Bluetooth Tooth Lands April Fools Hook, Line and Sinker, Part 1

Author xlxmarketing 2.4.2008. | 15:18

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Welcome to April. We hope you enjoyed April Fools Day.

April first has been a time for tomfoolery, ever since the creation of the Gregorian Calendar many hundreds of years ago. It’s now a time when almost everybody from the most prestigious of companies, to next door neighbors try to outdo each other with stunts that get more elaborate from year to year. Everybody from Google (, to BMW, Taco Bell, Burger King and th BBC (; to ( seem to be getting in on the pulling of legs and other appendages.

We here at Chinavasion thought we would get a bite of the action yesterday with the bluetooth microphone dental insert.

While we don’t have such product in our inventory, it wouldn’t surprise us if Chinese electronic makers and Western telecom companies are working on the plans for the technology as we speak.

We were left open-mouthed by the uptake. Prestigious gadget forums like Gizmodo ( and Gadgettastic ( seemed to swallow the story without question. Even the occasional dentist forum ( took the bait.

It just goes to show how hungry the tech world is for communication technology that takes unobtrusiveness to the next level.

Chinavasion would like to apologize for any confused expressions, red faces, or silly grins this ‘product release’ may have caused and will promise to write the ‘tooth’ and nothing but the ‘tooth’ for the next twelve months.

» Click To Read Part 2 … see the product description that had people complaining about “dangerous dental work”…

Author xlxmarketing 2.4.2008. | 15:18
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  1. Doylestown Teeth Whitening April 30, 14:05

    I just came across this blog now, found good information, will be expecting more such blogs from you,

  2. Vasia February 4, 19:54

    Hi there,

    I just was reading the russian magazine about gadgets and stuff, named “MediaMag” and there was an article about the Bluetooth evolution history.

    Guess what? Stupid freaks put a short section about this “nano-tooth” in it!

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