Bluetooth Tooth Lands April Fools Hook, Line and Sinker, Part 2

Author xlxmarketing 2.4.2008. | 16:14

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(…Continued from part 1) While you should be able to find evidence of the Bluetooth Microphone Dental Insert we thought we’d put the description here….

The ultimate bluetooth handsfree is here, an extremely small microphone is packaged with
solar panel and battery to provide the most portable unit to date.
The durable composite resin filling is designed to fit in a hole 2.2mm in diameter and 1.7 mm deep and will pick up sound and vibrations from your mouth to produce incredibly clear sound.

The earpiece is comfortable and features replaceable rubber ear grips and attractive chromed inserts. This product is compatible with all Bluetooth capable phones with Handsfree and Headset profiles. Awesome function from true nano electronics, never forget your trusty bluetooth kit ever again, simply install and forget.
Order today with confidence thanks to Chinavasions excellent wholesale prices and 12 month warranty.

Note: All dental work should be performed by a qualified dentist, Chinavasion does not take responsibility for injury resulting from the installation of this product

China Manufacturer Specification

  • Bluetooth: Version 1.2
  • Range: Up to 10m -Class 2
  • Profiles: Handsfree, Headset
  • Power Source: 1.4 Volt Li Ion Battery, with solar cell
  • Manufacturer Ref.: D3TMGKXQTDC0

Other Features:

  • Easy Pairing
  • Comfortable fit

Author xlxmarketing 2.4.2008. | 16:14
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  1. Anonymous April 24, 12:23

    A hilarious April Fools joke “product”. This product would be best used by “snap-in” denture users as the user could drill the hole in the removed dentures and Superglue the Bluetooth Tooth in! What would be better? A Bluetooth cochlear implant!

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