5 Best Games to Beat Boredom During this Quarantine Period

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.6.2020. | 00:48

Games are a fun way to beat boredom, especially during coronavirus lockdown. It can relax you and keep your mind occupied.


The lockdown has lasted long enough! Most of you are getting through these long winding days with disappointing discussions on Twitter, cooking, reading books after books and watching movies after movies.

Everyone is also playing virtual games as well for some fun. To those who think games can get you addicted should also know about the benefits of playing them. That's right; every game has its merits.  If you search online for popular games, Google will immediately take you to a list, showing off games like PUBG, Clash of clans, Fortnite etc. Full of action packed suggestions!

 But, there are also numerous other games that will help you build knowledge and most of all keep your mind engagement and away from negative thoughts.

Let us dive in to find some best games that are worth having on your phone to help you cope with boredom during the lockdown.

1.     Strategy Games:


Stellaris is a roleplaying game where you are a part of a galactic empire. This PC game, available on Steam, lets you create unique and strange species belonging to the space. You can even be an intelligent but eccentric lizard. 

Stellaris greets you with mutant uprisings and robotic rebellions. This is an exploration game, where you can explore and find resources to fund your expansion. 

If you want to create a species that can sail through the stars or a species that can travel through wormholes, dream on, because anything is possible here. You can even construct the wormhole. A vast array of options ( where you can create your own universe combined with making your own decisions) makes this a unique game and a really entertaining one. 


Real Chess

You might all be familiar with Chess. Chess improves your memory power, creativity and concentration. It is one of the most recommended games for children as well as adults.

Real Chess, offered by Alien Force, is a classic game between a black and white army of Chess pieces. This app uses advanced 3D graphics and countless difficulty levels.

You can also play online with other registered users who can even be your friends. Learn and improve your chess skills this lockdown by playing with your friends or just random players online. 

Just the right game to keep your mind occupied during these trying times!

 2.     Vocabulary Building Games

Wordfeud Free

Wordfeud Free is an app where you can enjoy the popular game Scrabble. One of the many games you spent playing with your family as a child. Scrabble boosts your creativity, vocabulary, concentration and strategy skills. 

It gives you the opppotunity to play with your friends online. If you are quite the Scrabble prodigy you can play multiple games simultaneously. You also have the option to chat with your opponents while you are playing the game. 

Vocabulary Builder

This is another vocabulary building game which not only teaches you words but also its meanings. This game can be played by all 15 year old and above. 

This game has two types of quizzes; meanings quiz and the words quiz. Meanings quiz is where you will be given a meaning and you will have to figure out the word corresponding to the meaning from a list of four options.  Words quiz is where you will be given a You will have to find the word from four different options provided. The words quiz is where you have to identify the meaning of the word from the options displayed. Both these quizzes have a time period. 

The app also lets you bookmark the words that you might find tough and hard to remember. Plus, there is the word of the day to help build your vocabulary every day. 


3.     First Person Shooter 


Halo is a first person shooter game available on the PC. You can buy it off Steam for a reasonable price. The game requires you to complete missions on alien planets to pass levels. As you pass each level you go deeper into the storyline where your role is to be a Spartan soldier. 

Microsoft has finally launched the original Halo campaign on Windows PCs, the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.  Halo: Combat Evolved is the first in the video game series. You can play online multiplayer games and single player in the campaign mode.

Halo is best enjoyable with a laptop that follows the system requirements specified by the game. Laptops like Razer Blade and Asus Tuf can enhance your gaming experience.

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One of the most famous first person shooter games is Call of Duty. Can be bought off Steam for PC and can be downloaded on your Android device as well. If you are looking for an android gaming phone don’t forget to check out amazing deals on Huawei Honor 8 Play on Chinavasion.  

COD takes you into a world of intense graphics and warfare arena. Those who are addicted to PUBG on your phones, check out the Battle Royale mode in COD. The gameplay is almost the same. COD is action packed where you have a variety of modes and maps to choose from. Moreover, COD releases different seasons where you get a new skin for your character and a new gun.

You can play this game with your friends but you need either a Facebook or a Google account. This app has seen more than 100 million downloads and you can play with random online players and improve your shooting skills.


 4.     Knowledge Building

World Map Quiz

How many of you can name a country if somebody randomly points out a place in the globe? Knowing the countries and their locations can be helpful, especially for school children.

World map quiz is a game which quizzes you on the countries in the world. The game has a country mode that shows you a country on the world map which you have to identify. There are also other modes like oceans and seas, flags, capitals etc., all help you in honing your geography. 

Great way of teaching kids and keeping them occupied during the lockdown!

Wall Street Survivor

Those who have invested or are planning on investing a part of their salary in the stock market can benefit from this game. Lockdown is the best time to learn stock market basics. Investing in stocks can help you earn some extra money.

The Wall Street Survivor is a stock market gaming app that lends you $100,000 in virtual cash to invest in various stocks listed in the app. A cartoon version of stock guru Mark Brookshire advises you on your final decision by providing some rating numbers when you pick a stock.

To lend a helping hand in choosing stocks, the site has a resource library that spans beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can also choose one of the preset portfolios created by proven traders.


5.     Text Adventure Game


AI Dungeon

Some of you are mighty tellers. You might have come across the video game Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. AI Dungeon is something similar.

The game begins with a scenario. You and the AI together will continue the story. The game will ask you to pick a setting first which includes fantasy, apocalyptic, zombies etc. It then asks you to pick a character. Based on your setting you will be given choices of characters. If you picked apocalyptic you would get characters like soldier, scavenger, survivor and courier. 

You can then type down a name for your character and the game will set you a premise. You will have to continue the game by continuing the story. Hone your creativity and create a wonderful story. This can be one of the best apps to explore during those boring nights. 


Altlife is a free to download text based life simulator game. You can create any identity you like, give him/her jobs, write their entire lives. You can even own pets in your made up story.

Players can also attend college, graduate, drop out or choose to live off their rich parents. Just imagine, you can choose to be a popular boy/girl or a spoiled rich kid with a Mustang. When currently the reality is so dark, why not just have some fun in a make-believe world. 

The above mentioned games not only help you pass time but also help you gain knowledge as well. So as stressful as the lockdown may be, the best you can do is keep your spirits up and occupy your minds by doing something engaging and relaxing at the same time.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.6.2020. | 00:48
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