Best Bicycle Accessories To Buy Online For Your Safety And Comfort

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.6.2020. | 16:10

These bicycle accessories don’t just help ride comfortably, but have proved to be great safety measures as well.

Cycling is one of the few exercises you wouldn’t mind indulging in. What could be more pleasing than a bicycle ride on an overcast day, especially if you are surrounded by a lush-green environment? While for some the activity is a stress-reliever, a few others look at cycling as the best way of shedding calories and considering it as a profession.

If you belong to any of these three categories of enthusiasts or can’t imagine a routine without a bicycle, this article will prove to be quite apt. There are quite a few accessories that could prove to be great additions to your existing collection of cycling gear. 

However, a glance at the various products available currently across online platforms could probably overwhelm you, which is why we indulged in a research. Some of you looking for the best bicycle accessories online can easily rely on this list to bag products that have struck the best balance between price and quality. If you are considering cross-country cycle races after being awestruck by Lance Armstrong’s prowess, these accessories could help make riding an absolute breeze.

Bike Bicycle Cycling Waterproof Pannier Bag

8L/10L Bike Bicycle Cycling Waterproof Pannier Bag Saddle Rear Seat Carrier Portable Seat Pouch Package black_Basic models 8L

If you’ve been toying with the idea of cycling to the woods with a friend over the weekend, for that picnic you had been planning over the years, here’s an accessory you could carry along.

You could probably attach this tear-resistant, sturdy bag to the rod just beneath your saddle to stock those bottles of water and other essentials. The bag has a capacity of 8 to 10 liters and side pockets as well, which is sufficiently large to accommodate a large number of products.

The makers have included magic tape and buckles in this bag so that the bag can be effectively tied to the rear carrier. In addition, the bag also includes reflective straps that’s been included by the makers as a safety measure during night cycling.

Irrespective of whether you own a dirt bike, road bike, or any other sort of bicycle, this Waterproof Pannier Bagcan be a great add-on.

You could find this product for a really affordable price right here on Chinavasion. Better hurry, before it runs out of stock.



FIMI PALM Action Cam Stand

FIMI PALM Camera Bicycle Mount Bike Motorcycle Bracket Holder for FIMI PALM Action Cam Stand Frame Clip for GoPro Cam black

Appending cameras such as GoPro and FIMI PALM has been a common practice among a lot of cyclists worldwide today. Do you ride quite often and always regret not capturing the surroundings you traverse each day on a camera? Well, the FIMI PALM Action Cam Stand is definitely an accessory you must own. The stand can be easily clamped to rods that are as slim as 1.5 centimeters to those that span up to even 4.5 centimeters.

The interiors of the clamps include rubber mounts that could hold them firmly to the handles of your bicycle. You could find more details of the product right here. If you were just thinking of installing a cam stand on your bicycle, you couldn’t have asked for a cheaper alternative that’s high on quality too.

Bicycle Helmet

Professional Bicycle Helmet MTB Mountain Road Bike Safety Riding Helmet Glacier blue_M/L (55-61CM)

Buying accessories should never be at a cost of compromising on safety. So   before purchasing anything fancy, a top-priority should definitely be a bicycle helmet. Nothing in history has proved to be more useful in preventing the wrath of grievous head injuries than sporting a cool bicycle helmet.

There’s undoubtedly no dearth of cycling helmets across online portals today. In fact, these days you even find smart helmets which include embedded LEDs. These lights, at the back of the helmet, help commuters behind you anticipate your moves, especially if you are about to make a turn.

However, if you aren’t looking to spend a dime on a bicycle helmet, you can find various cheaper variants right here. Across colors and sizes, these accessories are quite reasonable and high on quality. Most importantly, they cater to men, women, as well as children alike.

You can opt for the MTB Mountain Road Bike Safety Riding Helmet. Made of polycarbonate and polysterene, this helmet is quite-light, offers a good degree of protection, and looks quite appealing too. It also includes 22 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channels too.

Another option that could probably be considered is the Bikeboy Riding Helmet, which is a lot sturdier. This product includes glasses as well, which protect the eyes from dust and other harmful particles during the ride. The cool Bikeboy Riding Helmet isn’t useful for just cyclists, but can also be relied on for other sport activities such as skateboarding.


Laser-Enhanced Bicycle Light

1000 Lumen Bike Light

You might have seen those kids on television embarking on an adventure on bicycles that include these lights. If you indulge in a lot of cycling after dusk, then this Laser-Enhanced Bicycle Light is definitely an accessory you must own.

This front light  includes a built-in green laser that can flash a cool-looking bicycle at least 6 meters away. Such a light definitely helps notify vehicles coming from far ahead, especially while commuting through dark, badly-lit stretches of roads.

If you are looking for some really good bicycle lights of this kind, you can find them right here on Chinavasion.  

The 1000 Lumen Bike Light, is quite affordable and really bright too, as its name aptly suggests. The outreach of this light is as long as 250 meters, which is quite impressive as compared to several other devices of its kind available today. This long range is sufficient to detect any traffic, obstructions or hindrances on one’s path.

Apart from being mounted on a bicycle, this laser-enhanced light can also be a great accessory to include in your bag packs, especially if you are intending to camp overnight or trek. In addition, it is IP68-certified and includes a durable silicone protective case, which makes it resistant to damages that could be triggered by any external environmental factor.


