How to Make Hand Sanitizers at Home to Fight the Coronavirus

Author Alex Zhang 7.8.2020. | 21:39

Coronavirus outbreak has ignited the demand for hand sanitizers, which can also be made at home without much hassle and it can surely fight against this virus.


Since the outbreak of coronavirus, everyone around is busy stacking up disinfectants and sanitizing supplies. And as a result, there is a serious shortage of hand sanitizers and other disinfectants on the market. Also, this sudden boost in the demand of hand sanitizers has led to the mass production of sanitizers by several manufacturers. However, only a few turn out to be effective and authentic.

The COVID-19 cases are increasing and so is the list of fake and adulterated hand sanitizers. Now, the question lies which brand to trust? Nothing to worry, as there’s even a better solution – make your own hand sanitizer.

Now you’re wondering how to make hand sanitizer at home so that you can effectively fight the virus. Well, here we’ll delve more about this and bring out the simplest and easiest way to make a hand sanitizer at home. But before we move on with the process of making the sanitizer, it’s important to know how effective it will be on viruses and other germs.


What Does Hand Sanitizer Actually Work On?

COVID-19 has inspired the debate about hand sanitizer and its effectiveness. Medical experts and other institutions across the world have set out guidelines for a genuine hand sanitizer. Along with this, the healthcare management bodies like WHO believes that the hand sanitizers with a minimum 60% of alcohol content are effective in killing only certain kind of germs and viruses. But in concern of coronavirus, hand sanitizer with minimum 60%-70% alcohol content is enough to kill the virus effectively. Not just this! An authentic sanitizer with 60%-70% alcohol content is strong enough to fight viruses like MRSA, influenza, SARS, Ebola, Hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, HIV, and so on. So, before you buy any other hand sanitizer, don’t forget to check the composition.

By composition, we mean that you must check whether the sanitizer has isopropyl alcohol or ethanol as its main component. In case, methanol is used in it, restrain from purchasing that sanitizer. As per a few recent researches on the hand sanitizers, it has been reported that the ones that have methanol are highly toxic. According to medical experts and agencies, the toxicity of methanol caused blindness and even death among people.

Besides, if you run out of genuine hand sanitizer, then you can always make at home. Read further to know about the procedure.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home?

In this current crisis situation, running out of hand sanitizers or any disinfectant supplies is surely a big concern. But no need to panic, as you can always make hand sanitizer at home using supplies from the drugstore and some from your own pantry. Whether you want liquid sanitizer or a gel, it’s quite easy to make at home as per the WHO guidelines. Besides, preparing the sanitizers won’t take much time as well. So let’s begin with the basic requirements followed by the procedure of making it.

As we know the primary ingredient of any hand sanitizer is isopropyl alcohol, which is easily available at any drugstore. Apart from these, you need hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and distilled water, and if you want to infuse some particular essence, you can put a few drops of some essential oils of your choice.

Well, for making a liquid hand sanitizer, the ingredients and composition are slightly different from that of the gel sanitizer. So, to make a liquid hand sanitizer as per WHO formulation, you need to go by the following steps:

· Start the process by pouring at least one full cup of pure isopropyl alcohol. By pure alcohol, we mean that it should be 99% concentrated isopropyl alcohol. Concentrated alcohol is a must for effective action against the germs and viruses; even though the sanitizer will be diluted and the concentration level will be brought down to 70%.

· Next, you need to add approximately 3% of hydrogen peroxide and 98% concentrated glycerin to the alcohol. On adding these, make sure you stir the composition well!

· Lastly, add at least ¼th cup of distilled water to dilute the composition. Stir well and pour the liquid in sterilized containers. With this, your liquid hand sanitizer is ready but don’t forget to label the containers to keep it safe and out of reach of children.

If you’re preparing liquid hand sanitizers, just be careful about the measurements, else you’ll end making a lot approximately 2.6 gallons. However, if you are planning to make enough so that it would go till a year, you can do so. Also, ensure that you store them well!

Besides, if you want to make a gel hand sanitizer then the process is a bit different. For gel hand sanitizers, you need isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oils of your choice. Unlike the liquid sanitizer, the gel sanitizer is thicker in consistency, so the concentration level of the ingredients are different.

To make a gel hand sanitizer, just follow these steps:


· Firstly, get 91% concentrated pure isopropyl alcohol and pour a cup of it in a glass container. Be particular that you get the alcohol from any reliable drugstore, as at times there are chances that it’s adulterated. Also, only use pure isopropyl alcohol, not vodka, as the concentration of alcohol in vodka is less. Definitely not adequate for hand sanitizer, or for killing viruses. So, only pure isopropyl alcohol in sufficient quantity.

· Next, pour half a cup of aloe vera gel to alcohol and mix well. Since alcohol tends to roughen the skin, using aloe vera gel can balance out on the hardness of alcohol and keeps the skin moisturized. Also, be careful that you use only natural aloe vera gel, extracted organically from the aloe plant. Natural aloe vera gel is much thicker than the ones available at stores. Also, it will help to make the sanitizer in the right consistency.

· Lastly, add a few generous drops of essential oils of your choice and whisk it well. And your gel hand sanitizer is ready. Pour them into containers and label them. But do sterilize it first!

Well, making hand sanitizers are quite easy and obviously give you proper protection against the germs. However, just hand sanitizers aren’t enough in such a dire situation. You should always keep Alcohol Wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol or Disinfection Wipe in case you suddenly run out of hand sanitizer.  

We hope with this article, you are clear on how to make hand sanitizer. Prepare your own sanitizer at home without any fussing about the quantity or price of hand sanitizers available on the market. Moreover, we also suggest you to store all necessary disinfectant and cleaning supplies, which you can get from the Chinavasion site. 

Author Alex Zhang 7.8.2020. | 21:39
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