Where to Get Wholesale Mobile Phones at Reasonable Prices

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You might need to buy phones in bulk for your cell phone business or you might want to give all your employees work phones. Whatever the reason maybe, finding a trusted supplier is a must if you decide to buy phones in bulk.


If you have a cell phone business, buying phones in wholesale might not be a new thing for you. However, you know it is tricky since all phones have to be brand new and without any defects. Since people live smartphone centric lives, the quality of the phones should be assured. Because if one customer gets a faulty device he/she will come back to you with complaints. 

Customer returns are bad for business. Therefore, you should always make sure to pick up phones from a trusted seller who assures high quality devices at the best prices. Finding legal wholesale providers of Apple iPhone and Android phones will help your business earn, grow and flourish. 

Maintaining your inventory for busy seasons like holidays is essential to enhance the reputation of your establishment. So, not only do you need a trusted cell phone distributor, you also need an updated list of inventory at your store at all times.

Here are some top distributors of the mobile phones that assure quality at best prices:


Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites that has attained popularity around the world. They have a global market and is one of the top e-commerce giants in the world.  Many manufacturers choose to put up bulk mobile phones for sale on Amazon to clear out liquidation stock. Also, some people have established their own businesses on Amazon and may choose to buy and sell their own wholesale phones. 




eBay is another popular e-commerce store chosen by people to buy stuff online. The site always has an updated list of inventory and often features deals and discounts for most of their products. These deals sometimes beat other websites.  




Swappa is an e-commerce company founded in 2010 by Ben Edwards. His aim was to create a  better marketplace for buying and selling quality mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, wearable technology, laptops, smart home technology, gaming products, digital cameras, and camera lenses. 

The site sells new and used mobile devices since 2010. In 2013, mobile software development community XDA made Swappa its official marketplace for devices. 


Global Sources

Global Sources is a business to business media company that was established almost 5 decades ago. The company’s online marketplace has a wide variety of products. 

It calls itself as reliable exporters and has a dedicated section for exporters, manufacturers, importer, wholesalers, and agents on their website. This section makes browsing easier for all businessmen looking to import, export or buy in bulk. 



Alibaba is a prominent tech giant specializing in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. Alibaba.com has 40 different major categories, including consumer electronics. The company proudly presents itself as the “leading platform for global wholesale trade.’’  

“Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in their local language, turn to Alibaba.com for all your global business needs,’’ promises the Chinese multinational company. The current coronavirus pandemic seems to be treating the company well. According to a report, Alibaba stocks have shot up nearly 25 per cent since the June 29. 

Alibaba has been a trusted wholesaler since 1999. It is also one of those companies who grew to fame quickly in the market. Since establishment it has surpassed Wal-Mart Stores as the No. 1 retailer in the world. 



Chinavasion is a popular website in China for selling reasonable and wholesale cell phones. Showcasing both Android and Apple phones, it specializes in cross-border export e-commerce and is known for their affordable prices. 



UK Mobile Wholesalers

This is one of Europe’s largest online wholesalers. Its inventory features a wide variety of new, refurbishes, faulty and used mobile phones. The website has a huge list of affordable and decent quality phones and accompanies a 30-day guarantee for second hand phones you have purchased. 



Indiamart is India’s top whole distributor of a wide variety of products. It has been established since 1999 with a mission ‘to make doing business easy’. They have over 6 million suppliers and over 67 million products and services. 



TodaysCloseout is one of the best companies in the USA where you can buy cell phones in bulk at wholesale prices. Whether you are expanding your retail mobile phone store or looking to add to your inventory to sell as an e-commerce retailer or wholesaler, you can find wholesale cell phones for sale at low prices on this platform.

It has been a trusted distributor for 18 years. It is a platform where you can buy as well as resell your products. They provide a 90-day warranty on all the products. You can also start or expand your online business on the site by registering yourself as a member. 


Things to Consider When Buying Phones in Bulk:

When you are purchasing wholesale mobile phones, make sure to take these into consideration:



1. Keep up to date knowledge of the consumer electronics industry:

Always know what is happening in the market. What are the new cell phone releases, how are the sales of major mobile phone companies and also keep an eye on all new gadgets in town. 

If there is a new phone launching and the market is buzzing with news of the phone, do your own research on the gadget. See whether your store will have customers for this phone. If so, stock up on these phones. 


2. Know the industry jargon:

To add on to closely monitoring the electronic market make sure you know all the jargons major companies and techies use to describe different technology. For instance, when you read a statement like ‘’OnePlus Nord will be powered by mid-range Qualcomm 5G chip and will have 128GB/256GB UFS 3.0 internal storage,” you should be able to instantly understand what it means. This will help compare and analyse each phone, making you a better seller and a prudent retailer. 


3. Know your supplier:

You have to know the top distributors with the best prices to keep up your profit margins. The seller also should be trusted with delivering you quality phones that are brand new and not a replica. Selling faulty phones can affect your goodwill. 


4. Run a check on your sales figures:

Carefully examine your sales regularly. Figure out which phones are being sold faster. Find out the favorite ones of people. This will help you stock up on the phones that has a good market. 


5. Find out the busiest time of the year:

Make sure you know the season that people will stream into the store. Buy phones in wholesale before the holiday season arrives. Keep a healthy inventory and make sure you get the best deal with your seller. This will help significantly improve your profit margin during the season.


When you buy wholesale phones off the internet there is always a risk involved. You might end up getting faulty phones, if you are not careful enough. For instance if you are browsing through Amazon listings you can filter the site’s search results to only show items sold by Amazon.com. This will improve the quality of the items you see and eliminate lower quality products from unknown sellers.

In case you choose to buy from an unknown seller because the price sounds more affordable to you, do exercise some caution. Make sure you read through every review posted on the website and the specifications of the products from each seller. If a seller is established he/she will have numerous positive reviews and a good rating. These reviews and ratings will help you tozero in on the right seller who has quality products in his bag. And most of all, be careful not to buy replicas of products for lower prices. 

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.7.2020. | 18:33
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