Waterproof Cycling Gloves

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves Outdoor Sports Hard Shell Protection Cycling Gloves Touch screen fluorescent yellow_L

Cycling isn’t really complete without sporting a pair of gloves, don’t you think? Considering the overwhelming number of glove options available across websites currently, zeroing-in on the right product may seem to be a difficult task. However, Chinavasion’s exclusive Waterproof Cycling Gloves include several noteworthy features and are quite cheap too, which makes them worth the money.

A close examination of the product or even its pictures would help you understand that a lot of though has been invested in the design of this supercool product. While the back region of the gloves is made up of Nylon and rubber, the palm area is made of microfiber. Extra layers of protection around fingertips and knuckles can prevent ghastly injuries.

Apart from cycling, these gloves have proved to be really useful for activities such as mountaineering, skiing, skating, and fishing as well. Available in different sizes, these gloves are frost-resistant, non-slip, and have good-air permeability. Most importantly, you can access your touch-screen interface with these gloves on, unlike many other similar products.

Anti-Theft Stainless Steel Bicycle Lock

Bicycle Anti Theft Stainless Steel Motorcycle Lock Bike Vehicle U Lock MTB Cycling Accessories Black U-lock + cable lock_free size

One of the biggest fears of most cyclists is imagining the thought of their favorite mean-machine being stolen. Unlike motorcycles, even some of the best bicycles today don’t really have a locking feature that can be blindly trusted.

Here’s a cool Anti-Theft Stainless Steel Bicycle Lockoption that you could probably consider.  Measuring 1200 mm in length and having a diameter of 10mm. The device comprises of a double-lock mechanism that holds two sides of the bar pretty tightly.

Copper has also been used to a large extent in the manufacture of this bicycle lock, which speaks volumes about the product’s durability. The makers are also offering three keys along with this product, which should eliminate concerns of unlocking the bicycle once the key is lost.



Tire Pump

Bicycle Air Pump Portable Mini Bike Air Inflator Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Pump As shown

Apart from getting that lock installed to ensure your bicycle isn’t going to be stolen, a tire pump is another accessory you could probably carry along. In fact, it is an essential worth considering, especially while heading out to a place far from home. The worst scenario to imagine would probably be being at the receiving end of a flat tire and being stranded in a secluded place.

Tire pumps aren’t just long, metallic and bulky anymore. Many sleeker variants have arrived in the scene that do the job quite well and are light enough to be stuffed in backpacks.

If you are looking to buy one currently, you could probably consider this Bicycle Air Pump. It is available for much lesser than $10, and the best part is you could also inflate a football or a basketball using this cool gadget.  

Buy this tire pump right here on Chinavasion, for you can’t possibly find a cheaper deal.


Waterproof Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder

6.0 inch Waterproof Bike Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder Stand Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Bag for iPhone X Samsung LG Huawei black

Apart from a camera holder that helps mount devices such as a GoPro, there’s yet another important accessory that’s turned more of an essential for cyclists today. Probably, you have guessed it already; it is the Waterproof Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder.

It’s next to impossible for a lot of people to head out of their homes without their phones, especially cyclists looking to traverse suburbs. Today, it is impossible to imagine tracing your route back home from a relatively alien place without GPS.

This mobile phone holder is quite flexible and can be rotated by even 360-degrees, which is another advantage of owning this cool gadget.

Well, what are you waiting for, it is time you buy a product that’s high on quality and a money-saver.


Anti-Pollution Masks

Winter Outdoor Ski Mask Cycling Warm Riding Mask Headgear Windproof Mask Ear Mask black_Free size

Considering the fact that we are currently living in a pandemic-stricken world, and highly vulnerable to infections such as the dreaded Covid-19, donning a mask is a must.

There are several antipollution masks available currently, tailored for activities such as cycling, to ensure the wearer undergoes no suffocation of any sort. The Winter Outdoor Cycling and Skiing Masks, for instance, are great products to own. They do a great job at keeping infectants at bay and are incredibly cheap as well. This mask is one of the best accessories to don if you are considering the idea of cycling when the weather outside could even kill you of a frost-bite.

Most importantly they have been designed to ensure there’s absolutely no discomfort of any sort.


Pet Basket


Now, this is an accessory not many cycling enthusiasts have probably thought of installing on their vehicles. If you are thinking of pampering your pet, then you could probably take them out on a cycle ride too, apart from those routine outings.

This is your best chance to carry your pet along during those weekend picnics.

The sight of your pet seated in front could be a real treat to the eye too. And on a lighter note, if you wanted your bicycle ride to be a head-turner for most people on the roads, this is probably your best chance.

If you’ve been scouting for various options lately, you could probably consider a bike basket. This cool product is available in a range of colors to choose from, and could add to the aesthetics of your bicycle too. The most noteworthy quality of this pet basket is that it includes a visible mesh that makes it easy for your pet to breathe. This design rules out any concerns of suffocation or claustrophobia for the pet during the ride. You’ll find a lot of such products that are quite sturdy and durable, across sizes.

The frames and the handle of the basket are made up of aluminum, which are quite sturdy, implying that there’s little risk of the basket getting damaged during the ride.

 Even frequent cleaning isn’t going to be too difficult a task since these pet baskets can be easily disassembled. The product isn’t too expensive too, which is another reason why you should consider buying it.

Try owning some of these best bicycle accessories and you’ll realize how convenient they can really make your lives. Some of these are in fact essentials you can’t do without these days.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.6.2020. | 16:10
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