Best Workout Apps to Help You Stay Fit During this Quarantine Period

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.6.2020. | 21:04

Staying fit during this quarantine period is a challenge because visiting gyms is not quite a safe option. So, the best way to exercise is by using workout apps where there are numerous exercises to keep you fit. 

Staying indoors is not an excuse to stop exercising! While you have been all lethargic and just binge-watching all day for your entertainment, working out is equally important to keep you physically and mentally fit.

With this coronavirus pandemic, gyms and fitness centers have been shut down and surely for a good reason – jammed spaces are more prone to the spread of the virus. But this shouldn’t shift your focus from staying fit and healthy. 

We’ve had a way out to help you stay fit as a fiddle. Well, all you need are the best workout apps. You just need to download them on your phone and get ready to burn some calories. 

Dive into our list of the 5 best workout apps.

  1. Aaptiv

Missing gym and hardcore exercising under a motivating trainer? Yes, then it’s time to power up your workout regimes with Aaptiv. This is an app that can help you to stay fit during your self-isolation days. 

Aaptiv chiefly focuses on audio workouts and allows you to listen to the steps of workouts while you go at them. Besides, it provides you with a collection of more than 2500 audio workout classes to choose from. Not only that! Expert trainers instruct all of these audio workout classes. It gives you the experience of joining a personal workout session. 

Aaptiv has a customizable plan for everyone. It asks to fill in some personal information such as your fitness level. Also, it will enquire about the number of times you would prefer to workout in a day, or how many days in a week you would like to exercise. You can schedule your exercises and could also list the workout equipment you would use. This feature lets you plan your session according to your convenience. Be it meditation, yoga, pilates, or indoor cycling, there is a huge range of audio sessions on Aaptiv. 

Aaptiv offers you a 7 day free trial, after which you can decide if it’s worth for you. However, if you wish to continue, you would require paying a monthly charge.

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  1. Tone It Up

Staying away from junk food or unhealthy eating routine is tough during this quarantine period. But you can always try and stay fit by working out at home. 

Tone It Up is one such app that becomes your best friend during this time, especially if you’re a woman. It comes with a library of diverse workout routines. You can select something that fits your energy and requirements. The training that Tone It up offers include yoga, cardio, HIIT, boxing, kettlebell workout and many others. This workout app has a session for every woman out there.

Tone It Up has a number of professional fitness trainers who demonstrate the workouts step by step in videos. The length of these videos can range from 10 minutes and can last up to 40 minutes. Besides, you can also sign up for live workout classes with professional fitness trainers through this app. To make sure that you stay motivated, Tone It Up sends you daily reminders. You can try out the exercises for a month on a free trial. If you make up your mind to continue your membership, you have to pay a monthly fee.

And if you’re opting for the live workout session, make it more lively and interactive with this Loud Bluetooth Speaker from Chinavasion

  1. FitOn

Working out at home isn’t very easy, especially for fitness freaks. Most of you miss out on the motivation, focus and amenities easily available at gyms.  Moreover, there isn’t any trainer when working out at home and eventually it turns quite monotonous. If you’ve come across such a situation, then you need is the right motivational workout app. And that is none other than FitOn.

Designed specifically to motivate you to exercise regularly, FitOn is one app that has a variety of workout videos and programs which can be done at home with minimal equipment. It even fills the void of a trainer, as this app is loaded with exercise videos from some of the most popular trainers like Cassey Ho, Christine Bullock, Katie Dunlop and many more. 

Besides, FitOn app includes workout routines from HIIT, dance, Pilates, yoga and cardio. Plus, these workout videos are designed in a manner that covers different stages and timeframes.

However, what makes this app different from other workout apps is a social element attached to it. That is, you can workout with your friends on FitOn by inviting them to your classes or by scheduling exercise timings to motivate each other up. 

That’s not all! FitOn is free to download and even has specific workouts to be done just before bed or at work as well.

FitOn is just the right kind of motivation you need. So, get on your activewear and be ready to burn out some calories. And for some stylish activewear check out these Women Yoga Pants or Men Camouflage Matching Sports Trousers

  1. Nike Training Club

Have you been postponing your plans of working out for a long time? If yes, then utilize this quarantine period to get on track. It’s time for good health and fitness! Wondering how? Well, it’s possible with the Nike Training Club app. It is one of the favorite workout apps for beginners, as its freemium format allows beginners to learn in an uncomplicated way. 

Nike Training Club offers a variety of workout videos specifically curated by professional trainers keeping in mind the different strength levels. You can even choose workout sessions according to your fitness goal and the body’s core strength. It has flexible training plans and is tailored according to your needs. 

Besides, with Nike Training Club you can start training with a personalized plan that guides you, plus,  you get access to 4 to 6 week’s workout structure. Also, you can workout from the comfort of your home as Nike Training Club has a routine that fits your schedule. 

Why wait then? Download the Nike Training Club app and strive hard to reach your fitness goals. 

  1. Daily Yoga

This pandemic is quite mentally exhausting and keeping oneself motivated during this crisis is surely the most difficult thing to do. One thing that can help is regular exercise and yoga. And ever since the lockdown has been imposed, gyms and yoga centers are all shut down. But digital platforms aren’t! Yes, you can always opt for online yoga sessions or just download an app such as the Daily Yoga

We know yoga helps in easing out stress and is surely a great way to stay fit. With Daily Yoga it is a great way to start. 

From beginner to advanced level, the Daily yoga app offers numerous yoga sessions, class plans and asanas. This app includes over 50 workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay motivated. Plus, it also includes step by step instructions which guide you through every posture. This app helps you safely master even the most challenging poses like a full split or a shoulder stand or a head stand. 

Available on IoS and Android platforms, download Daily Yoga now and say yes to a fit and stress-free life.

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Since we have no idea how long this pandemic is going to last, let’s practice a healthy lifestyle and just hope for everything to go back to normal soon. 

But workouts will definitely keep a check on your mind and body, and help you survive this. With these apps, we’re sure you will be more motivated and determined to achieve your fitness and health goals. 

Stay Fit and Stay Safe! 

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.6.2020. | 21:04
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