance equipment covers a wide range of items, possibly the largest number of security cameras surveillance equipent in stocks, largely due to a superior picture quality.

Most high-quality pinhole cameras, normal security cameras, dome cameras, DVS recording systems, and surveillance-orientated monitors are connected in this manner and wired systems tend to generate a higher quality image and don’t suffer from interference nearly as much.

Wired cs mount Sony CCD security cameraWireless IP Camera (Night Vision, Motion Detection Alarm)

Items like this CS mount security camera and this vandal proof day night dome camera are likely to have a clearer picture than wireless counterparts but will take more to install.

While the feed quality from a camera with a wire connection to the monitor or recording device will be better it will be harder to install and you might want to suggest to your customers that they get a surveillance installation specialist to put the system into their home or place of business, or an electrician if there are no surveillance professionals available.

1/3 Inch Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver (PAL)wireless home surveillance kit 4 night vision cameras

Items like this 1/3 Inch Mini Wireless Camera with Receiver and this 4X BNC Wireless Audio Camera + AV Receiver – 50 Meter Range are popular sellers with end users looking for a home installation system as it can be done by themselves with the minimum of effort.

Despite being more susceptible to interference wireless systems are more likely to be attracted to a wireless system, due to it’s ease of use and installation.

Watch out for Part 2, where you will details you can add to your descriptions that will actually increase the chances of you making a sale

Author xlxmarketing 15.4.2008. | 19:27
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